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Saturday Sci-Fi from Orion’s Arm

Orion’s Arm is a world-group building science-fiction project put together by amatuer writers and gamers. There are several sections and topics to the site and it has an e-zine called Voices:Future Tense. It features sections that most ‘zines offer; Editorials, Serials, Short stories and reviews. Submissions are welcome, and thus learning about Orion’s Arm is essential:

Our goal is to create a dramatic far-future universe that is internally consistent and abides as much as possible with the accepted facts and theories in the physical, biological, and social sciences. Thus matter cannot travel faster than light, matter and energy are conserved, no evolved humanoid aliens have been discovered, future ultratech social issues are likely to be very different to those of today, and so on. We embrace speculative ideas like drexlerian assemblers, mind uploads, posthuman intelligences, femtotech, magnetic monopoles, wormholes, as it is proposed that future sciences, technologies, and developments will make these possible. And we attempt a logical explanation for even the most fantastic-seeming elements in OA. We aim to paint a future that is plausible at every level, from the scientific to the social to the psychological.

Orion’s Arm is for amatuers, by amatuers. Once you check out the site, you’ll be amazed by the quality of talent that is on display there. I used to visit there quite often before I started my blog here and I wish someday I can offer some of the things they do. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in a day to work on a project of that magnitude.

Some OA offerings:

 Voices: Future Tense: An Orion’s Arm E-ZINE





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