Daily Archives: July 28th, 2007

Saturday Sci-Fi, I Lost Track of the Editions

I’m kinda getting bored with the same old title every weekend, but I couldn’t think of anything catchy either. Hopefully I’ll pass on something of interest irregardless of my lack of imagination.

Mirth of Liberally Mirth passed this along to me last week believing I would be interested and she was correct. Quasar9 is what I can only describe as “a ballet dancer spinning to the tune of the interstellar wind.” It is a science blog with an artistic twist to it and it is a beautiful thing to behold. The owner is described as, ” 11D(dimensions) Space Surfer. Like to travel fast, almost at the speed of light, to dance with the Starlight”.

I have made some comments on it and to my surprise I find a soft, artistic side to my crusty, dry old rantings, the site has an effect on you like that. And the author does try to make the postings palatable to a passerby who might be not as well versed in astrophysics and philosophy as his steady audience. Stop by and visit. I have also linked there and is listed in my blogroll.

When I was visiting Quasar9 , I came across this ezine in its blogroll and I checked it out. Cosmos Magazine is a science ezine that is comparable to New Scientist, in fact better in some instances. But I won’t discuss that now, my focus is on sci-fi today. Cosmos has a fiction section that features online fiction from known and unknown authors alike. There are short stories and serials. One short story I read is Going Somewhere Else, a sad tale of mother and child, but with a happy ending. And there is the serial Post Mortal Syndrome which describes mankind’s upcoming struggle with a technological Singularity.

Cosmos Magazine also features an Australian ezine called Velocity , which I believe is sponsored by the Australian government.

If you’re a part time science and science fiction geek like me, try these sites out. Now, gotta go make the donuts today, OT beckons!