C.A.R.E.T. Program Update

Last month I wrote a piece about C.A.R.E.T., Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology. The person who “leaked” info to Earthfiles.com, “Isaac”, professed to be a middle-manager who had access to technology related to the study of UFO reverse-engineering, i.e., anti-gravity, invisibilty, space travel, etc. Several diagrams of a certain “language” etched onto the surface of certain parts of the alien craft were copied and posted on Earthfiles. Naturally, “Isaac” was attacked as being a hoaxster and fraud. Of course he posted a rebuttal:

Isaac: “1) While I wasn’t a major player in the (CARET) organization, I was hardly ‘some worker.’ My middle-management position is the only reason I was able to make out with what I did. Bear in mind that even someone in my position would never get the chance to leave with even the smallest of actual artifacts, but paperwork smuggling was feasible for anyone who wasn’t subjected to the frisking.

Also, let’s not forget that paperwork only proves so much. I’ll be the first to agree that everything I’ve provided could be faked, I suppose. It is, after all, just a series of images. While the powers that be obviously don’t want this material leaking if they can help it, they’re certainly aware that scans of documents aren’t in the same league as UFOs landing on the White House lawn. I’m not the first person to leak a document or a photo, and I won’t be the last. The information I’ve shared is very unlikely to change the world, and this is the reason I’m not worried about being literally murdered if I’m identified. I’ll face consequences to be sure, but it’s not the kind of thing they kill for.

2) Of course the manual doesn’t look anything like typical government and military documents. The entire purpose of CARET was to recreate the look and feel of silicon valley private enterprise, populate it with private industry engineers, and let it tackle the problem of extraterrestrial technology research. Style manuals were among the numerous things we brought with us from the ‘outside world.’ I’m not sure what else can be said about this. I agree it’s uncommon for non-standard documents to come out of this kind of research, but it’s even more uncommon for people like myself (and even more so for many of my co-workers) to be brought into this kind of project in the first place. Most of us were decidedly not military men. I find it a lot more bizarre than the fact that we were able to design our reports a certain way. CARET was an exception to many of the usual rules.

3) If he (one of many critics who emailed Earthfiles and which I shared with Isaac) believes the pictures are fake, I certainly can’t do or say anything to prove otherwise. He sounds very sure of himself.

4) Most importantly, be very wary of anyone who claims to ‘know the mind’ of extraterrestrials. The comments he’s made are, to put it lightly, naive and extremely presumptuous. Firstly, he’s referring to ‘the aliens’ as if there is a single collective group of them. The universe is not split into ‘humans’ and ‘non-humans,’ any more than Earth is split up into ‘Spanish’ and ‘non-Spanish’ or something equally arbitrary. There are numerous races – and again, like our own races of humans here on earth, they do things in very different ways.

His comment that ‘the aliens don’t do this or that’ is akin to saying ‘humans don’t speak Japanese.’ Well, many humans don’t, but Japanese humans certainly do. The point is not that his statement is right or wrong, but simply that it’s phrased illogically. He then goes on to suggest that the design of the drones is wasting space, which is again, alarming in its arrogance. We had some of the brightest minds in the world spending years just to understand a single facet of their technology, while this individual claims to be able to assess basically every detail of a given design after looking at a single photo and conclude that it’s inefficient. I’m not even sure such a statement should be dignified with a response, and I’m sure you can understand why.

To be honest, whoever this person is, I wrote him off as soon as he said ‘the aliens would never design as these pictures depict.’ That’s about as presumptuous (if not ignorant) as a statement on this subject can be, at least coming from a fellow human. Unless there’s an alien engineer on the other side of this email, there’s simply no way such statements could have merit. I’m really only writing this as a courtesy to you.

At best, he’s been exposed to technology from a radically different race, and at worst, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This individual may have access to real information, and he might not. If he is a fellow ‘whistle blower,’ then I’m not interested in attacking him. If he’s not, and is simply making things up, then I’m even less interested. Whatever he is or isn’t is not for me to say, but judging by the way he talks about this issue I have my doubts.

It’s a big world and these are complicated issues. A sense of humility and the admission we don’t know everything is one of our greatest assets.


I have made the study of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) and Extraterrestrial Materialized Entities (EMEs) a hobby and how the issue relates to the New World Order. So far, the evidence is scattered all over the board, most comes from second hand sources, photos that might be credible, eye witness accounts and information that was secreted out, but could be leaked “disinformation”. The task is daunting, but it holds a fascination for me that goes back 35 years.

Will the answer ever be forthcoming? A person wiser than me said, “The destination should never be the goal, only the journey is important.”

That may be so, but the Tootsie-Pop only has so many licks to get to the center!



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  1. Years ago I read a story titled The Seeker of Tomorrow.

    The main character, Glynn Weston, invented a time machine and kept travelling into the future, making occasional stops.

    It’s the same as life, but I feel like that guy sometimes.

    We probably all do.

  2. Those close up diagrams of alien craft have intricate detail that would take a lot of time and effort to fake. When I was in the antique biz, had to look at a lot of fakes along with genuine. The alien script on inside surfaces isn’t something just anyone could do without being a master engraver. Kinda gives me the willies to look at something that I don’t have the froggiest idea about. I would sure like to see those parts with higher magnification and get a feel of the material…Woohoooo, then I’d have willies that wouldn’t quit…G:

  3. I got the creeps when I saw those photos too G:.

    I’m no photo expert, so I could never tell if the damn things are faked or not.

    But I’ll go with what you say, it would seem to me hard to fake.

    You can never tell when the NWO’s involved, things are never quite what they seem.

  4. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Anything can be faked. Hell, what is fiction but a ‘faking’ of reality? I feel that I would have done well as a science fiction writer, but reality is more interesting to me. I see science fiction as entertainment, now, as opposed to earlier in my life when it was a powerful motivator to search for truth. It is for that reason, I value it now… it leads one to an enquiring mind.

    I’m convinced that it’s all bunk, based on my theological training. Geez noted the complexity of the design… I used to draw a lot as a youth, and people would tell me my drawings (I liked drawing geometrical designs) were so intricate and detailed. That was with pen and paper. Nowadays, with computer graphics, what are the limits?

    My theology does embrace the fact there are other intelligences in the universe. What I dispute is their visitations here, again, on the Christian belief that the world is immersed in “sin”, and since there is no mention in scripture about any other “fallen” worlds, and the revelation that there are evil and good entities (angels) engaged in the affairs of mankind (precluding the need for help OR interference from extraterrestrials) I realize no benefit from inconclusive reports (all conveniently confined to hear-say and second and third-party testimonials and blurry, unintelligible photos) of ET sightings and visitations and kidnappings.

    I realize that there will be those that will say the same about my beliefs, so in anticipation of that inevitability, I’ll just ask that they show me an actual ET carcass or ship… even an unblurred photo would be nice, and I’ll show them lives transformed by the attendant power of a Christian faith. These other things are notoriously absent from public scrutiny, whereas living witnesses for Christ are plentiful and easily accessed for verification.

    The NWO is an artful contrivance in and of itself, and has the majority of humanity hoodwinked. Given proper investigation and scrutiny from independent analysis, it soon falls apart. In my experience, Christianity, apart from hostile and biased commentary, is one of the few things that stands up to a thorough investigation and analysis.

    I drew a picture of a ‘UFO’ on a pane of glass, one time, and took a picture of it through the window with a house across the street as a backdrop. It fooled a lot of people! Mainly, the ones that WANTED to see a UFO. They even told me I was wrong when I fessed up! Shouldn’t I know, being the instigator? The power of self-delusion! Here were people telling me I didn’t know what I purposely and consciously did for the purpose of deceiving them! 😆

    Pretty hard to deny the attendant power behind a faith that sends you to a fiery death on a woodpile, or a firing squad, or to confront thirty angry men on a picket line when your religious convictions won’t allow you to engage in persecuting others! My convictions for proving the validity of a blurry photograph probably wouldn’t have withstood the sight of a crowd of belligerent men angry at being hoodwinked over a streak of Jiffy -Marker ink!

  5. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Yo, foilsters… I posted a little thingie for ya over at the crib!


  6. The problem I have with the UFO issue is that the aliens go against what futurists like Greg Egan, Charlie Stross, Vernor Vinge and others say about advanced cultures and I agree because our own culture is on the cusp of the very same thing older civilizations must have gone through, a technological Singularity.

    That means to me, a biological “alien” that is shown in a grainy movie that looks human is suspect. A K-Type III or IV civilization would not have so many “crashes” on a primitive planet. Such a culture would be able to alter reality at will and travel multiple dimensions and certainly wouldn’t be “material”. And they probably would be indistinguishable from “supernatural”. But I would be loath to call them “Lucifer” or “Yahweh”, even if they claimed to be.

  7. That means to me, a biological “alien” that is shown in a grainy movie that looks human is suspect.

    That’s a very good point, my friend.

    Like we were discussing on an earlier thread, I mentioned, what if we’re looking for life on Mars and it’s staring us in the face but we don’t recognize it?

    Life may be very different on other planets and in other solar systems in the galaxy.

  8. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    “Life may be very different on other planets and in other solar systems in the galaxy.”

    It is… and they want to keep it that way! That’s why I believe Earth is in a ‘hands-off’ status, right now!

    According to scripture, at least by omission of the mention of other afflicted races, mankind is the only afflicted race in the universe. If there is a Deity (as I believe there is!) and we were excluded from “paradise” as it were, to avoid contaminating that paradise with sin, then the isolation factor would still hold for us now, and the other ‘unafflicted’ intelligences in the universe. Sin has quarantined us here on this planet… we don’t leave, and no one but the ‘doctor’ (Christ) and ‘nurses’ (ministering spirits) are allowed in. Of course, there are those who may insinuate their presence here(a.k.a. Satan et al) but they are not flesh and blood material creatures like we and ET are, and have been afflicted with sin also, even before we were — according to scripture.

    These beings don’t need spacecraft to get around! Flight, atmospherically or otherwise, to them, comes as naturally as it does to a bird.

    I don’t want to over-simplify this thing, but if there is a problem with humanity that God is trying to fix, then the last thing that He needs is other intelligences meddling in what He is trying to do here. Satan wants us to be atheists, and what better way to get people to forget God than by introducing theories of alternative origins and extra-terrestrials that have already run the gauntlet of evolution and are now traversing space like gods? Gods from outer space! (Remember THAT title, Dad?)

    Just another view for you to consider…

  9. Yup, Von Daniken was the start of my “fall from grace”.

    I still feel he asked pertinent questions, even though he went the carnival way about it.

    Let me ask you a question UH, you said you didn’t start out as a Christian, but you made the decision as a logical choice to make after all of your studies? Most people don’t have a profound change unless they were confronted with an epiphany or something that changed them personally. What was it for you after all of your studies? You’ve made the same studies I have, but we’ve come to different conclusions, why is that?

    You might have told me before, but my memory is truly bad at times, so forgive me if I sound pertinent, I don’t mean to be.

  10. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    One reason I took the spiritual way was that I did once believe the way you guys do, probably even more ‘fanatically’ too, but to have ET’s flitting about our Earth and throughout our history like the coy “Q” entities portrayed on “Star Trek — The Next Generation” showing up willy-nilly in grainy photos and now and then in isolated and hard-to-access and verify locales like Bigfoot does, (even in his company at times!) doesn’t make a lot of sense (to me, anyway) for a highly-advanced culture to be employing it’s time doing. I would think they would have made solid contact by now, or went on to better prospects.

    Spock (Leonard Nimoy) said it best about mankind in the “Voyage Home”… talking about the alien probe threatening Earth… and I’ll paraphrase it here:

    “Human arrogance assumes that we have to be the center of everything.” (That’s not an exact quote, but the gist of it, anyway!)

  11. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    I didn’t realize you were around when I left my last comment, Dad… isn’t that timely?

    Like I stated earlier, I did study deeply into the ET thing, and also Christianity (and other religions, too!) and I came to the conclusion that Christianity was reality, and the most logical explanation for our past and hope for the future.

    You speak of epiphanies… well… there is a case for those in my experiences, also. Ironically, I did leave a post on my blog the other night, describing my ‘conversion’ in detail, but I removed it. I later regretted that. I’ll have to do another.

  12. You can email it to me later if you wish, or if you feel comfortable posting it at your place, go ahead.

    Frankly, I envy people who have had an experience that solidifies their faith, no matter what it is. It makes things concrete.

    Me, even after approaching death a couple of times, no epiphanies, no faith, no evidence. Pretty depressing at times.

    All I have is my own ornery stubborn nature and my almost juvenile fascination for the Cosmos.

    My wife says that’s my problem. 😉

  13. For those of you referencing the supposed alien script I suggest you do a google search on ‘katakana’, which is a Japanese script. You’ll find some very similar looking characters, specifically ‘wa’ and ‘su’. It’s quite obvious the perpetrator of this hoax stole his ideas for the alien script from Japanese katakana.

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