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Peer Postings

I drew a big blank today for the simple fact that my friends and peers I hang out with have posted stuff that just can’t be beat! Plus, I’m inherently lazy on hot summer days! Even though I’m at work, in an air conditioned office supposedly! ROTFLMAO!

Here’s some great stuff from my pal the Uber Highwayman about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and how it relates to the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Jesuit Order and the NWO. Be warned, this is actual historical data, not tinfoil in the usual sense. The only way this can be misconstrued as tinfoil is that it goes against official history. Also UH is a Christian, something he readily admits. But he is not a Fundie, he definitely walks to the beat of his own drummer. That aside, he has studied the NWO in detail for over 25 years, so drink deeply of the Well of Knowledge.

What REALLY Went Down On April 14, 1912?

KayInMaine’s blog is White Noise Insanity, and boy, does she drown out what she calls “white noise of propaganda” that spews forth from the Bu$h White House! One post from yesterday struck the cords of my heart concerning a gay man whose dog ended up taking the punishment that was meant for the man, if he was a the wrong place at the wrong time. The issue is hate crimes and whether it was actually a “crime” that the dog was injured. The “morality” of the people who claim such moral authority to perpetrate these crimes is called into question with Kay’s usual wit and aplomb.

Hate crimes are a neocon bias! Don’t forget it!

My friend Christopher from From the Left felt pretty betrayed by Nancy Pelosi when she took impeachment “off the table” after the new Dem Congress got started at the beginning of the year and he really went into orbit when the Congress caved in to Bu$hco’s funding of the Iraq War without a time table for withdrawal. So much so that he switched his political party affiliation from Democrat to Independent!

Since then Christopher has been an avid student of the study of the NWO (he didn’t need much help there, he’s an Alex Jones fan) and his posts reflect the fact that America’s alleged “two party system” is indeed a farce.

Obama’s Hawkish Statements Earns Hillary’s Approval

Democrats Help Bush Expand Eavesdropping

Memo to Speaker Botox: 54% Lack Confidence in Bush’s Ability to Lead

Here’s links to my other political pals:

GEEZER POWER : He’s the coolest senior citizen hippy I know!

Suzie-Q : She’s the most gorgeous blogger I know. And she has her own Justice League of America! (on her blogroll)

Liberally Mirth : Mirthy and her guy D-Day are on vacation this week, but check out her stuff if you want a “liberal” dose of progressive politics. She’ll even tell you she’s from the liberal wing of the Dem party! If you want anti-neocon stuff, you’ll find it aplenty here!

Boy, that took more time than I thought! Oh well. These guys are more political than I am… okay, me and UH are about the same when it comes to NWO stuff, but the point is that when in comes to American political analysis, these guys are the bomb! Better than I am.

I prefer to be the tinfoil science guy, most of the time! 😉