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Saturday Sci-Fi, Sunday Edition Vol. II: Far Freedom

Today I’m offering up a treat of excellent online fiction. I read this story at a Star Trek fan fiction website about three years ago. The story itself has very little in common with the Trek Universe, but it is well written and epic in scope. There three parts to the story and each story is novel length. The author definitely put in the time and effort to make it a good tale. I don’t know if the author is a professional writer, but if he/she isn’t, they should be. So I’m posting the synopsis for public perusal. I realize most of my readers aren’t sci-fi fans in particular, but maybe they’ll pass it along to others who are. Enjoy.


Admiral Fidelity Demba has lived three previous lifetimes. Memories of those lives and of her family are hidden from her to protect a plan set in motion more than two centuries ago. If she doesn’t remember soon, she’ll lose her chance to find her family, yet the return of those memories may all but destroy her current personality and leave her helpless before her enemies.

Demba will steal a ship from the Navy and put the ten thousand people aboard in harm’s way in an effort to find four lost men. It seems not only hopeless but if it succeeds she will have found men who are dangerous strangers. What Demba can’t foresee is that she will alter human history and bring galactic civilization to the brink of collapse.

Escaping into the gulf between galaxies, Demba discovers Samuel Lee, a dying man who has memories of life in the 20th century. What he doesn’t remember is what may explain the last seven hundred years of human history.

Here are the html version and the pdf version: