The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, The North American Union in Swaddling Clothes

I have posted many articles and comments about the coming North American Union since I started blogging. So far none of which have been very flattering. The following is an essay from a young Canadian’s take on the NAU and the sneaky way it’s been forced down our collective throats:

 As a young person in Canada, who wants to live in a free, democratic country, where I have embedded rights and freedoms, I feel that there is nothing more important right now than to find out and spread information regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which was signed into agreement by the Liberal government in 2005, under then Prime Minister Paul Martin, with President Bush and then-Mexican President Vicente Fox. This agreement was signed shortly after the creation of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America. This task force is a tri-national grouping of think tanks and interest groups, represented in the United States by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), in Mexico by the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations, and in Canada by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) – formerly known as the Business Council on National Issues (BCNI).

      In January of 2003, the CCCE launched the North American Security and Prosperity Initiative, in which they propose 5 key elements:1

1) Reinventing borders

2) Maximizing regulatory efficiencies

3) Negotiation of a comprehensive resource security pact

4) Reinvigorating the North American defence alliance

5) Creating a new institutional framework

      In November of 2003, the CCCE wrote up a short document “Paul Martin Urged to take the Lead in Forging a New Vision for North American Cooperation”.2 In this, they literally say, “all of the CCCE’s 150 member CEOs are involved in this ambitious two-year initiative”. This document referred to statements and suggestions made by the President and CEO of the CCCE, Thomas D’Aquino, in saying:

      “He urged that Mr. Martin champion the idea of a yearly summit of the leaders of  Canada, Mexico and the United States in order to give common economic, social  and security issues the priority they deserve in a continental, hemispheric and  global context.”

      This document was written up before Martin became the Prime Minister, as is also evident by what is listed at the bottom of this same document in naming who the Executive Committee, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the CCCE are, among them, “David L. Emerson”.

      Clearly, it is evident that Paul Martin was taking the advice of the CCCE, as he appointed Emerson to be his Minister of Energy. After this two-year initiative by the CCCE ended, the “Independent Task Force on the Future of North America” was formed with the CFR in the United States.

      A March 14, 2005 statement was released by this task force, titled “Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010”.3

      In this document, released by the task force whose Canadian Co-Chairmen are former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance John P. Manley, as well as Thomas D’Aquino, the President and CEO of the CCCE. One of the American Co-Chairmen from the CFR is Robert Pastor, who also in 2001 wrote a book titled “Toward a North American Community” in which he called for new institutions and “North American policies”, drawing on the successes of the European Union (which was created on the basis of the European Economic Community, later known as the European Community). As well as this, Pastor recommended that our “North American policies” include the areas of “infrastructure and transportation, immigration and customs,” and “a unified currency”.4

      In Canada, the top think tanks such as the Fraser Institute and the C.D. Howe Institute are also fully on board for this agenda and process, which they term “deep integration” with the United States and Mexico. The Fraser Institute drew upon this concept that Pastor raised in his book about a “single currency”, in which they published a document titled “The Case for the Amero: The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union”.5

      The “Amero” would be the equivalent to the European Union’s “Euro”, and the formation of this would hand over creation and control over the printing and creation of money to a North American “institution”, as opposed to Canadian’s having control over their own currency. Even the Governor of the Bank of Canada, David Dodge, on May 21, 2007, it was reported by the Globe and Mail, had suggested that, “North America could one day embrace a euro-style single currency”.6 7

      This is not the first time David Dodge has suggested this either, as on the website of the Bank of Canada, comments made by Dodge to the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs in August of 2003, discussed “Economic Integration of North America”, in which he stated, “If there was a political decision in Canada to adopt policies of deeper North American integration, would it still make sense for us to keep our own currency? Or should we be thinking about adopting the U.S. dollar as our currency?”8 He further stated, “suppose we were well on our way to achieving a true single market for goods and services, labour, and capital. Then it would be sensible to consider a common currency”.

      Well now, we are well on our way into the process of deep integration a mere 4 years later, at which time, according to the Globe and Mail, he is again suggesting this single currency is possible.

      The Independent Task Force on the Future of North America’s “Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010” document made a list of recommendations, including:

* “Build a North American economic and security community by 2010”, of which was stated “the chairs propose a community defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter”.

* “Create the institutions necessary for a North American community”, of which they stated, “The chairs propose annual summit meetings among the three countries and the creation of a North American Advisory Council to prepare for and implement the decisions made at the summits”.

* “Enhance North American competitiveness with a common external tariff”, after which they stated, “the chairs recommend that the three governments negotiate a common external tariff on a sector-by-sector basis at the lowest rate consistent with multilateral obligations”.

* “Develop a border pass for North Americans”, where they state, “The chairs propose a border pass, with biometric indicators, which would allow expedited passage through customs, immigration, and airport security throughout North America”. (Also known as a continental ID Card).

* “Adopt a unified Border Action Plan”, where they state, “First steps should include: harmonized visa and asylum regulations; joint inspection of container traffic entering North American ports; and synchronized screening and tracking of people, goods, and vessels, including integrated “watch” lists. Security cooperation should extend to counterterrorism and law enforcement, and could include the establishment of a trinational threat intelligence center and joint training for law enforcement officials”.

      – This correlates with a story that was written by CBC, in which they revealed  that, “A Vancouver man has won an out-of-court settlement from the RCMP after  an incident in which he says he was illegally searched by an American police  officer”, it continued, “Last spring, David Laing was driving on a highway near  Hope, B.C., when he was pulled over by a man with a heavy Texas accent,” and  that, “The American was a Texas state trooper working with a member of the  Hope detachment of the RCMP”. Furthermore, “Seconds later, Laing says a  different RCMP officer and Texas trooper stopped his car, decided he was driving  under the influence of marijuana, and searched his vehicle and two-year-old son”.  It was revealed that, “The Texas state troopers were in B.C. as part of an  exchange program with the RCMP”.9 

      – Not only this incident, but another interesting one, in which “Public Safety   Minister Stockwell Day acknowledged Thursday that U.S. agents conduct  investigations in Canada”, and that, “Day was responding to a report regarding an  internal FBI audit that shows U.S. agents are carrying out investigations without  the approval of the Canadian government”, continuing, “It says the FBI has given  agents in its Buffalo field office clearance to conduct “routine investigations” up  to 50 miles into Canadian territory”. Furthermore, “Day said Canadian security  forces work with Canada’s allies, including the U.S, and have agreements in terms  of information sharing” and the article further revealed that, “The most recent   audit by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s inspector general, done in 2004,  documents the growth of FBI operations in Canada since 2001”, not to mention,  “The inspector general’s report documents 135 unapproved FBI crossings and  says there is no sign the crossings will stop,” and that “Canadian officials say they  have made no protest to the U.S. government about FBI agents operating without  permission on Canadian soil.”10

Back to the recommendations of the Independent Task Force, they continue by suggesting to:

* “Develop a North American energy and natural resource security strategy”, under which they state, “Canada and Mexico are the two largest oil exporters to the United States; Canada alone supplies the United States with over 95% of its imported natural gas and 100% of its imported electricity. The three governments should expand and protect energy infrastructure, fully exploit continental reserves, conserve fossil fuels, and reduce emissions”. (emphasis added)

* “Deepen educational ties”, under which they state, “the chairs recommend expanding scholarship and exchange programs, developing Centers for North American Studies in all three countries, and cross-border training programs for school teachers”.

      Just 9 days after the publication of this document, Bush, Martin and Fox signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), and released a joint statement, in which they stated their efforts in the ‘agreement’ included to:

      * “Implement common border security and bioprotection strategies”;

      * “Enhance critical infrastructure protection, and implement a common approach  to emergency response”;

      * “Implement improvements in aviation and maritime security, combat  transnational threats, and enhance intelligence partnerships”;

      * “Implement a border facilitation strategy to build capacity and improve the  legitimate flow of people and cargo at our shared borders”;

      * “Improve productivity through regulatory cooperation”;

      * “Promote sectoral collaboration in energy, transportation, financial services,  technology, and other areas to facilitate business”;

      * “Reduce the costs of trade through the efficient movement of goods and  people”;

      * “Enhance the stewardship of our environment, create a safer and more reliable  food supply while facilitating agricultural trade, and protect our people from  disease”.

 For the purpose of netiquet, I won’t post the entire essay here, but you get the idea that the Canadians aren’t too happy about getting no say about a North American Union either. Especially the part about having U.S. troops in their country cordoning off a 25-30 km. circle around the meeting spot of the SPP.

Unfortunately, the Canadians seem to be awash in the same ideological Kool-Aid as we Americans are. Or at the very least their corporate owned media are just as compliant.

Tyrants and Traitors: The “Evolution by Stealth” of a North American Union

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  1. Canadians haven’t been too happy with their politicians, conservative and liberal, for quite a while. They believe they’ve been sold a bill of goods and down the river by their political parties also.

    And they have.

  2. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Well, why should we be excluded from the NWO? Canada has resources the ultra-rich desire to have, and yes, we’ve been slaves for a long time, just like you Yanks, but you can’t tell certain people that! Those being media-types that operate a local radio talk show, and have a following of deluded and ass-kissing rednecks that think the government is actually their friend, and taxation is a privilege! Morons! Their slavery is assured… trouble is, so is mine, because they can’t get their goddamn heads outta their asses!

    I’ve given up on a system that is so corrupt as to be unsalvageable. In a situation like ours, there is now only two options left to us: either take up arms ourselves, and start the biggest and bloodiest civil war in history, or leave it in the hands of the Almighty for Him to take care of, like He says He will.

    You know, I’m no push-over, and God knows I can look after myself! And God also knows that right now, part of me would just LOVE to kill some elitist ass, along with some of their moronic sympathizers that haunt a certain radio talk show here in Saskatchewan! These bullet-heads and their ilk, to me, are the primary reason we’re in the shit pile we’re in. If I get any satisfaction from this at all, it will be seeing their smug, fucking faces when the jackboots really start turning the screws, and boy-howdy, I’ll be in their faces, too, to remind them of what they did!

    Okay… rant complete!


  3. The NAU is real and I personally believe, had Bush not gotten bogged down in his Iraq war quagmire, would’ve started floating the idea to the American peoples via SOTU addresses and in media interviews.

    But hell, he’s got 15 months left and a guarantee from that hag, Speaker Pelosi that she won’t impeach him, so there’s still ample time.

  4. Unfortunately for all my brave rhetoric, I too am a slave to the system and a participant in the Empire. For the fact that I use the VA Medical system here alone guarantees Big Brother keeps track of me and my use of a bank card tracks me also. They know where I am and I’m a harmless, sick old vet.

    But like you said guys, we’ll get the chance to see these idiots who blindly followed the fascists and supported them get frog-marched into “co-housing” or Halliburton Camps along with the rest of us serfs and useless eaters. At least that’s some satisfaction.

    And like you said Chris, there’s still 15 months to go, thanks to Madam Botox!

  5. I use the VA Medical system

    It’s yours to use. You earned it and you probably deserve more than they provide.

  6. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    The whole world has been snookered into a commercial, pseudo-societal construct, Dad, and the only ones not hooked into the system are people living under overpasses and the ones in the graveyard!

    The ones who enabled that were those that thought they were going to get one up on the system, and have a breezy sail through life. You don’t get one up on the one-uppers! They invented the game, and they won’t be snookered by the proletariat.

    Chris is right, compadre, you paid through the fucking nose with your taxes, put your ass on the line in their private army, and now they can pay your disability… even if it were my sweat they were using to pay it, I’d sooner it went to you than those greedy blood-suckers!

    Screw them! Their time is getting short!

  7. I don’t get any disability pay, I still work as a full-time wage slave/active participant in the Rothschild-Bank-Usury System. But I’m poor enough for the VA to take care of me for my chronic medical issues. They’re keeping me alive long enough for the Rothschild LoanShark Inc. to keep bleeding me until Social Security time, maybe.

    Oh well, like you said, their time is short also. Perhaps there is justice despite what Finagle says.

  8. The Vets today are not getting fair treatment at all. It’s sad that they have to beg for what they need and deserve! I am a big fan of Paul Rieckhoff’s (IAVA) and what he is doing to help Vets.

  9. We have to organize, protest and so on and so forth. I for one adamantly refuse to be search, spyied upon or stopped by an American law enforcer – unless I happen to be in the USA, that is.

    Great find, dad2059! Spot on as well!

  10. I’ve been getting social security for a while now, and it’s the same game. The working folks are paying for my retirement. All the money that I put into it plus what my employer put into it are gone…stolen. They take out a chunk for medicare too plus I have to have supplemental insurance from a private carrier. Actually I kinda work too I buy antiques and sell junk at the flea markets.
    If you want to see how the economy is doing try doing a flea market. There are a lot of seniors there ekeing out a few bucks while enjoying one of the last vestiges of free enterprise.

    Those Bilderburgling NWO#$*er’s are running out of rope so they might as well enjoy the slack while their Karma catches

  11. […] to TomCat for the video and to dad2059 for the comprehensive SPPNA […]

  12. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    As long as there is a financial cartel holding the monopoly in the US and North America, you can kiss your sovereign asses good-bye! All of the protest and party-wrangling won’t do you squat!

    Get rid of the bankers and their monopoly, hence their control over government, and you’ll be free. And guess what? It won’t happen, because we’ve all been conditioned to believe that these institutions are necessary.

    Keep that credit rating intact so you can have all those fancy toys and the opulent life normally (and realistically) reserved for royalty. The bankers can help you with your dreams and unreal expectations, but realize that comes at cost! That fancy house and car comes with a custom set of leg-irons, too!

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