Alex Jones Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi

From Steve Watson at InfoWars: 

Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday by investigative journalist, economic expert and Harvard Doctor of Political Science Jerome Corsi for an in depth discussion on the state of the economy and the engineered decline towards regionalization and a globalized monetary system.

Corsi warned that the crisis in the stock market we are currently witnessing is simply the tip of the iceberg and part of an overall meltdown that represents a gutting of the United States by neo-mercantilist institutions bent on the formation of a new global monopoly.

“We’re gonna go through Stagflation, which is basically stagnation and inflation. We are already in a recession, it just hasn’t been publicly declared yet. I think it will deepen through the rest of 2007 into 2008. Corsi stated.

“It’s going to last several years, it’s largely because we’ve lost so much of the manufacturing to China, even when our currency tanks, there are no exports we are producing anymore that will gain. The currency is gone, it is being sold off very quietly, worldwide, by the oil producing states, by China, the Euro is increasingly becoming our foreign exchange reserve currency.

The primary indices of inflation have been taken out of the indexes, food is not in and neither is energy prices. These two are going up hugely right now and are going to continue to go up.”

Corsi warned that this is going to be the formula for producing the Amero, a continental solution to the tanking of the Dollar.

I have posted several times under the old Tin Foil title several times about the likely possibility that a crashed U.S. economy would usher in the Amero as the only solution to the years long recession/depression that will surely come. Don’t take my word for this, I’m not an economist. Harvard professor of economics and political science Jerome Corsi can explain it better than I can.

Dr. Corsi Interview

5 responses

  1. I’m listening to this right now. Not good people. The market already was down 167 points when this interview was being conducted. The NWO banks will have to infuse more cash, they want a controlled crash.

    Word of warning; Don’t listen to your broker! He’s only out to save his own hide!

  2. I’m listening to it, too, Marine. I have always foreseen an engineered crash, and I’m still not sure about the Amero, but if it does become a reality, I see it as a temporary fix toward a total credit-based, cashless system where goods and services are doled out to the public. That would ensure total and complete subservience to the Order, with the Middle Class totally wiped out, and individually-owned property a thing of the past.

    The objective is total dependence upon them.

    I’m continuing to listen to this fascinating interview…

  3. The idea is to get rid of your debt if you can, and increase your tangible wealth, i.e. put your money into land, or some other solid asset.

    I believe in buying gold, as it never loses it’s intrinsic value. Bottom line: Get and stay independent of the system… it’s out to trap you and destroy your independence.

  4. The Feds live in fear the Red Chinese will swap out their portfolio from dollars to the more valuable Euro. Should this happen, the U.S. economy will not only tank, but will go the way of the Argentina dollar.

    This is why so little negative news is allowed in the MSM about Red China. We look the other way when the bully boys in Beijing carryout grave human rights violations like killing prisoners and harvesting their organs to wealthy westerners for transplant.

    I’m no expert on things financial but maybe Nixon had his head up his ass when he unhooked the U.S. dollar from the gold standard 30 years ago? Our currency is worth little today and we are the largest debtor nation on earth. A clown nation run by dirty, filthy neocons and NWO pigs who deserve a bullet between their eyes.

  5. The Nixon trip was an NWO plan to begin with in order to incorporate Red China into the global agenda. The dumping of the gold standard was intentional too.

    I was watching CNBC International Market Watch this morning and the Asian market is down again except China. No surprise there. Rumor has it that they’ve been slowly dumping their dollars and buying euros. But interestingly gold is level and the dollar is gaining strength against the euro. Somebody is still infusing hard cash. Rothschild’s maybe? Rockefeller more likely.

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