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The Imperial Dancing Puppet Show

Nouri al-Maliki, the current Imperial puppet dancing on the strings of the American Federal Empire(TM), is slowly being roasted over an open fire pit, a scape-goat to take the blame in the failures of Imperial policy:

Nouri al-Maliki, who is fighting to hold his government together, issued a series of stinging ripostes against a variety of foreign officials who recently have spoken negatively about his leadership. But those directed at Democrats Clinton, of New York, and Levin, of Michigan, were the most strident.

“There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin. They should come to their senses,” al-Maliki said at a news conference.

Al-Maliki launched the verbal counteroffensive in the final days before the American commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker are due in Washington to report to Congress on progress in Iraq since the introduction of 30,000 more America troops. (Huffington Post, August 26, 2007)

No surprise here that Madam Senator Clinton, being the “Democratic” Party front-runner is critical of al-Maliki and is on the political “blame-game” bandwagon, her hopes of winning the fascist Red State voting block depend on her continuing “support of the troops” and Imperial policy in the upcoming Presidential “Elections” in 2008.

But al-Maliki undauntedly is carrying on and risking Imperial ire by issuing this statement:

“These statements do not concern us a lot,” Maliki said to reporters while he was visiting Syria. “We will find many around the world who will support us in our endeavor.”

Maliki’s comments came one day after U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker called the government’s failure to tackle legislation intended to ease Sunni and Shiite Muslim tensions “extremely disappointing” and two days after the chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee called for the Iraqi parliament to replace Maliki.

President Bush added to the criticism on Tuesday, remarking during a trip to Canada that there is “a certain level of frustration” with Iraq’s leaders.

But on Wednesday, Bush attempted to ease the tension, calling Maliki “a good guy, good man with a difficult job, and I support him.” (Huffington Post, August 22, 2007)

Oh really Herr Imperiator? So what about this little bit of regional back-stabbing?:

Documents obtained by IraqSlogger show Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s chief Iraqi opponent, Ayad Allawi, is paying Washington lobbyists with close ties to the White House $300,000 to help with Allawi’s efforts in the U.S. to promote himself and undermine Maliki. The powerhouse Republican firm retained by Allawi is Barbour, Griffith, & Rogers (BGR), and its BGR International unit is headed by President’s Bush’s one-time White House point man on Iraq, Robert Blackwill, who will lead the lobbying efforts on Allawi’s behalf. (IraqSlogger, August 23, 2007)

Needless to say, Barbour Griffith & Rogers’ Senior Advisor (and former Counselor to Secretary Rice), Philip Zelikow denies any knowledge of such usurpation of al-Makili’s power by BGR and Allawi. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny:

In response to the post I wrote on Friday concerning the lobbying efforts of Barbour, Griffiths & Rogers to push Prime Minister Maliki out of power — a post which generated this statement from ABC News — I received, on Friday night, the following e-mail from BGR’s Senior Advisor (and former Counselor to Secretary Rice), Philip Zelikow:

Re: Your blog about me Noticed your [Salon] blog on my role re Allawi, based on the CNN story.

CNN has amended their story to note, correctly, that I’ve had no contact with Allawi, directly or indirectly, since leaving government. I have had nothing to do with the lobbying efforts being conducted on his behalf.

I’ve cc’d one of the CNN reporters who has been working the story. They are sorry that they did not amend their story earlier to include this information, which they had since the story first started breaking (and it was news to me too).

You took a pretty hard swing, based on a false assumption. And a lot of people read it.

Happy to take my lumps, but better if it’s for things I’ve actually done.

Philip Zelikow

Over the course of further e-mail exchanges I had with him over the weekend, Zelikow claimed, among other things, that: he has “no equity relationship with BGR”; that he merely “advise[s] BGR from time to time on specific matters, but not this one”; and that he “learned of BGR’s relationship with Allawi from reporters calling [him] about it yesterday [Thursday].” He also said:

I am not formally consulting with the administration about Iraq policy. I talk about Iraq issues with a number of Republicans and Democrats in an effort to help both sides find a common way forward, and therefore preferred not to take sides in public testimony. I’m not doing paid work on Iraq for anyone in the government. (Glenn Greenwald August 26, 2007)

Greenwald goes on to say that while has no reason to doubt Zelikow’s word on this, he has serious reservations about the veracity of that claim (click above link).

Bu$hco and the neocon-munists have seriously backed themselves into a corner with the Iraq Debacle and are grasping for any straw they can find. In Allawi, they have a demonstratable strongman like their ol’ pal Saddam who could possibly shove the country back together under his proverbial “heel” and be subservient to the American Imperiem. Remember, there’s the oil “deal” to be settled on yet.

Please read Justin Raimondo’s much better treatise on the Allawi and al-Maliki blame game here.

Update: Abu Gonzo resigns! Click here for the story.

Good news, Abu Gonzo is gone. Bad news Skeletor might be the new AG.