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Mars Moss

I was over at Posthuman Blues and after scrolling down a little bit there, I came across a post he did about Vegitation On Mars . Alas, the link not longer worked (but it worked this morning). So I did my own investigation and here’s what I found:

Plant Life? Animal Life? Or Both?

Take a look at some of these images from Mars’ south pole.

Do they resemble vegetation seen from a high altitude?

The image above is cropped from m0804688a, found on the PDS m0804688a Browse Page.

PDS does not give a discription of this image – just the word sample.

full image of section m0804688a

The lower portion of this image is packed with what looks to some like Martian vegetation.

But is it?

For a very interesting report about the notion that there might be seasonal vegetation on Mars

please see the article, Views on the Martian Polar Spring at

The Electric Warrior.

The author covers a lot of subjects relative to life in any environment

and makes an interesting case for vegetation on Mars.

These photos have been out since 2000-2001 time frame. How come these haven’t been posted in any science journals or on any science shows?

I hate to raise the specter of “NASA Conspiracy” like in the Face On Mars deal, but c’mon here. NASA always claims that “We’d be totally besides ourselves with joy if we found life on Mars!” It looks like to me that runs counter to the evidence I see so far. And it’s not like these photos aren’t genuine, they’re from the Mars Global Surveyor for cryin’ out loud!

Check out the Mars Trees Site.