Asian Nations Plan to be next Space Super-Powers

Asian giants Japan, China and India are engaged in a race to map lunar resources and make the moon a platform to explore planets beyond, amid a renewed burst of global space activity.

Asian giants Japan, China and India are engaged in a race to map lunar resources and make the moon a platform to explore planets beyond, amid a renewed burst of global space activity.

Japan flagged off the Asian lunar race on September 14 when it successfully launched its first lunar orbiter. China plans to launch its own probe before the end of the year, followed by India in the first half of 2008.

“We want to investigate the moon, to know more about the whole of the moon,” Keiji Tachikawa, president of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, said in this southern Indian city.

JAXA, as the agency is known, will carry out more robotic missions before a landing and astronaut on the moon, said Tachikawa in a brief interview Monday.Missions to the moon and to Mars and international cooperation top the agenda of a five-day global conference in Hyderabad that brought together 2,000 space professionals, including scientists, astronomers and astronauts.

“There is a great revival of interest in exploring various planets,” said Sun Laiyan, head of the China National Space Administration. China’s Chang’e 1 lunar probe is being transported to the launch site and “if everything goes fine, will be launched by the end of the year,” said Sun, adding that China will consider a manned moon mission in the future.

India’s Chandrayaan 1 lunar probe will be launched in March or April 2008, said B.N. Suresh, director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram.

Preparatory work is in “full swing” at the Sriharikota space station in southern India, where the craft is being assembled, the launch vehicle readied and antennae installed to receive data from the moon, Suresh told AFP.

Space exploration is going to go on with or without the U.S. Probably without being my guess.

The American Empire is bankrupt, monetarily, morally and our science programs are being usurped by fundamentalists in our schools in their attempt to merge Church and State.

We are going the way of the Old British Empire after WWII with our oil refineries, cars and cheap gasoline while their industries and Navy still used coal to fire them. We may end up with Iraq’s oil and possibly Iran’s, but can we compete with new Superpowers running on fusion energy fuelled by helium3 mined from the Moon’s surface?

Maybe it won’t be so bad speaking Chinese. They’re already teaching it in my daughter’s high school.

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  1. Actually, I wouldn’t mind India being the Boss, at least they pretend to be a democracy and speak English.

    It’d be a good fit, they have all of our civilian IT companies and call centers anyway.

    Unfortunately China holds most of our I.O.U.s

    A nice parting gift from Bu$hco. A$$hole.

  2. China and the US and all other elitist-controlled countries are fundamentally on the same wavelength, Marine. Deception in diversity is what I call it. The very fact that China participates in a global economy is proof that they are under the same leadership as ours. Remember the time of the shoguns, when the country was a recluse by global standards? It was only around the time of the inception of Marx’s (Weishaupt’s) Communism that China really came out of seclusion to participate globally and economically. They were totally self-sufficient and sovereign before then.

    All of this talk about currencies, manufacturing, stock markets, and China’s involvement in them is just smoke and mirrors. The global economy of the elite is the ultimate goal, and no single country will hold dominance over another in this respect, except by population and resource capacity, perhaps.

    The seat of world government is to be Israel, according to elitist manifestos and scripture, because it fulfills the Zionist dream of displacing God and His future throne there. And guess where all of the hostility happens to be centered at the moment? No coincidence there! And with the heavy Muslim presence there, like you mentioned on my blog, they have to be removed as a potential obstacle to that end.

    It all makes sense once the bias is removed. There is a plan in place, and sometimes the best route to an objective is a circuitous one. Remember your Marine Gunnery Sergeant Beckett’s famous utterance… “We don’t travel in straight lines.”

    Neither do the elitists!

  3. I wonder what it will be like living the life style of the average Indian or Chinese worker, or if we will even qualify for the jobs that they offer us.
    I guess that the fundamentalist concept is that we can make up our own science and prayer will ward off the heathen capitalists…G:

  4. Personally, I would prefer to have my own little homestead where I grew and raised my own stuff for my family’s needs like years ago. I can get along with a barter system or a little hard currency if need be. My motto has always been “keep it simple stupid”.

    All this evil NWO circular logic, twisting shit around, banksters, Satan worshipping Catholic Church/Jesuit/Zionist global domination bullshit is a confusing downer. Nothing simple there.

    I’m sure living like the average Chinese and Indian worker is akin to slavery, which is a goal of the NWO bankster system. Whether Americans after the Fall of the Empire is going to be “lucky” enough to have a wage-slave job is another matter. We’ll probably will be eating out of dumpsters huddling over garbage can fires underneath our crumbling Interstate overpasses, like the one in Minnesota. Pretty dystopic vision.

    Space travel is going to be accomplished by somebody. I hoped it was going to be the U.S. when I was a kid. At this stage of the game, that’s unlikely. But I still think it’s mankind’s destiny.

    It’ll happen despite the NWO, Second Coming or the Next Age.

    That’s my Faith!

  5. Besides UH, shoguns ran Japan, not China.

    China was an Empire for 1800 years until the British enslaved the ruling family and population with opium addiction so they could grow cheap tea there.

    Both were isolationist because they believed the Occidentals (whites) were barbarians and not civilized.

    They had a point.

  6. You’re right… I meant to say that China’s isolation was mainly to it’s benefit for not having western elitism to deal with. That’s all changed, now.

    As for space exploration, well, I have some insight on that, too. I’ll email you.

  7. The 21st century is the century of China.

    Thanks to high productivity and holding 70% of the U.S.’s debt, they virtually rule the roost.

    China will dominate space in the 21st century too. They have an aggressive plan to colonize the moon and Mars because of over population.

    I believe they will succeed as the U.S. continues to slip away.

  8. Yup. Americans will just be by-standers.

    But we won’t care, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and Fux Noise will be on HDTV.

  9. india and china …super powers under making!!!!!!

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