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Darth Venter

From Red Ice Creations :

Few Branches of science are as emotive as genetics, and few scientists have stoked the flames of debate quite like Craig Venter. For a decade or more, the American geneticist has regularly acted as a kind of lightning rod for the hopes, fears and arguments that surround research into the building blocks of life, especially human life.

Venter, with his corporate backers, was the man who competed, and tied, with the publicly funded US effort to map the human genome seven years ago, which earned him plenty of plaudits but also the moniker “Darth Venter” and reportedly comparisons to Hitler by double-helix pioneer and Nobel laureate James Watson. It turn-ed out the DNA Venter sequenced was mainly his own, and just last month he followed this up with the publication of his full six-billion letter genetic code, a world first. Now he says he’s on the verge of creating a brand new life form in his Maryland lab using synthesised genes, and has applied for a patent for the manufactured bacterium. The critics are already squaring off: one Cambridge biochemist has dismissed the science as facile reductionism, while a Canadian bioethics group says no patent should be granted, warning: “for the first time God has competition”.

I have commented briefly about this subject in an earlier post. At that time Dr. Venter hadn’t yet perfected his process enough to apply for a patent. In the rest of this article the impression is given that he is applying for a patent, so he must be pretty confident about his process. Is this the potential Frankenstein Monster foretold by Mary Shelley over two hundred years ago?

Or is Venter a modern Prometheus, bringing Humanity Fire and Light? The symbolism is all over the place on this.

One such symbol is an event in Venter’s life when he was a young medic during the Vietnam War. The most defining moment in his life it turns out.

Read the rest of the story, you won’t be disappointed!

Steam Kettle Propulsion

From Space News :

 Small satellites could soon get a boost from a novel in-space propulsion system under development at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Called the High Delta-V Experiment, or HiDVE for short, the program aims within the next year or so to complete a ground demonstration of an unconventional propulsion system that uses the heat of the sun to produce enough thrust to push a 10-15 kilogram satellite into a new orbit. If the ground demo goes well, DARPA would look to press on with an in-space demonstration on a dedicated microsatellite.

While spacecraft designers are constantly finding new ways to pack more capabilities into small satellites, matching these little wonders with an affordable launch remains a challenge. Typically, very small satellites have to make due with secondary launch opportunities and frequently are dropped off in non-optimal orbits. Since very small satellites more often than not are built without any meaningful propulsive capability, they must remain there.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Fred Kennedy, DARPA’s HiDVE program manager, believes that solar thermal propulsion, which uses the warmth of the sun to heat an onboard liquid such as water or ammonia to very high temperatures, and vent it through a nozzle can change that. “We’re trying to say you can throw up little systems … drop them off in an orbit you wouldn’t want them to be in, and let them perform orbit transfers to get them where they need to be,” Kennedy said.

The key enabling technologies for such a system, according to Kennedy, include very high temperature materials and innovative solar receiver and concentrator designs.

This idea has an ancient pedigree to be sure. Greek inventor Heron would be impressed that his principles are employed 2000 years later in moving “artificial moons” (I don’t know what he would’ve called them).

Isaac Asimov used the concept in some of his stories and it has been tossed around as a cheap method of interplanetary propulsion. One such idea was if a vein of water was ever found on the Moon, it could be mined. Then the water would be shot to an orbiting ship using a linear accelerator. The water would be pumped into a huge inner-tube looking, flexible tank. Pump the water through an upgraded nuclear reactor like in a submarine (kudos to Q9). The super-heated steam is shot out through a nozzle and voila, delta-v into a Mars injection Hohmann orbit!

More putt-putt tech! Where’s Zephram Cochran when you need him!

Rest of article…

The ET Question: Is the Mainstream Media Looking the Other Way?

From The Daily Galaxy :

“I think the significance – and they are probably exaggerating it – but the significance is that I’m the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 to have come out openly and unequivocally and said the extra-terrestrial presence is real.”

~ Lester B. Pearson, former Canadian Federal Defense Minister

A new group is pushing for full government disclosure about extra-terrestrials. For some, the first instinct is to call them another band of nutty conspiracists were it not for the fact that a former Federal Defense Minister is backing them up.

Victor Viggiani, a retired elementary school principal, has spent years lobbying reporters to blow what he calls “a massive government cover-up” wide open. He says the government knows full well, and covers up the fact, that extra-terrestrials have visited our planet.

“I have no intention of convincing anybody of anything,” said Viggiani, 59, director of media relations for Exopolitics Toronto, a non-profit educational group pushing for the disclosure. “What I do is point them to the evidence.”

Exopolitics is a field of study that goes beyond the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. They say there is plenty enough evidence to take it as fact that intelligent, sentient, ethical extra-terrestrials exist, that they have made contact; and could share advanced technology with us if we were ready for it.

Mr. Viggiani isn’t the only person who studies the doctrine of exopolitics. Governor Bill Richardson, a Democratic Party Presidential candidate is quoted as saying, “I’ve been in government a long time, I’ve been in the cabinet, I’ve been in the Congress and I’ve always felt that the government doesn’t tell the truth as much as it should on a lot of issues…when I was in Congress I said (to the) Department of Defense … ‘What is the data? What is the data you have?’ “. Is Richardson a crackpot tinfoiler? He doesn’t have the reputation of wearing a hat to block out microwaves.

Another prominent figure in exopolitics is Dr. Michael Salla. Now Salla would be one to be accused of being a wearer of the foil. He goes the full route, visitations by tall Ayran aliens, reptiloids, small Grays and tall Grays. And the government exchange program to boot (Project SERPO) he acknowledges as fact. But is he nuts? Click on the above link and judge for yourself.

The American media has changed drastically over the past thirty years. From the Fourth Estate that helped expose Richard Nixon’s criminality to a propaganda machine that rivals the old Soviet Union’s Pravda, the American public will never get any straight news about ET visitation, if it’s happening at all. If they won’t broadcast any fact about US or world events, what chance does the esoteric have?

I’m assuming the same with Canadian or other world media services. The elites are convinced that any disruption of religious or scientific dogma will send the world into an uncontrollable panic and chaos. They could actually be right about that.

Or they could be in partership with these entities to influence events to be what they are now.

We might have already surrendered and not realized it yet!

Rest of Daily Galaxy article…

Class Warfare and Natural Disasters

From Greg Palast :

What color is your disaster? It makes a difference. A life and death difference.


Population of San Diego fire evacuation zone: 500,000
Population of the New Orleans flood evacuation zone: 500,000

White folk as a % of evacuees, San Diego: 66%
Black folk as % of evacuees, New Orleans: 67%Malibu Dancers

Size counts, too. Size of your wallet, that is:

Evacuees in San Diego, in poverty: 9%
Evacuees in New Orleans, in poverty: 27%

The numbers would be even uglier, though more revealing, if I included evacuees of the celebrity fire in Malibu.

The President didn’t do a photo-strafing of the scene from 1700 feet this time. Instead, we have the photo op of George, feet on the ground, hanging with Arnold the Action Man. (However, I’m informed that the President was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to wear one of those neat fireman hats likePatricial Thomas, fmr NOLA Resident Rudi G got at Ground Zero.)

In 2005, while the bodies were still being fished out of flooded homes in New Orleans, Republican Congressman Richard Baker praised The Lord for his mercy. “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did,” he said about the removal of the poor from the project near the French Quarter much coveted by speculators.

But as this week’s flames spread, no Republican Congressman cried, “Burn baby burn!” to praise the Lord for cleaning up them ‘Boo, the sin-and-surf playground of Hollywood luvvies.

I would like to say “My God, what has happened to us as a nation?”, but that that would be rehashing old arguments that have been tossed around non-stop for the past seven years. America has always had a class and race problem, it is part and parcel of who we are. The issue now is that since the neocons have taken total control, the class lines have become more stark and pronounced. Straussian philosophy is working in full force now.

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Monster Movie Matinee Redux

When I was a kid growing up, reading science-fiction helped me escape from the drudgery and back-breaking labor of the farm. Another escape was a Saturday afternoon movie program that was on for 60-90 minutes called Monster Movie Matinee. It featured old “B” sci-fi movies from the 1950s and was broadcast by a local TV station. To a redneck farm kid the movies were great. Of course my folks didn’t care for it, but they did indulge me once in a while.

Thanks to the modern wonders of the InnerTubes, the Google-hivemind and YouTube, I found a couple of old Saturday favorites of mine (sadly in abbreviated forms); the original It Came From Outer Space and Kronos (movie trailer only 8-( ). And Happy Halloween (Samhain for you purists). Enjoy.

It Came From Outer Space




If anyone can give me a heads-up on a Kronos download, it’ll be much appreciated!

Fusion reactors with no magnetic confinement and Biochar Tech

I received an interesting comment/email to my previous thread about Dr. Robert Bussard and fusion power from a gentleman named Erich J. Knight. Mr. Knight’s brief letter described a method of fusion power that was doable now with present technology and without magnetic containment. He was kind enough to provide me with some links to some major corporations that are doing this right now.

Electron Power Systems :

We have discovered how to make plasma toroids, called EST’s (Electron Spiral Toroid’s) that remain stable in air with no magnetic fields for containment. This EST can be added to well-known fusion technology to build small fusion reactors with no magnetic containment. We accelerate EST’s magnetically. We plan to collide two EST’s together to cause fusion reactions. The colliding EST fusion reactor has several potential advantages over other fusion reactors. First, it needs no external magnetic fields for containment, a great advantage in cost and size. Second, EST’s are small, so the process can occur in small increments, avoiding the need for a large container of heated plasma. Third, the EST is charge neutral and so has ion densities many orders of magnitude greater than ion beams.

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics/Chilean Nuclear Commission :

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics and the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN) have agreed to collaborate on a three-year experimental test of the “focus fusion” approach to fusion energy. The project will use the Speed-2 plasma focus device at CCHEN’s Thermonuclear Plasma Laboratory in Santiago, Chile, one of the two largest plasma focus devices in the world. The experimental team at CCHEN of four scientists, headed by Dr. Leopoldo Soto, will collaborate with Eric Lerner, President of LPP and Executive Director of the Focus Fusion Society, and with other researchers.

The project will consist of three phases. In the first, beginning in July, 2006, the team will duplicate and improve on the experimental results earlier obtained at Texas A&M University indicating that the plasma focus can achieve the high ion energies, above 100keV (the equivalent of one billion degrees C), that is needed to burn hydrogen-boron fuel. Hydrogen-boron fuel can produce energy in the form of charged particles, eliminating radioactivity and potentially allowing inexpensive direct conversion into electricity. The experiments will considerably extend the earlier work because the new tests will be conducted at higher peak current, will have better diagnostic instruments, and will have more optimized electrodes.

These last two links are for a biocharcoal process that is carbon negative called pyrolysis. The product is a bio-oil and fertilizer. The process was invented by Ancient Amazon River tribes :

Dynamotive Energy Systems, an energy solutions provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that is one of several companies pioneering the use of pyrolysis, a process in which biomass is burned at a high temperature in the absence of oxygen. The process yields both a charcoal by-product that can be used as a fertilizer, and bio-oil, which is a mix of oxygenated hydrocarbons that can be used to generate heat or electricity.

Because the charcoal by-product, or “agrichar,” does not readily break down, it could sequester for thousands of years nearly all the carbon it contains, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Along the way, it would boost agricultural productivity through its ability to retain nutrients and moisture.


And Terra Preta, a company Mr. Knight whose site he co-administers :

I can’t even pretend to give a comment about fusion technology other than the basics. Super-hot lasers exploding pellets of helium3 seems the way to go, but what do I know, I’m a tech, not an engineer. I’m just the guy that calibrates and fixes the stuff these guys dream up. And not fusion reactors either!

The biocharcoal looks like an economical way to get the bang from the carbon cycle without putting the carbon into the air. It looks almost too cheap and easy. But you know what, if I ever get the chance to retire from this NWO rat-race chasing debt (and my tail!) bullsh*t, I’d give this method of power generation some serious thought. That and the fact that I actually understand the process enough to build something myself if I had to! 😎

UFOs Of The Elites, Part 2

More Nazi mayhem at the South Pole and Latin America. Also Operation Paperclip and timebending experiments using the mind. Good stuff!

Part 2


Random Favs

Just some links to a couple of blogs I like to haunt. Random acts of weirdness to be sure and brain food also. Enjoy.

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British Intelligence Recruiting Video Gamers

From The Daily Galaxy :

You would have thought that online gaming couldn’t have gotten any weirder. Gold selling, virtual sex acted out through second life, and a whole host of fetishes await the avid gamer at the touch of a button. But now, in a continuing trend of in-game advertising, you are being recruited for spy work.

This is not at all odd or out of the ordinary. The British government is wholesale into the Big Brother Surveillence Society and who better to recruit than people who are already immersed into the virtual reality culture; Video gamers!

Already war game and chaos theory scenarios are being played out in VR. These people could only improve on the process because of their familiarity with it.

GCHQ, the center for Her Majesty’s Government’s Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities, has begun a month long campaign to provide ads for games such as “Splinter Cell”, “Need for Speed Carbon” and “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”.

The Government Communications Headquarters is targeting those gamers who they believe are part of “an Internet-savvy generation of graduate groups.”

I used to be a big advocate for virtual reality. Who wouldn’t be? According to Singularitarians, mind uploading into advanced virtual reality environments would be tantamount to paradise since the upload would be able to create it’s own “world.” Imagine eternity lounging on the beaches of Jamaica, drinking Coronas, checking out the ladies and smoking huge…er…cigars.

But that is based on the assumption that a Technological Singularity will be egalitarian, not totalitarian. And if the actions of the British Intelligence community, or other world intelligence agencies for that matter are any indication of intent, it looks like the coin is falling more on the totalitarian side.

And living the life of a Matrix slave is not my idea of paradise!

Original article

Economics NWO Style: Mission Almost Accomplished In USA


The calculus of living paycheck to paycheck in America is getting harder. What used to last four days might last half that long now. Pay the gas bill, but skip breakfast. Eat less for lunch so the kids can have a healthy dinner.

Across the nation, Americans are increasingly unable to stretch their dollars to the next payday as they juggle higher rent, food and energy bills. It’s starting to affect middle-income working families as well as the poor, and has reached the point of affecting day-to-day calculations of merchants like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) (WMT), 7-Eleven Inc. and Family Dollar Stores Inc. (FDO) (FDO)

Food pantries, which distribute foodstuffs to the needy, are reporting severe shortages and reduced government funding at the very time that they are seeing a surge of new people seeking their help.

While economists debate whether the country is headed for a recession, some say the financial stress is already the worst since the last downturn at the start of this decade.

(AP) Marcia Watkis, far left, a volunteer at the Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger, a food pantry that…
Full Image

From Family Dollar to Wal-Mart, merchants have adjusted their product mix and pricing accordingly. Sales data show a marked and more prolonged drop in spending in the days before shoppers get their paychecks, when they buy only the barest essentials before splurging around payday.

“It’s pretty pronounced,” said Kiley Rawlins, a spokeswoman at Family Dollar. “It seems like to us, customers are running out of food products, paper towels sooner in the month.”

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, said the imbalance in spending before and after payday in July was the biggest it has ever seen, though the drop-off wasn’t as steep in August.

And 7-Eleven says its grocery sales have jumped 12-13 percent over the past year, compared with only slight increases for non-necessities like gloves and toys. Shoppers can’t afford to load up at the supermarket and are going to the most convenient places to buy emergency food items like milk and eggs.

“It even costs more to get the basics like soap and laundry detergent,” said Michelle Grassia, who lives with her husband and three teenage children in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, N.Y.

(AP) Marta Zepeda an employee at a 7-Eleven store stocks the shelves at the store in downtown Los…
Full Image

Her husband’s check from his job at a grocery store used to last four days. “Now, it lasts only two,” she said.

To make up the difference, Grassia buys one gallon of milk a week instead of three. She sometimes skips breakfast and lunch to make sure there’s enough food for her children. She cooks with a hot plate because gas is too expensive. And she depends more than ever on the bags of free vegetables and powdered milk from a local food pantry.

I know this situation upclose and personal. There have been times, especially when being on disability on and off from heart surgeries and recovering from epileptic seizures in recent years. In the good ol’ USA anymore when counties are cutting back on services to the poor, companies moving overseas to pay slave wages and remaining companies telling employees “take what we pay ya, or hit the streets” ( except for executives of course), living paycheck to paycheck is definitely a challenge. The working poor and lower-middle class in this country aren’t running an increasing debt load just to buy extra “goodies” like stereos, HDTVs, computers and iPods. They’re running a debt just to pay the bills and eat. And I’m not even touching on expenses like car repairs, car insurance or any of that sh*t.

The proof is in the pudding of this article. Bu$hco has almost singlehandedly destroyed the greatest republic in Western History in just seven short years. Once this nation is destroyed economically, the path will be cleared for the neoliberal agenda of creation of the North American Union.

Thus the next phase of the NWO plan of Global Dominance will be complete.

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