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Star Trek: New Voyages: In Harm’s Way

What if the “planet eater” didn’t get destroyed when the U.S.S. Constellation got rammed down its throat in Kirk and Spock’s time?

James Cawley offers this up in this episode called “In Harm’s Way”

P.S. Guess who the special guest star is!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

A Thousand Chinese Einsteins Every Year

From Accelerating Future :

Accelerating Future reader and professor of economics at Smith College, James D. Miller, recently published an article on embryo screening and intelligence enhancement at Tech Central Station. Here is an excerpt:

“Two British fertility clinics have found a way of safely obtaining thousands of eggs from a woman. Fertility clinics, therefore, will soon be able to give a couple thousands of embryos to pick from. So let’s say that a certain couple’s genes mean that normally they have only a 1% chance of conceiving a child with the genetic potential to reach a genius IQ. With the ability to select among thousands of embryos, however, this couple could now almost guarantee that their offspring has the genetic potential of a genius.

Imagine that in ten years China forces all its college students to get genetic tests. Students with intelligence genes in the top 1% of the top 1% of humankind are then forced to donate sperm or eggs. China then uses the sperm and eggs to create a billion embryos each year. The genetic intellectual potential of all these embryos is checked. Those in the top 10,000 are implanted into women. Each of these embryos has the intellectual potential to be in the top one-billionth of humankind.

Now because of environmental factors many of these embryos won’t turn into intellectual titans. But let’s say that one in ten does. This means that each year 1,000 people with the scientific ability of Einstein will be born. By 2035 they will become adults and start doing scientific research. I imagine these Einsteins will be rather helpful to China’s economy and military.”

The ugly specter of eugenics in the guise of genetic engineering raises its ugly mug once again, or the possibility of it anyway. Is China the nation to do this, or any other nation in fact?

The possibilty of this happening in the U.S. (or soon to be North American Union) is pretty small because we have a fundamentalist nature. And if you think this would change as the Hispanic population becomes the majority demographic of the continent, guess again. They are more conservative than the current WASP population!

The EU is a strong contender in this field and have a socialist tradition, but I don’t know how their science is in this area. Plus they are becoming more conservative because of the influx of Muslim immigrants from the unsettled wartorn areas of the Middle East. These people are generally looking for peace in their lives plus employment and are the main flashpoints for EU politics. Witness the riots in France two years ago involving unemployed Muslim immigrants.

And the Chinese aren’t the only Asians experimenting with “geneng”, the South Koreans and Japanese are into it wholeheartedly.

But China is a pure totalitarian socialist-slave State, the model on which the NWO is building the World State on, so it seems the likely candidate to come up with an idea of creating an Asian “super-race” and seeing it through.

Pure bunk and hysteria? Read the article and you tell me.