Life Extension Tech, Transhumanism and the Elite

Deep down inside of my being, I’m an idealist. You would not think so after reading some of my posts and comments on other blogs, you’d believe that I come across as one cynical arsehole. And you’d be correct. But as a fan of science-fiction, science, space travel and futurism, I still carry that spark of idealism of an eleven year old boy. And it won’t die. I’ve tried to kill it often, but it refuses to give in and go away.

This is important when it comes to transhumanism and the future. One must be an idealist to face a future that is scary and daunting for 95% of the human race. So when it comes to transhumanism (definition) I believe I have an inside track on that because without advanced cardiac technology, my quality of life would have been greatly diminished, or I might not be here at all sharing this with you. Some adherents to transhumanism believe it is only a step toward becoming post-human (definition), which is something altogether different and very radical. Being post-human isn’t a goal of mine. The concept of being “god-like” or a demi-god doesn’t appeal to me. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to certain things, being human is one of them. I just wanted to live long enough to live Star Trek and command a starship!

There are many concerns and dangers when it comes to life extension and other transhumanist technologies, it can be misused directly out of hand and by some not very nice people:

“The development of successful life-extension technologies will be a reality within 30 years, but the application of such stunning advances will be tightly restricted by a ruling elite, and eventually may be used as a justification to completely wipe out humanity, according to some of the scientific community’s leading pioneers.

A recent article carried by the Methuselah Foundation, an organization that advocates the development of life extension and nanomachinery technology, concludes that life-extension technology and “(greatly) augmenting our biology with nanomachinery” will have arrived by the 2030’s, but that “The new bio- and nanotechnologies of the 2040s will be massive overkill for the “simple” task of repairing the damage of aging.”

The report concludes that the greatest obstacle in the field is not the development but the application of such technology, suggesting that living for hundreds of years is inevitable only for the wealthy elite…”

Paul Watson is making a very valid point here, since the elite has most of the money, they are doing most of the funding for the research. And it makes alot of sense for them to do this because most of them believe they are gods or descended from gods. Some even claim Egyptian  pharaonic ancestry. Think I’m nuts? Read Michael Tsarion sometime, he has the skinny on the historical stuff. You might be thinking that you need the tinfoil when you read or listen to this guy, but his take is a combination of alien visitation and the divine. Cool stuff.

I have done quite alot of soul searching after doing research into the workings of the NWO, the people, the lies, the murders, genocides and media manipulation that’s employed. It is indeed possible and very probable that the elite are planning a Matrix style existence for Mankind for the sole purpose of bleeding us dry of our life energy to supply their cold, emotionless and souless lives. It’s almost that now, sans virtual reality (but how do we know that?).

But damnit, that idealistic eleven year-old kid keeps sticking his nose in there saying “I want that therapy so I can command a starship someday!” *sigh*

Some things never change.

Paul Watson’s article at Prison Planet

Rebuttal against Watson’s article


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  1. Aubrey Degrey’s name pops up every so often in this research. Some investigators believe he is doing the research for the NWO. If anyone has the skinny on this, send me a link or pursue it on your own. Fascinating stuff.

    Brief biography of Degrey:

  2. We all need a cynical arsehole hangin’ around to keep us in line, Marine. Otherwise, we get to being complacent and stupid like sheep! It helps to have a religio-political whack-job on staff, too, and that’s where I come in!

    If you’re thinking on being a starship driver, I’d think twice if I were you. I gave it up, myself, when the UFP started going politically-correct. They wanted intelligent, thoughtful, tech-shrewd commanders in their fleet, and boozing and womanizing was now frowned upon! Responsible exploration and research… where’s the fun in that?! Chasing broads and shooting at Klingons… YEAH! *Hic*

    Ah well… I fantasized about that stuff, too. Shit, I was too damn lazy to get a private pilot’s license, so I guess that about shows you my level of ambition. Easier to dream about it… cheaper, too!

    zzzzzzzZZZZZZZ- *snort* – “*!@**?”

    Cripes… I’m catching old age from the Geez, now!

  3. I still cling to the hope of a future UFP, despite of the bullsh*t going on. It’s chasing Utopia I know and I know your views on it. But for some reason I can’t let go of it. It’s like a firefly with an actinic flame.

    As for the ambition, that has diminished over the years because of physical break-downs, but I push on. Hence the life-extension therapy.

    Too stupid or stubborn to give in. Probably both.

  4. Baaa a a h, and I don’t mean it in a humbug sort of way. I try to avoid the main herd and that’s why I’m here. Probably wouldn’t be here if the folks at Qregon Health Sciences hospital hadn’t been pounding on me and calling me back from the other end of the tunnel. It was 1985 and I had been under for 9 hours while they were removing lymph nodes and God knows what else. I was really comfortable and felt at home where I was at, but someone told me I had more work to do so I woke up in this body that was feeling pretty traumatic, even on demerol.

    I’m kinda like you Dad when it comes to being an idealist. When I was 11 there was a tree in the yard that I used to set under when I wanted to think about things like war, violence, growing up, and things like that. I really wanted to stay in my childhood so that I wouldn’t have to do any of those things. I was into Popular Science magazine, Jules Verne, and Major Kehoe who wrote about flying saucers and project bluebook.

    Anyway…I’m still here, but wouldn’t be if it weren’t for technology so I guess that if this dude De Gray comes up with some Methuslah revelations i’m up for it. One thing for sure…were living in interesting times and so far I have seen some profound changes in the old planet. Nothing more than I would have expected, like the Dick Tracy wrist radio, but the outright evil of the powers that be today I couldn’t have imagined. Even with the awful images of Hitler and Tojo that were shown in the news reels at the theatre.

    I’m with you on the pilots licence Highway. I learned to take off, go through the motions, etc. but never got my licence…Doesn’t mean that we can’t go into outer space though… 🙄

  5. Geez… you learned to take off, but not land? Careful, bro… Bu$h will be profiling your ancient ass about now! 😆 But don’t worry… just tell them you’re related to the Bin Laden family, and you’ll get a free ticket home, while everyone else is locked down!

    As a kid, I used to think more along the tech lines of reality, and space travel possibilities, time travel, etc. As I got older, I developed more and more of a dislike for technology and the fast paced (crazy) society we live in. I began thinking that I was born too late, and would have felt more at home in the 19th Century. I still think I would. The elite were more accessible to us, too. You can’t get near them, anymore, and they have a dumbed-down population helping them in their schemes by their ignorance and blind devotion to “authority.”

    “We HAVE to pay taxes, we HAVE to do this, and we HAVE to do that, and there’s a terrorist hiding under my bed, and Bu$h wouldn’t lie to me, he’s the president, and we can always vote him out and/or impeach him, etc., etc…” *Shaking head* Gimmee a break!

    I see no hope for any future federation other than one comprised of elitists and us serving them in their estates, and washing their limos (they won’t be driving hybrids!) and their backs, and clipping their toenails, and planting their shrubs, shoeing their racehorses, etc.

    Seriously… even if I were wrong about my beliefs, I’d take that delusion over the REALITY of what’s in store for society when the jackboots finally consolidate!

    At least I can sleep at night… and I do.

  6. The NWO MFers are certainly doing their best to destroy the individual and dreams of being greater than what we are. Sure there’s God and all that, but human beings deserve the chance to do something great on their own merit, not to be unnecessary baggage to be discarded the NWO believes us to be or because mankind is born “tainted, evil or dirty” that we need a “divine” presence to rescue and uplift us out of the shit.

    I guess I’m idealistic enough still to believe that humans can be born good or evil. The rest is nurture.

    I know you don’t agree UH old pal, I can be a believer to a point, but I can’t take that last step.

    But hey, we all hate the NWO worse than the hemmoroids that they are. That should count for something.

    And it’s still Alpha Centauri or Bust G:! 😎

  7. “But hey, we all hate the NWO worse than the hemmoroids that they are. That should count for something.”

    Roger that, Marine!


  8. Ray Kurzweil is right. Advancing tech is going to deliver practically unlimited lifespans as we’ll eventually be able to cure and fix everything. There’s no conspiracy or a mythical elite class driving any of this. Just simple market forces and the biological instinct to live. Engineering our future Utopia is just a few mouse clicks beyond those that reverse engineer life in silico.

  9. I would like to believe it would be an Utopia. But you might want to ask yourself what will happen to people in the Third World nations? Will there be a great “democratizing” affect from this Singularity technology? Will everyone benefit from this?

    Or will it be concentrated and controlled by mega-corps and multi-billionaires?

  10. Part of evolution.

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