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‘Electromagnetic Wormhole’ Possible with Invisibility Technology

From Physorg.com:

In the study, which is to appear in the Oct. 12 issue of Physical Review Letters, Allan Greenleaf, professor of mathematics at the University of Rochester, and his coauthors lay out a variation on the theme of cloaking. Their results open the possibility of building a sort of invisible tunnel between two points in space. “Imagine wrapping Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak around a tube,” says Greenleaf. “If the material is designed according to our specifications, you could pass an object into one end, watch it disappear as it traveled the length of the tunnel, and then see it reappear out the other end.”Current technology can create objects invisible only to microwave radiation, but the mathematical theory allows for the wormhole effect for electromagnetic waves of all frequencies. With this in mind, Greenleaf and his coauthors propose several possible applications. Endoscopic surgeries where the surgeon is guided by MRI imaging are problematical because the intense magnetic fields generated by the MRI scanner affect the surgeon’s tools, and the tools can distort the MRI images. Greenleaf says, however, that passing the tools through an EM wormhole could effectively hide them from the fields, allowing only their tips to be “visible” at work.

The “tips” would be at the end of “long, thin blades of invisible grass” and would appear as “thousands of pixels” floating in the air. Good acid trip, ay?

Invisibility technology linked with wormhole tech is novel and a pretty amazing concept. And I guess the math is solid too.

If a person were a UFO, conspiracy theorist crackpot like me were to say that this could be a basis for UFO technology, the individual would require a rubber-room hotel reservation, right?

Time will tell.

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