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From the Tin Foil Dept.

If one acknowledges that the elites who prevail over worsening climate change, as intelligent sentient beings, are also survival-seekers, only an “off-world” context can explain the apparent illogical course of elites who are perpetrating the destruction of our planet Earth. Human beings need to wake themselves up to the numerous testimonies of individuals that have been in contact with various species of Extraterrestrials, and must also wake up to the experience of millions of people that have, at least witnessed apparent alien spacecraft.

The first hypothesis to be considered is that elites who prevail over worsening Global Warming have been persuaded to believe that they will be “rescued” from planet Earth, by some Manipulative Extraterrestrial group(s), in the event of a predicted catastrophic “tipping point”. Earthbound elites, may be under the impression that manipulative aliens will evacuate them from a destroyed planet Earth to an Off-world land of “milk and honey”, in regard for their having served their alien benefactors well in the context of an alleged greed driven alliance.

Unfortunately, any Earthbound elites should be aware that intelligent Manipulative Extraterrestrials are not likely to “trust” any human group that would “betray their own kind“. Any such human group viewed by manipulative aliens to be betraying their own kind, would likely be perceived as being by definition, untrustworthy, and may very well like be the targets of a longer-term manipulation strategy by any such aliens.

Hey, I thought of this too!

Goddamned manipulative aliens stole my theory and planted the idea  in this guy Chang’s head!

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  1. Early Wednesday post. Lots of work to do at my wage-slave job.

    Any and all precious metals are accepted as tips. 😎

  2. Good logic employed there. Maybe there are a few of the money-grubbing twits that have been sold on that, too. I don’t believe the top echelon have been, though, as the environmental movement attests to an inordinate desire to preserve the planet for their own use.

    There have to be those that are reading our exchanges here, and are wondering what in the fuck those two foil-headed buggers are ranting about. My message to them would be to get studying, because right now, and to quote an old jarhead-Marine Colonel, who once screamed: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

    Everything you need to know is right there, on the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T!

  3. You’ve said that the elite started the environmental movement to sell over-priced green technology. We know they like money, especially when it’s collected from their “subjects”.

    Manipulative aliens you would think would have better things to do than to torment a primitive race like us. I’d think that they would ponder Creation and create other Universes in higher dimensions or some shit. But you never know.

    I’m sure people have come by and scoped us out, believing either we’re talking too deep brilliance, or we’re talking out of our arses and creating deep bullshit. And you can never believe everything you read on the InnerTubes either.

    But there is truth there. You just gotta know where to go get it. 😎

  4. That’s one aspect of it, Marine. They are also avowed pagans. Pagans worship nature as a sentient being. The lower echelon butt-heads like Junior might think it’s just for the bread, and possibly think it a hoot to worship idols in the forest, but his masters take their religion seriously. They especially want to ‘convert’ all other people to their religion, just like many other religious-types do. Christians (the real variety) are especially targeted, because they worship the enemy of Lucifer, which is Christ. Christ is a swear word in the Masonic cult, and in the old days, just uttering it would buy you a severe beating in the lodge! They even said it could be punishable with death! How’s that for fanaticism?

    No, to a pagan, the Earth is a living, CONSCIOUS entity, that like any pagan idol MUST be appeased. They know the masses won’t buy into worshipping their ‘goddess’ with them, so they have to sell them the idea that the Earth is self-destructing through blatant lies like global warming. This tactic is nothing new, they lie about most everything… they have to, because no one would follow their TRUE agenda if they were truthful about things.

    It’s really pretty easy to grasp when you seriously consider it, but it does involve a major paradigm shift in thinking, and one has to unlearn a lot of elitist bullshit thoughtfully taught to us over the years.

    The alien visitation thing is a lie, too, but just getting people to consider that global warming might be a lie is an exercise in self-abuse, bar none!

  5. I would say to my detractors, that if I’m so out to lunch on these matters, why is it, then, that I have trolls from Wikipedia visiting me almost nightly, trying to ‘reason’ with me on issues of 911? They say I’m an insignificant crackpot, and that no one comments on my site, yet they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to ‘reason’ with me! If I’m not a threat to them, and I only could be if I were on to something, then why all the attention? They (or at least some of them) know the truth, that’s why, and they don’t appreciate us spilling the beans!

    The truth in any issue is never popular or welcome. Like you say, it upsets people. One more thing that they don’t want to have to face. Trouble is, this ain’t going away!

  6. lol dad2059,
    the reality is that the elite have more than one home, if one house gets flooded they just move in to their Manhattan Penthouse or high rise, or house on the hills – the loss of home or habitat is never and has bever been as catastrophic for the elite, not even in WWII
    (the exception being the french revolution & madame guillotine).

    And of course the elite have access to the 4x4s, the SUVs and the transport to get away from any disaster, whether it be on a private jet or a private yacht.

    But the real truth, is that if too many people (and too many cars) produce too much CO2, then climate change is a good thing.
    What better way than to thin out the population than another Big Flood. And the elite really do not expect to be caught up in the hardship. Even in New Orleans, it seems those on the right side welcomed the flood – ample opportunity to make money out of buying cheap houses & land in the flood area – ripe for redevelopment.

    But it is getting harder to get home & contents insurance in the uj if you live in the flood plains. Floods are getting just a little too frequent. Mind you it also means it now becomes a government priority to build flood defences – but that still didn’t move the state of New Orleans to repair the levy before the flood – because they new it would hit the poor side of town. Cruel but true.

  7. The worsening climate and environmental problems plaguing the earth will take no hostages — including the elites.

    Look at Atlanta, GA. As the source for drinking water dries up, and with only 120 days of water remaining, you really have to wonder what the denialists are drinking who say there is no climate crisis? Maybe the elites plan to drink their own piss? Or beer or diet coke? Water is the key to life and without, even the elites can’t survive.

    You would think, the capitalist rightwing elites would see the climate and the environment as a business opportunity and jump in feet first, but instead, they remain huddled on the sidelines, warbling anti-science and bashing Al Gore.

    Sorry morons, but neither God nor aliens will rescue you from this mess on earth and you’d better wake up to the reality that without fresh drinking water, there ain’t no tomorrow.

  8. Good discussion folks, just took a day to get started!

    Fresh water is going to be the new “oil” in the ongoing resource wars. Too many places are drying up and alot are polluted beyond redemption.

    Of course with the glaciers melting, all that fresh water is going into the ocean(s), lowering the salinity and messing up the ocean currents. It doesn’t matter if it’s by deceptive HAARP tech, man-made global warming or solar activity cycles, those theories are irrelevant in the face of the situation at hand. The hard truth is that the Earth’s climate is changing, period.

    Current desalinization technology is expensive, so there isn’t an abundance of those plants. I suspect in a couple of years that nanotechnology coupled with the need for more fresh water will increase the construction of such facilities.

    In the meantime, expect more resource wars.

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