More Random Weirdness: UFOs of the Nazis

If the Allies had gotten to Berlin a year later, or if the Nazis finished their hi-tech experiments first, well you know.

It just took them 62 more years to work at it.


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  1. “When you import the virus, chances are you’ll get the disease.”

    anonymous commenter on Smirking Chimp-2002.

  2. Well, it’s plain to see where they got their ideas on stealth technology! That flying ploughshare the Nazis developed is indicative of the design incorporated into the multi-billion dollar system the US Air Force is currently using. Well, when half your R&D team are ex-Nazis and fascists, what else can you expect?

    What a sham our society is! The tentacles of corruption have been allowed to spread all throughout the establishment, so that it is impossible to go anywhere without seeing the elitist stamp. The government goes on and on about terrorism, and here they are hiding and consorting with REAL terrorists to help promote a twisted agenda of world government. Funny how our esteemed intellectuals seem to never touch on that little item of fact, isn’t it? Not easy acknowledging when one is profoundly ignorant, I’ll wager!

    The Smirking Chimp is right, Dad, and I’ll add that the disease has now reached the point where it is inoperable!

  3. When you put Nazis in charge of scientific research and national security, guess what? We’re witnessing the culmination of that right now in real time!

    You’ve noted we’ve sold our national soul to the devil before that in 1913, adopting the Nazis just added fuel to the fire.

    And yes, the disease has already passed the point of no return. Our giggling, insane “Bedtime for Bu$hco” chimp is already giddy from the prospect of the U.S. collapsing into economic ruin. He’s dropped the pretense of ever giving a sh*t. There’s not a hell hot enough to roast that sumbitch, I tell you that!

    People are slowly waking up, but it could be too late. The bastards are accelerating the collapse and moving up their time table because of increasing public awareness.

    You are already prepared my friend, I must quickly. Hopefully after the holidays I’ll have time.

  4. I’ve been getting a lot of hits from Trollipedia… around ten to fifteen a day. Some are just morons spouting off, but there are a few phantoms, too. Demon$hire et al are definitely concerned we’re exposing his little racket over there. They’ve been slandering me and others big-time.

    They fucked with the wrong guy when they took on Alex Jones. He’s the pit bull of foil, and I am his “shock-trooper”! 😆

    Interesting times, my friend!

    Interesting times.

  5. Morty and his mob bit off more than they can chew when they sucker-punched Jones. All that did was piss him off and fill him with more resolve to fight the NWO. Watson too.

    Small fry feels confident because (I can’t prove this, but pretty likely scenario) he has the backing of security agency(s). Pretty brave, huh?

    He’s like all the others who swallow the neocon-munist screed thinking that being good, loyal fascists, they’ll be well rewarded for attacking and setting ‘bots’ against sites like yours and Jones for exposing the NWO.

    Devonshire’s deluding himself. Even a patsy like Bu$hco believes people like Sporty Morty are worst than scum beneath his ‘royal’ shoes.

    Morty and Co. will be in the Gulag just as quick as the rest of us.

  6. Hi dad2059,
    the only snag is that Britain and the US still had air superiority and won the war – despite allegations of superior German knowhow.

    And yes the germans were smuggling stuff, mainly gold and artworks, and there were some vested interests more concerned with tracking these movements than with any details about ‘war’

    Finally, yes a lot of german scientists were welcomed and integrated into the US system. After all science is about knowledge, and as WWII films show not all scientists worked for the Nazis willingly – and you can only get the best from scientists if they believe in the projest, and you reward them. Coersion and threats do not work so well, not in Germany, not in Russia nor in the US.

    PS – Have you ever wondered why it is Japan that got nuked.
    Because the war in Europe was still viewed as a sort of civil war between brothers (brits & germans) whereas the nips were literally considered to be aliens with ‘barbaric’ jungle customs.

    Never say never, but if you had access to some advanced civilisation, knowledge or ‘designs’ that would enable you to build an interstellar or intergalactic starship. What would stop you? If you catch my drift.

  7. You probably already saw/know this but, the Nazis were engaged in anti-gravity technology.

    The Hunt for Zero Point[37]

    Although this very recent book (August, 2001) is not yet available in the US, it contains some of the strongest evidence yet for major efforts and success in the field of antigravity technology. The author, Nick Cook, who for the past 15 years has been the Aviation Editor and Aerospace Consultant for Jane’s Defense Weekly, spent the last 10 years collecting information for the book. This included archival research on Nazi Germany’s antigravity technology and interviews with top officials at NASA, the Pentagon and secret defense installations. He shows that America has cracked the gravity code and classified the information at the highest security levels. Because antigravity and its allied zero point energy technologies potentially offer the world a future of unlimited, non-polluting energy it has been suppressed because of the “huge economic threat”. His findings support those reported by many of the Disclosure Project witnesses cited above.

    As everyone knows, carbon fuel-based transportion is hugely destructive to the environment. Antigravity and zero point energy is a limitless and environmentally neutral means to get from point A to point B.

    As hidious as the Nazis were/are, I do find it curious that they were engaged in developing this technology and the west was threatened by it.

  8. Excellent points Q9 and Christopher. Indeed, the Brits and Germans are literally brothers, more exactly cousins through the Hapsburg lines. Russia too as a matter of fact, they have always been more European than Asian politically. Here within lies the links to the NWO and the Rothschild Financial Empire that funds it as UH would point out. And yes, race was the motivating in nuking the Japanese. Elitist Euro/Americans would see them as fitting victims for the experiment.

    Would we (or the Nazis) have built starships from ‘someone’ helping us if we thought there would be an advantage to do so? Of course, and the Germans certainly appeared to have been doing so. Whether that is fact or not nobody is ever going to prove. But German aerospace technology was decades beyond anything the Allies had ever attempted. We’ll never know for sure whether it was plain old human genius, or outside ‘help.’

  9. We’ll never know for sure whether it was plain old human genius, or outside ‘help.’

    Two words: Reverse Engineering.

    Technology follows a linear line. The Germans got a leg up. Just as the U.S. got some “help” with the findings at Roswell.

  10. …….zzzzzzzZZZZZZZ* ?

    Excuse me, I need to go find me some more foil. Some of the kind that we used to save a big ball of in the old days. Seeya


  11. Wow, that’s some foil G:! *heh-heh* 🙂

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