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British Intelligence Recruiting Video Gamers

From The Daily Galaxy :

You would have thought that online gaming couldn’t have gotten any weirder. Gold selling, virtual sex acted out through second life, and a whole host of fetishes await the avid gamer at the touch of a button. But now, in a continuing trend of in-game advertising, you are being recruited for spy work.

This is not at all odd or out of the ordinary. The British government is wholesale into the Big Brother Surveillence Society and who better to recruit than people who are already immersed into the virtual reality culture; Video gamers!

Already war game and chaos theory scenarios are being played out in VR. These people could only improve on the process because of their familiarity with it.

GCHQ, the center for Her Majesty’s Government’s Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities, has begun a month long campaign to provide ads for games such as “Splinter Cell”, “Need for Speed Carbon” and “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”.

The Government Communications Headquarters is targeting those gamers who they believe are part of “an Internet-savvy generation of graduate groups.”

I used to be a big advocate for virtual reality. Who wouldn’t be? According to Singularitarians, mind uploading into advanced virtual reality environments would be tantamount to paradise since the upload would be able to create it’s own “world.” Imagine eternity lounging on the beaches of Jamaica, drinking Coronas, checking out the ladies and smoking huge…er…cigars.

But that is based on the assumption that a Technological Singularity will be egalitarian, not totalitarian. And if the actions of the British Intelligence community, or other world intelligence agencies for that matter are any indication of intent, it looks like the coin is falling more on the totalitarian side.

And living the life of a Matrix slave is not my idea of paradise!

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