Random Favs

Just some links to a couple of blogs I like to haunt. Random acts of weirdness to be sure and brain food also. Enjoy.

Centauri Dreams

Self-Consciousness Among the Stars

Finding the Dino Killer

Mac Tonnie’s Posthuman Blues I try not to miss. I check it out daily. Good weirdness there.


 something really fucking scary?

My buddy Quasar9 has been a frequent visitor here and his blog I consider a refuge from the insanity I spew here. An oasis of beauty it is.


The Unseen & The Unknown


8 responses

  1. Busy doing NWO rat-race sh*t today.

    Clark Kent had it so easy.

  2. These sites are all new to me. I’m off to read them now.

  3. Hi dad2059,
    thanks for the mention

  4. PS – did I leave a comment and a link that have gone awol?

  5. Q: You left a comment. And a link to your blog. Did you leave another outside link? If you did, Akismet ate it. I’ll go check.

    Hi Mirthy. Thanks for coming by! 😉

  6. Hi dad2059, yeah I left a link to:
    Pamela Star Stryder’s “Improbable Universe”
    I guess akismet ate it

  7. “One of the holy grails of science is that one underlying elegant equation that will explain everything; the fine structure constant, the amount of dark energy, the length of the inflation epoch, the proportion of matter to anti-matter… all these things and more we keep hoping will fall out of some magic perfect equation that elegantly sums up everything. But we can’t find that theory.”

    Einstein spent his life searching for it. Hawking has looked. Every great cosmologist has asked, “Hmmm, what if…,”
    And right now a lot of scientists are wondering how it is that so many things are so improbably just so. It seems that there are three possibilities:

    1) We could of course not really understand the universe. It could be there is some yet undiscovered underlying rule, some beautiful set of equations, that will dictate all the impossible coincidences must exist. This is the hole grail so many cosmologists seek.

    2) Another possibility is there is force outside our universe, outside our space and time, that is dictating the constants of our cosmos. Perhaps there is a God, a watchmaker, a greater power tweaking our forces to make life possible. But, this possibility is beyond the testing of science. We don’t know how to verify or falsify it and, as scientists, we must set it aside as something beyond science.

    3) The third possibility is to some the ugliest and to others the most elegant. This third theory says that our universe is just one of many and that our improbable reality is able to occur because every possible combination of constants exists somewhere in the multiverse of universes.

    for more you can get the link to Pamela Stryder’s Improbable Universe at my place

  8. Yeah Q, Akismet ate the link. I’ll go to your place to get her link. I have the filter set kind of high because I’m under constant spam attacks. I think someone’s trying to crash my site. I must’ve crossed someone the wrong way.

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