Fusion reactors with no magnetic confinement and Biochar Tech

I received an interesting comment/email to my previous thread about Dr. Robert Bussard and fusion power from a gentleman named Erich J. Knight. Mr. Knight’s brief letter described a method of fusion power that was doable now with present technology and without magnetic containment. He was kind enough to provide me with some links to some major corporations that are doing this right now.

Electron Power Systems :

We have discovered how to make plasma toroids, called EST’s (Electron Spiral Toroid’s) that remain stable in air with no magnetic fields for containment. This EST can be added to well-known fusion technology to build small fusion reactors with no magnetic containment. We accelerate EST’s magnetically. We plan to collide two EST’s together to cause fusion reactions. The colliding EST fusion reactor has several potential advantages over other fusion reactors. First, it needs no external magnetic fields for containment, a great advantage in cost and size. Second, EST’s are small, so the process can occur in small increments, avoiding the need for a large container of heated plasma. Third, the EST is charge neutral and so has ion densities many orders of magnitude greater than ion beams.

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics/Chilean Nuclear Commission :

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics and the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN) have agreed to collaborate on a three-year experimental test of the “focus fusion” approach to fusion energy. The project will use the Speed-2 plasma focus device at CCHEN’s Thermonuclear Plasma Laboratory in Santiago, Chile, one of the two largest plasma focus devices in the world. The experimental team at CCHEN of four scientists, headed by Dr. Leopoldo Soto, will collaborate with Eric Lerner, President of LPP and Executive Director of the Focus Fusion Society, and with other researchers.

The project will consist of three phases. In the first, beginning in July, 2006, the team will duplicate and improve on the experimental results earlier obtained at Texas A&M University indicating that the plasma focus can achieve the high ion energies, above 100keV (the equivalent of one billion degrees C), that is needed to burn hydrogen-boron fuel. Hydrogen-boron fuel can produce energy in the form of charged particles, eliminating radioactivity and potentially allowing inexpensive direct conversion into electricity. The experiments will considerably extend the earlier work because the new tests will be conducted at higher peak current, will have better diagnostic instruments, and will have more optimized electrodes.

These last two links are for a biocharcoal process that is carbon negative called pyrolysis. The product is a bio-oil and fertilizer. The process was invented by Ancient Amazon River tribes :

Dynamotive Energy Systems, an energy solutions provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that is one of several companies pioneering the use of pyrolysis, a process in which biomass is burned at a high temperature in the absence of oxygen. The process yields both a charcoal by-product that can be used as a fertilizer, and bio-oil, which is a mix of oxygenated hydrocarbons that can be used to generate heat or electricity.

Because the charcoal by-product, or “agrichar,” does not readily break down, it could sequester for thousands of years nearly all the carbon it contains, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Along the way, it would boost agricultural productivity through its ability to retain nutrients and moisture.


And Terra Preta, a company Mr. Knight whose site he co-administers :

I can’t even pretend to give a comment about fusion technology other than the basics. Super-hot lasers exploding pellets of helium3 seems the way to go, but what do I know, I’m a tech, not an engineer. I’m just the guy that calibrates and fixes the stuff these guys dream up. And not fusion reactors either!

The biocharcoal looks like an economical way to get the bang from the carbon cycle without putting the carbon into the air. It looks almost too cheap and easy. But you know what, if I ever get the chance to retire from this NWO rat-race chasing debt (and my tail!) bullsh*t, I’d give this method of power generation some serious thought. That and the fact that I actually understand the process enough to build something myself if I had to! 😎


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  1. Mr. Knight can be contacted at shengar at aol.com

  2. The thing about the Bussard reactor is that it has the longest experimental history of any fusion method.

    What Dr. B has done is to lower the losses so it becomes a net power producer.

    If I was a betting man, that is where I’d place my bets.

    The plasma toroid people have one major problem (well aside from making plasma toroids and then getting them to collide). It is a Maxwellian process. Losses are very high in Maxwellian processes.

  3. I think I’ll go back into the woods, build a log cabin, and live off the land like my forefathers. Burn wood for heat and light… maybe pine needles. Hunt moose n’ bar, and come into town once a year to sell my pelts.

    I’ve already got the injun wife!

  4. A new source of energy that doesn’t harm the rapidly deteriorating environment? This is huge and humanity needs to move forward on it immediately.

    Great post.

  5. M. Simon: Fusion work was a life long endeavor for Dr. Bussard. If he found a way to produce more energy than what was put in, I hope he left enough talent to perfect the process. The world desperately needs it.

    UH: I’ll buy that. Except I would like a self sufficient way of powering an electric generator to power a cell phone charger, battery charger for radios and maybe a laptop. I couldn’t totally cut myself and the wife off because of our health. But getting away from the bullsh*t would go a long way toward relieving the stress and improve the health some. 😎

    Christopher: I knew you would like this, especially the biochar. Link up and spread it around if you want. The fusion power I would like to get spread around alot more too. 😎

  6. Dad,

    Did you see the recent report that was carried in the MSM, although relegated to page A19 of Pravda, that said petroleum would decline and run out by 2025?

    The USA, instead of looking at alternative fuel sources for cars, such as hydrogen, continues down the path of early 20th century thought and behaves as if it is 1907 instead of 2007. I don’t see any of the Dems running for president stepping up to the plate to address our carbon footprint (they act more like Repugs and winger denialists who say there is no global warming) and what the west can do to find new, non-poluting ways to fuel our cars, airplanes and ships and heat our homes.

    The exception is Al Gore but, until he says he’s running, we’re stuck with the dreck like Hillary Clinton who has about as much a command on this issue as does Ru-Dee Guliani.

  7. Peak Oil is a controversial subject since the only evidence of it would be the actual documented, demonstratable proof the the world’s oil wells are in decline. And that would be hard to prove since the mega-oil corps and governments are active in covering the whole thing up.

    I think that is why the nascent Asian super-powers of China and India, along with Japan are working hard to get to the Moon and establish mining settlements there. If they can perfect a workable fusion reactor that puts out more power than put in, there’s lunar helium3 for the taking. Later when the process gets more refined, sea water can be used to separate out helium from.

    The Moon is the ultimate strategic high-ground too. The Asians know this and the Pentagon knows this too. But I think the Pentagon strategic planners are hamstrung by the Israel-First neocon extremist fanatics embedded in the government. The neocons could give a sh*t about space exploration since their aim is to trigger a nuclear World War giving Israel supreme authority in the entire Middle East.

    That’s my theory. The neocons are the mirror image of their Islamist enemies. F*cking insane it is.

  8. Plasma technology is very important for the future power generations and spacetravel.
    My only concern is the power level of the first ITER reactor(2016) – 500 MW, which is not better than an old fission reactor…

    When are we going to reach gigawatt and most important – terawatt energy production?!?!?!

  9. Hi dad!

    The world conspirators did put Lenin and Hitler on power, they have manufactured the World War 2 and the “Cold War”(which is a cold war between the people, not the politicians). Before the begining of WW2, the final result has been known to them, the NAZIS are created and destroyed by the same people, which created the bolshevik revolution in Russia. In the period 1945-1949 – USA did have the chance to wipe out USSR with nukes, but instead of this, the Industrial Complex has helped the commies, all they wanted is to build a military power in the face of Soviet Russia. In 1948 they gave them a nuclear weapon as a gift. Why? To ensure the basis of the NWO ❗ When the “Cold War” was over, they created the “terorists” – another invention of them 😉 When the terorist threat is over, what next?! “Alien invasion”?! To keep the control over the people, it will be done in the end of Oil Age!

    Maybe that’s the next. Like John Lear said – When there are no hostile aliens, we’ll invent such 😉

  10. very nice post dear i like it cisco course

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    1. I don’t know if Einstein was right in everything, but he didn’t like his bastard child quantum physics most certainly.

      The thing is however, quantum physics is the basis of our world culture’s technology.

      Maybe the half-assed way our world appears is the result of the many-worlds theory?

      Food for thought.

      Translation to Russian:

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