Daily Archives: October 27th, 2007

Monster Movie Matinee Redux

When I was a kid growing up, reading science-fiction helped me escape from the drudgery and back-breaking labor of the farm. Another escape was a Saturday afternoon movie program that was on for 60-90 minutes called Monster Movie Matinee. It featured old “B” sci-fi movies from the 1950s and was broadcast by a local TV station. To a redneck farm kid the movies were great. Of course my folks didn’t care for it, but they did indulge me once in a while.

Thanks to the modern wonders of the InnerTubes, the Google-hivemind and YouTube, I found a couple of old Saturday favorites of mine (sadly in abbreviated forms); the original It Came From Outer Space and Kronos (movie trailer only 8-( ). And Happy Halloween (Samhain for you purists). Enjoy.

It Came From Outer Space




If anyone can give me a heads-up on a Kronos download, it’ll be much appreciated!