Monster Movie Matinee Redux

When I was a kid growing up, reading science-fiction helped me escape from the drudgery and back-breaking labor of the farm. Another escape was a Saturday afternoon movie program that was on for 60-90 minutes called Monster Movie Matinee. It featured old “B” sci-fi movies from the 1950s and was broadcast by a local TV station. To a redneck farm kid the movies were great. Of course my folks didn’t care for it, but they did indulge me once in a while.

Thanks to the modern wonders of the InnerTubes, the Google-hivemind and YouTube, I found a couple of old Saturday favorites of mine (sadly in abbreviated forms); the original It Came From Outer Space and Kronos (movie trailer only 8-( ). And Happy Halloween (Samhain for you purists). Enjoy.

It Came From Outer Space




If anyone can give me a heads-up on a Kronos download, it’ll be much appreciated!


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  1. Not feeling too well today. Check y’all out tomorrow.

  2. “It Came From Outer Space.”

    And here I thought you did a post about Duhbya! 😆

    Well, “it” might have had good intentions, but Kronos sure didn’t. (And neither did Duhbya!) Kronos came to kick some Terran ass! Course, having missiles shot at you (a typical human response to anything) wouldn’t exactly make one feel too welcome, either! Maybe that’s why the ET’s play hide and seek with us, eh? They don’t want the ‘Kronos Welcome’.

    As long as they’re not Muslim, I guess they’re safe!

  3. Take care of yourself, Marine.


  4. LOL UH! You have that right. The neocon dictators are as bad, if not worse than their “Islamofascist” enemies. At least the Muslim extremists never claimed to be other than what they are, the neocons paint themselves as the “saviors” of Western Civilization. Quite the opposite indeed!

    I caught some kind of stomach bug yesterday. I feel a little better, but my appetite is still off some. Oh well, I can stand to lose some weight, LOL! 🙂


    Monster Mansion Memories is a documentary in production now by Wind Up Films. It tells the history of the local show that aired on WSYR Tv in Syracuse New York. The show ran for 15 years from 1964 until 1980 and was loved by many throughout central New York. Wind Up Films has done interviews with Alan Milair who played Dr. E. Nick Witty, Joe Turrisi a crew member that was there for the run of the show. Chuck Waltz, a local collector that purchased the remaining set pieces including the casket and has them on display. Shooting is on going and should wrap up in May. A tentaive deal is in place to air the doc on WSTM channel 3 sometime in October. A DVD release is also expected around that time.!/media/set/fbx/?set=pa.215359228476262

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