Class Warfare and Natural Disasters

From Greg Palast :

What color is your disaster? It makes a difference. A life and death difference.


Population of San Diego fire evacuation zone: 500,000
Population of the New Orleans flood evacuation zone: 500,000

White folk as a % of evacuees, San Diego: 66%
Black folk as % of evacuees, New Orleans: 67%Malibu Dancers

Size counts, too. Size of your wallet, that is:

Evacuees in San Diego, in poverty: 9%
Evacuees in New Orleans, in poverty: 27%

The numbers would be even uglier, though more revealing, if I included evacuees of the celebrity fire in Malibu.

The President didn’t do a photo-strafing of the scene from 1700 feet this time. Instead, we have the photo op of George, feet on the ground, hanging with Arnold the Action Man. (However, I’m informed that the President was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to wear one of those neat fireman hats likePatricial Thomas, fmr NOLA Resident Rudi G got at Ground Zero.)

In 2005, while the bodies were still being fished out of flooded homes in New Orleans, Republican Congressman Richard Baker praised The Lord for his mercy. “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did,” he said about the removal of the poor from the project near the French Quarter much coveted by speculators.

But as this week’s flames spread, no Republican Congressman cried, “Burn baby burn!” to praise the Lord for cleaning up them ‘Boo, the sin-and-surf playground of Hollywood luvvies.

I would like to say “My God, what has happened to us as a nation?”, but that that would be rehashing old arguments that have been tossed around non-stop for the past seven years. America has always had a class and race problem, it is part and parcel of who we are. The issue now is that since the neocons have taken total control, the class lines have become more stark and pronounced. Straussian philosophy is working in full force now.

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4 responses

  1. Greg Palast is the bane of the neoconmunists and a pariah of the corpo-media in this country. His works have been banned and censored in this country and he does his main work for the BBC in England.

    We should have more real journalists like him.

  2. It’s called ‘Dumbassitis’ Dad! That’s what’s affecting the nation!

    People whine and bitch about how hard they have it, politically and economically, and then go out and party like there’s no tomorrow!

    I think most are really happy being slaves, Marine. Let’s not wake the Sleeping Beauties up, now, shall we?


  3. Thank you for posting this.

    As Americans, we can discuss and hopefully address and redress everything from racism, to sexism, to ageism and homophobia but, when the topic is class, we go deaf, dumb and blind.

    Did you see where a number of homeowners in the Southland pay as much as $10,000 a year for private fire fighters? No, they’re not cuter than the regular guys but they don’t use water to drench the flames. They spray some sort of chemical fire retardant. The stuff works much better than water. Of course, residents of Malibu and the Trabuco Canyon area can afford $10,000 a year for such a service. I don’t fault them — there’s nothing wrong with having money, however, 70% of New Orleans lived below the Federal poverty line and for elderly and disabled Americans on a fixed income, many don’t even make $10,000 a year.

    Don’t get me started on the race aspect of the non-response of the Bush administration to residents of New Orleans. The Motherfucker from Midland was strummin’ his gee-tar in Cali at a fundraiser and then eating cake with John McCave in Phoenix as New Orleanians were literally drowning in water 6 feet deep.

    Bush, Cheney, and Brown, should be lined up and shot by a firing squad made up of the survivors of Katrina and their bodies tossed in the Gulf of Mexico to rot. I hope Homeland Security is reading this. Just get my name right, you fucktards.

  4. UH: Hey, if I can’t sleep until I take my final dirt nap, the sleeping sheep need to wake the f*ck up! To hell with their partying! A kick in the arse is in order! Ooh rah! 😉

    Christopher: Greg Palast is one of my favorite journalists. He strikes fear into the black hearts of the neoconmunists. He takes the sheep’s clothing off from the wolves and the rose colored glasses from the masses (cute, huh?).

    It’s no wonder that the corpo-media has black-balled him in this country.

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