China, not a paper tiger

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Robert Gates, making his first visit to China as defense secretary, is expected to press the Chinese to do more to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities.

Before he left Saturday for the trip, Gates made it clear that he is pursuing a closer alliance with China, and said he doesn’t see the communist giant as a military threat.

But at the same time, senior defense officials said the Pentagon is still frustrated by China’s failure to be more open about its military ambitions. And Gates will probably push China to better explain its anti-satellite test early this year.

In January, a Chinese missile shattered a defunct Chinese weather satellite, drawing immediate criticism from the U.S. and other countries, who questioned China’s commitment to peaceful development in space. Since then, U.S. officials have struggled to get better answers from the Chinese about it.

Both the U.S. and China are touting the Gates visit as a major event, aimed at improving the two countries’ military relationship and building trust between them.

In a series of annual reports, the Pentagon has voiced growing concern about China’s increased military might and its reluctance to reveal why its annual defense budget has ballooned in recent years.

China raised its military budget by 17.8 percent to about $45 billion this year, the largest annual increase in more than a decade. But U.S. officials believe the spending is even greater than that, and have repeatedly called for greater transparency by the Chinese.

Oh really now? Gates is going to call for greater transparency huh? From what position? Military strength? The U.S. infantry is bogged down in Iraq. Navy? The Navy maybe. Airforce? Airforce too I guess. Nukes? Yeah, we have more nukes, but what does that give us? Russia has nukes too. What if the Russians and Chinese join forces? They certainly made that work in the U.N. blocking Bu$hco’s efforts in trying to beef up sanctions against Iran. Plus China and Russia have made big business deals there despite Bu$hco’s best efforts. So the Bu$hco/neoconmunist regime has been reduced to saber rattling and shooting off their yaps. Too bad, so sad. And the U.S. and Chinese economies are so intertwined that if one gets a cold (recession) the other will either get the cold, or just drag the other along in spite of itself. Witness the credit crunch. A full blown recession should’ve happened by now. But it hasn’t yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t, and I don’t think it’ll be as severe as people think. Unless Gates pisses the Chinese off totally and they start selling off dollars en masse. Then we’ll be done real good. I don’t think that’ll happen though.

Mr. Gates comes across as more grounded in real politick than Rummy and doesn’t seem to have an ideological ax to grind. And I’m sure he’s aware of the economic realities as well. The Chinese ceded Iraq to us and funded our military credit cards to the max. They don’t seem to intend to give up Iran as easily. Neither do the Russians. And remember, both nations are charter members of the NWO.

So as Gates makes his way to China, keep in mind that the man worked for Poppy Bu$h, a minion of the New World Order. Whatever deal is made, you can be sure it’s to benefit the NWO. If it helps the U.S., it’s pure coincidence. Will the neocons be disappointed?

They’re pawns too, whether they realize it or not.

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  1. China showed their military/space technological prowess by blowing their old satellite out of the sky, much to the Pentagon’s chagrin.

    The Pentagon is real upset about the neoconmunist’s stewardship in the U.S. government and their lack of vision. I think they’ve viewed that demonstration as a wake-up call and that we have to have a more forward vision. The neocons care less because their focus is on the Middle East, Eretz Israel and the Apocalypse.

    Is there a quiet coup happening in the U.S. government?

    Wait and see.

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