Entrenpeneurial Geo-Engineering and Climate Change

I’m going to go out on a limb here and paraphase my buddy, The UberHighwayman (a very controvertial character), “…Global Warming, i.e., Climate Change is a racket dreamed up by the elite, which is backed up by dubious science and to push their “green” products for exorbitant prices. It is also a way to scam more taxes from the serfs of the planet…”. That said, here is an excerpt from today’s Daily Galaxy :

Common sense and history says it would be only a matter of time before entrepreneurial enterprises in our era made themselves known in the fight against global warming.

Sadly, they’re not necessarily out to help; or at least, not entirely.

A month or so ago a group called Planktos wanted to begin dumping large amounts of iron in to the water around the Galapagos Islands. The theory is that by artificially increasing the amount iron in the water, it will help seed plankton that eats (stores) carbon from the atmosphere.

Galapagosislands_3 The Galápagos Islands -a protected archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator, 965 kilometres (about 600 miles) west of continental Ecuador in the Pacific are all part of Ecuador’s national park system, was the catalyst for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection during the famed voyage of the HMS Beagle in 1835.

Over the past several decades, the seas have begun to decrease their carbon consumption. Man-made pollution has severely damaged our oceans, and one must only look at the dead zones forming in the China East Sea and the Gulf of Mexico for proof.

Algae blooms are the issue that companies like Planktos are trying to combat. By ‘seeding’ the oceans, they believe that they can combat the blooms and bring oxygen back to the waters.

But, when you think about it, what are the companies getting out of it? A warm fuzzy feeling for helping the environment? Unlikely. No, by being able to “clean up the environment” Planktos believe that they can then sell carbon-offset credits to companies. It’s all about the bottom line.

Now if anybody has ever read UHs’ posts (he himself admits they’re rants), you know he doesn’t think very highly about the New World Order (NWO) and climate change. He isn’t the only one. Alex Jones of Prison Planet also says that Global Warming is an elitist scam. He often goes one better by claiming that it’s caused purposely by the elites using HAARP technology!

My purpose of writing this little tome is not to say yay or nay about human causation for Global Warming, 250 years of Industrial Revolution or military HAARP technology not withstanding. But what I do find interesting is the sudden “appearence” of these companies that are capable (that might be debatable) of technologies that could help alleviate the CO2 problem and counter dead zones in coastal regions. All ready to make some money of course.

Couple that with megacorps that are eager to exploit the retreating Arctic Ice Cap that’s opening the North West Passage and Russia planting its’ flag under the Arctic Ocean on a continental shelf, it does make one wonder whether this is all just coincidental, or a well planned out project.

Paranoid am I? Oh, but I do love conundrums!




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  1. The above links, click on. Very informative are they.

    *Rats! Again Yoda channelling*

  2. Yeah, and you look like Yoda, too, you old flat-topped jarhead, you! Man, you must have a masochistic streak in you, Marine, to post on THIS subject! You gotta know where this is going to lead! Ah, don’t worry… they’ll just blame me for leading you astray! Ha! (And you know that too, don’cha?)

    Well, I’m not getting into it with anyone here, because they know where I stand on this, and I’ve presented all the evidence needed to convince anyone that they should at LEAST be skeptical. The onus is on them, now, to follow it up or not. I’m not as dictatorial in my telling people NOT to believe in the elitist rhetoric as the elitists are in forcing it down everyone’s throats! That little item seems to escape everyone’s attention, though, doesn’t it?

    There is documented evidence, also, that C02 levels are not the CAUSE of atmospheric heating, but are a RESULT of it, and that normal climatic cycles are evident, and account for more than 90% of the environmental changes as opposed to man’s activities.

    Hey… nobody has to take my word for ANYTHING! There is plenty of evidence available on the Internet for just about any subject, and “global warming” is a hot issue right now, as your post reveals. It’s just a matter of having the will and the fortitude to challenge the status quo, and that might mean taking an unpopular stand… but hey… life’s a bitch, sometimes! The pioneers didn’t have cellphones or computers or indoor plumbing. They had to fight the elitists of their day, and the agenda even then was global domination! This is nothing new!

    Well, just dropped by to yammer at ya, Dad… get back to your light-sabre training, there, Yodad! (Yoda)


  3. My point in this post is to show that while there is climate change going on, regardless of the cause(s), there seems to be a bevy of companies all of a sudden that claim to be able to treat certain symptoms using untested (or dubious) technology. And to quote the post, “they’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts”. It just reminded me about what you said about the elites using this as a way to bleed more money out of people.

    I provided the above links to credible science journals. I enjoy stirring the pot once in a while to get people to think outside of their comfort zones. Maybe there’s no nefarious business going on at all and these companies really are just taking advantage of an opportunity to make money. If it helps the environment, all to the better, but that’s not their primary goal.

    What makes me suspicious is that rich nations could really give a shit about climate change and in fact are poised to take advantage of the situation. The retreating Arctic ice cap is opening the fabled Northwest Passage and the oil mega-corps are already planning drilling projects to previously unaccessible areas. Russia has already planted its’ national flag on the ocean bottom extending from their Arctic coastline. And you already talked about the car companies and hybrid technology.

    Does this add up to a conspiracy? I already know your answer. I just want to show people that the idea isn’t so crazy.

    Now to meditation I will go. 😎

  4. I think Gore said it best:

    “There are still people who still believe the earth is flat.”

    As you pointed out, the Polar Ice shelf is melting. Pictures taken from space show it’s shrinking. This isn’t good and portends badly for humanity if we don’t act now.

    Recently, there was a piece about equatorial diseases beginning to show up in places like Spain, North Carolina and Korea because ocean temperatures are rising. You might think that even the denialists would be alarmed by the opening of the North West Passage.

    As I’ve said before, I never understood the corporate conservatives who reject climate change. I would’ve thought they would pounce on this crisis and view it as an opportunity to make money and control humanity. It’s like inventing air or water — whoever puts the planet back in balance, clean up the air and water, and reduces our carbon footprint permanently, will be wealtheir than Bill Gates and Paul Allen combined.

  5. Well not everything that claims to be Green is not ‘green’
    and ‘regressive’ green taxes hit those on lower income highest.

    Congestion charges & high fuel taxes are driving those on lower incomes off the road – literally. Before we make any significant improvements in cheap reliable & comfortable public transport
    Well less poor burmimg fossil fuels lowers the carbon footprint.

    Ironically in China & India everyday more & more people can afford to buy and run a car – ironically, many more than we are driving off the roads in Europe. Well they may have lower incomes, but they don’t have congestion charges or the same high taxes on fuel.

    The same with air travel – if we add higher green tax to air fares we’ll be limiting the poorest in Europe from enjoying cheap air travel, whilst more & more people in India & China are taking to the air.

    Perhaps the environmental guilt trip is like the ‘catholic’ guilt trip
    and the green tax (or planting trees) are ‘catholic-style’ indulgences, to soothe our conscious.

    But perhaps UH isn’t that far wrong, we are returning to the feudal system, where only the wealthy are allowed to own horses and chariots and travel the King or Queen’s highway, and the poor must walk (for miles) to their jobs cleaning bogs or wiping asses.

    And worst they are being driven out of city centres, because of high house prices being propped up by state subsidies for social housing, ironically ‘social’ housing which the poor will never be able to afford to buy, or rent – so they’ll have to go and live in ghettos further and further away from their city or ‘hospital’ jobs.

    But, shhhhh! – Don’t tell anyone I said so.

    Immigrant workers willing to do whatever job, for whatever pay, if only to pay the rent. The landlords are doing well, and Rackmanism is returning like a swell.

  6. Interesting analogies, Quasar.

    As for comment #4…

    “There are still people who still believe the earth is flat.”

    Then, there are these:


    I wonder if Gore will donate to the cause?


  7. I would’ve thought they would pounce on this crisis and view it as an opportunity to make money and control humanity. It’s like inventing air or water — whoever puts the planet back in balance, clean up the air and water, and reduces our carbon footprint permanently, will be wealtheir than Bill Gates and Paul Allen combined.

    That is the point I’m making, there are companies popping up all over the place all of a sudden. It’s like they were just waiting for a signal for the go-ahead to start the race. And another point is that they’re using dubious technology that could make the situation worse, not better at all. Especially the company that wants to dump urea off the coast of the Philippenes to counter algae blooms. Instead of drawing in photosynthesizing plankton to feed from the urea and release O2, it might actually feed the algae instead!

    Don’t worry Christopher, there are companies willing to experiment and put the environment at risk in order to make money. It’s just not that obvious yet. The whole time they were denying climate change, companies were being created to take advantage of the situation, financed by the oil mega-corps and others.

    The NWO has it all well in hand!

  8. The flat word crowd still denies climate change. But, we have a true humanitarian crisis unfolding and there’s no time to worry about them. We will just step over and around them and act.

    Did you see this?

    Inuit Observations on Climate Change


    On Banks Island in Canada’s High Arctic, Inuvialuit hunters and trappers have a close relationship with the natural world. As they travel over the tundra or harvest fish from the sea, they notice even the smallest changes to their environment. Recently, the changes have been significant and worrying. The climate has become unpredictable; the landscape unfamiliar.

    Autumn freeze-up occurs up to a month later than usual and the spring thaw seems earlier every year. The multi-year sea-ice is smaller and now drifts far from the community in the summer, taking with it the seals upon which the community relies for food. In the winter the sea-ice is thin and broken, making travel dangerous for even the most experienced hunters. In the fall, storms have become frequent and severe, making boating difficult. Thunder and lightning have been seen for the first time.

    Hot weather in the summer is melting the permafrost and causing large-scale slumping on the coastline and along the shores of inland lakes. The melting has already caused one inland lake to drain into the ocean, killing the freshwater fish. Around the town of Sachs Harbour, it is causing building foundations to shift.

    New species of birds such as barn swallows and robins are arriving on the island. In the nearby waters, salmon have been caught for the first time. On the land, an influx of flies and mosquitoes are making life difficult for humans and animals.

    These changes tell local people that the climate is warming. The residents of Sachs Harbour wonder if they can maintain their way of life in the face of further changes.

    Given the dramatic changes that local people have observed, IISD and the Hunters and Trappers Committee of Sachs Harbour initiated a year-long project to document the problem of Arctic climate change and communicate it to Canadian and international audiences. The project team worked in partnership with specialists from five organizations to develop an innovative method for recording and sharing local observations on climate change.

  9. […] Kardashev’s definition of a Type I Civilization,”…a planetary culture capable of utilizing the entire energy output of a whole planet…” reminds me of the steps we are currently taking to control our planets’ weather and overall climate using geo-engineering  . We are not yet a Type I civilization, but the powers that be seem to want us to head that way. […]

  10. I think I actually watched this on the BBC America the other morning.

    The underlying permafrost is melting away underneath the coastline, eroding the island.

    Authorities are now in the process of moving the inhabitants.

    Rich countries and mega-corps are going to make a killing financially off from climate change.

    But do you know who’s going to suffer because of the environment, experimental technology and over-priced green-tech?

    That’s right. Poor countries and us poor working schmucks. I already have to make a choice between paying my rent and paying the garage that fixed my car so it could pass the yearly emissions test/inspection. $920 clams it cost.

    I guess the car’s going to have to sit at the garage for another week.

  11. If we see them pouring their crap into the seas around the Galapagos, we shall close with them and give them such a broadside.

    (Actually, I don’t think Fitzroy ever fired Beagle’s guns, he was too bothered about the accuracy of his chronometers.)

  12. “The flat word crowd still denies climate change. But, we have a true humanitarian crisis unfolding and there’s no time to worry about them. We will just step over and around them and act.”

    Hmmmm… now WHERE have I seen this, before…

    Oh yes…

    “We shall have a World government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    James Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, before the U.S. Senate

    Yep. Totalitarianism rears it head in many forms. Even in so-called “progressive” circles.

    Then; there’s plain (to thinking people) statements that reveal the bare truth:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
    H.L. Mencken

    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill … All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”
    Alexander King, Bertrand Schneider – founder and secretary, respectively, of the Club of Rome – The First Global Revolution, pp.104-105

    Plus all of the REAL science involved, but it’s not politically-correct or fashionable, so we’ll ignore it.

    It couldn’t get any plainer than that, but… well, you can lead a horse to water…

    Have fun in your delusions, Chris… you WILL have to step over me and my kind… or try!

    Don’t worry, Dad, I’m finished with this!


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