UFOs of the Elites, Parts 3 and 4

NWO involvement with UFOs and Nazis?

Well of course, that’s a given!

Part 3


Part 4

Underground bases in the U.S.?

What do you think?


12 responses

  1. Evil Nazis, the NWO and aliens.

    It’s like cheeseburgers, fries and a shake!

  2. Hey Dad2059!

    Where is Highwayman? I was trying to get on his blog but it doesn’t work…

  3. I think he’s dismantling it Suzie, he feels that he’s wasting his time because nobody comments except me, a lady from England and trolls. He takes what he does pretty seriously. He also alienated some people who he thought were friends and accused him of being something he’s not. UH is quite a deep, complicated individual who is largely self-taught through his own researches and an everyman at the same time. Sometimes that’s quite a juggling act and can be misunderstood at times.

    He told me that he’s surprised this blog lasted as long as it did since he’s had others that had the same theme before. He hinted that he’s going to work on his book and another blog that’s not involved with politics and the NWO.

    He’s serious about being an enemy of the NWO and I’m sure he’ll resurface in another incarnation on the ‘Net, IMHO. šŸ˜Ž

  4. NWO involvement with UFOs and Nazis?

    What did Prescott Bush know and when did he know it?

  5. The Bu$h family, the NWO and the Nazis go back a ways: http://ecosyn.us/Bush-Hitler/

    If this don’t make you a believer Christopher, nothing will.

    This family personifies evil. I’m truly amazed Georgie-Porgie hasn’t followed his surrogate father’s advice and nuked Iran or any other Muslim country yet. I believe that Count Popula told Jr. that unless he stops overt genocide and drawing attention to the NWO’s plans, Georgie’s going to get a punishment he won’t like. That means to me that even though he hates his real father, he still fears him enough to listen. Georgie, even though he’s 60, inside he’s 6.

    No comfort there either way.

  6. Great links.

    What made me a believer about the profound evil of the Bush klan was the reports of Prescott Bush and Nazi gold: the gold removed from Jews who lost murdered and made its way into the private holdings of Prescott Bush.

    This is a level of evil I will never, ever be capable of wrapping my brain around. The Bush klan belongs in prison and an insane asylum, but not anywhere near the center of global power.

    What’s scary is another Bush, George P. Bush, nephew of the Moterfucker from Midland and son of Jebby, is waiting in the wings and is expected to run for Florida state office very soon. From there, he can step into the White House once Princess Pantsuit has had her 8 years in office.

  7. These “people” are old style medieval monarchists for lack of better words Christopher. Some would say even “pharaonic” because of the belief they have a divine right to rule us savages.

    Theirs’ is a culture that extends back through the ages. Their bloodlines include the duplicitous Medicis, the murderous Borgias and the inbred Hapsbergs.

    The destruction of the American Republic was in the works from its inception.

  8. They’re correct: we are “savages” and this is why Bush will require the protective services of 103 Secret Service agents when he leaves the White House — a record number.

    If he’s caught unprotected at a baseball game or the Mall, the savages might tear his monkey head off his scrawny patrician body.

  9. Not to mention the small army of a few hundred Blackwater mercs when the whole shootin’ match emigrates to Paraguay.

    The Blackwater mercs are known killers who always shoot first, forget about questions later.

    Ask some Iraqi family survivors. If there are any to ask.

  10. Dad, please excuse this OT:

    Tonight, right after the debate, LM will have a new post/thread up to discuss what happened. I hope you and your readers will join us.

  11. K mirthy. Might not be until tomorrow morning though, I go to bed early.

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