Bu$hco secretly helping pawn Musharraf guard Pakistan’s nukes

From The New York Times :

Over the past six years, the Bush administration has spent almost $100 million on a highly classified program to help Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, secure his country’s nuclear weapons, according to current and former senior administration officials.

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Haraz N. Ghanbari/Associated Press

Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that he was confident about Pakistani security.

But with the future of that country’s leadership in doubt, debate is intensifying about whether Washington has done enough to help protect the warheads and laboratories, and whether Pakistan’s reluctance to reveal critical details about its arsenal has undercut the effectiveness of the continuing security effort. The aid, buried in secret portions of the federal budget, paid for the training of Pakistani personnel in the United States and the construction of a nuclear security training center in Pakistan, a facility that American officials say is nowhere near completion, even though it was supposed to be in operation this year.

A raft of equipment — from helicopters to night-vision goggles to nuclear detection equipment — was given to Pakistan to help secure its nuclear material, its warheads, and the laboratories that were the site of the worst known case of nuclear proliferation in the atomic age.

While American officials say that they believe the arsenal is safe at the moment, and that they take at face value Pakistani assurances that security is vastly improved, in many cases the Pakistani government has been reluctant to show American officials how or where the gear is actually used.

That is because the Pakistanis do not want to reveal the locations of their weapons or the amount or type of new bomb-grade fuel the country is now producing.

It’s nice to see that Bu$hco has been aware that his buddy and pawn Musharraf has been on increasingly shaky ground for the past couple of years. The relatively few Americans who are actually aware of global events have wondered about when Musharraf got overthrown and the extremists took over what would happen to the country’s nukes.

I’m not too confident about this plan either and I’m not happy about $100 million petrodollars getting siphoned for this project, but hey, that’s just a drop in the proverbial bucket! I just hope there’s at least a few competent people doing this job!

Middle East policy for like it seems forever has been a series of debacles, one right after the other since the 1920s. Of course oil is the central feature and the control thereof. The various peoples in the region have been pawns, cannon fodder, terrorists and despots for over eighty years and it’s coming to a head where these people are saying, ” Enough is enough!” And as Peak Oil approaches (and the Saudis know this) and the quest to control a dwindling resource creeps northward toward Central Asia, (i.e., American missile “defense” bordering Russia) different players are involved. Namely China and India. Two ancient nations who aspire to greatness once again.

So much for The Project For A New American Century.

U.S. Secretly Aids Pakistan In Guarding Nukes


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  1. Admiral Mike Mullen has been quoted in the NYT that attacking Iran isn’t an option because the military is greatly overextended and it would be foolish to start a third front in the same region.

    First, I would have my doubts about this statement because the NYT is a known government mouthpiece. (Judith Miller, Robert Novack).

    But then again, since it is the NYT, the controlling banksters (or a faction of them) are putting their money behind a neolib policy of controlling a region through the banks instead of the military.

    Either way, the NWO has it covered!

  2. I guess the biggest mistake of the PNAC was to put up their web site. There is no way to disappear it now and more of the sheeple are wising up every day, but I won’t rest untill all of those sons of she dogs are imprisoned or exiled to a place of our choice…G:

  3. The story underscores the inherent problem with the realists who inform the neoconservative movement: they always have to take sides and, they’re suspicious of, and reject, the concept of diplomacy and cooperation.

    Regarding Iran, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely the USA will go to war with Iran, not due to the military being stretched too thin (it most certainly is) but, due in large part to the new alliances forged between Iran and China.

    Beijing has already said:

    1. they will not allow the USA to invade or bom Iran
    2. Iran has a right to a nuclear program

    Again, as I’ve commented before, the USA still behaves as if it is the biggest bully on the block, with the military might to push everyone else around. I’m reminded of the phone company who still behaves as though they have a monopoly on phone service. The USA is no different.

    If China, as the holder of 70% of our debt in the form of Treasury notes, tells Washington not to go to war with Iran, Washington will do as its told.

  4. The NWO indeed has things covered. This internationalist sleight-of-hand going on, right now, is doing a good job of maintaining an “us against them” scenario and mentality with the masses. China, having fallen to communism long before the rest of us, is in no way immune to the globalist agenda, being an inconspicuous tool of the elitists, and working in secret along with the North American and European government heads. Now, it has the appearance of a stop-gap between American imperialism and eastern fanaticism. Shakespeare would be humbled by the staged plays the NWO contrives, all designed, of course, to keep the masses in the dark and off balance and confused.

    It’s a win-win scenario for the power-elite!

  5. Word up you guys. Then again, Bu$hco being part of the NWO, being in debt to China might’ve been part of the plan anyway.

    What better way to bankrupt an empire quickly and make its currency worthless is to bog it down in an useless, un-winnable “war”? Witness the old U.S.S.R.

    There is no surprise to any of this. People can argue “you guys are talking through your arses with this conspiracy theory crap” all they want. Too many pieces are fitting together to form a bigger picture and overall plan to be mere “coincidence” and chaos theory.

  6. I’m surprised Morton Devon$hire hasn’t appeared on Hannity and Colme$ to refute the “truthers”.

    It’d probably dissolve into a sordid three-way, anyway, and who needs to see that after a heavy meal?


  7. First it is hard to believe anything this bunch puts out and even if there were all that money put into this, it will no doubt fail since the Busco’s are involved.

  8. Bu$hco didn’t do much at all. Just spend money like ten drunken sailors, and then spend money that isn’t there. Not to mention giving tax cuts to the military-industrial-congressional-complex and other mega-corps.

    These criminal traitors knew exactly what they were doing. The delusional neocon historians of the PNAC/AEI were just a means to an end.

  9. Well, it’s jarhead cage-rattlin’ time, again!

    Just sayin’ hi, Marine! I see you’ve been doing some blog renovating, again. Who else do I know does that?


  10. Yeah, I got bored. But I didn’t change too much because I like the overall theme.

    I scanned the ‘Tubes today and nothing seemed to interest me enough to post.

    Until a little while ago. Back to a little ancient alien tinfoil!^^

  11. Well in Pakistan,
    I guess it is a question of:
    “better the devil you know …”

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