The Return of Nibiru!

Here’s some interesting weirdness, or tinfoil if you prefer about the return of the Planet Nibiru, the home of the Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Sumeria.

The following are three videos with pictures of UFOs and the remains of the giant hybrid Nephilim, offspring of fallen angels and human beings. And the return of the planet Nibiru of course.

Is this nonsense? Judge for yourself if any of the videos are photoshopped.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Ancient astronaut mysteries are great, aren’t they?

  2. I’ll email you on this one.

  3. You know, many people believe in angels.

    Not just kooks and religious nutjobs, but smart, educated men and women. Many psychics claim each of us has a guardian angel.

    I have no idea of this is true or not but, I can see why such an idea has “legs” and appeals to millions of people. It’s like the belief in an afterlife — that there’s is someplace our essence or soul goes to when we die. This belief I have much more difficulty accepting but, I can see why people embrace it.

  4. The ancient astronaut hypothesis for explaining God, gods, angels and demons was my first questioning of conventional Christianity. Needless to say I’ve been flamed for it for over thirty years. Over the years I have found out there is evidence that has been suppressed, ridiculed and just plain ignored because it doesn’t agree with whatever hierarchy is in charge at the time. Scientific discovery should be a search for the Truth, whatever that may be. Not something to be cherry-picked to support a power structure.

    Is it possible for our Sun to have a brown dwarf star with its’ planet(s)as a companion in a binary partership we haven’t been aware of? Sure:

    Could any of the brown dwarfs’ planet(s) have intelligent life, or a civilization greater than ours? That’s the stickler. It could if the brown dwarf started off as a “cast-off” from its original binary system. The original main star could’ve went through its “red giant” phase, gone nova and then shrink down to a white dwarf, the expanding shock wave casting the brown dwarf and its planets away into interstellar space (if it was far enough away to survive the initial explosion):

    The civilization if it was old enough could’ve digitalized its inhabitants, downloaded into computronium and survived the long, cold passage in a virtual world. The star/planet once it was captured by the Sun’s gravity, the inhabitants were made aware, launched some von neumann probes around their new solar system and discovered Earth and our ancesters.

    Is this far-fetched? No more than any other theory that’s been put forward.

  5. Needless to say I’ve been flamed for it for over thirty years.

    The flat world crowd doesn’t like their beliefs challenged.

    They remind me of the people who centuries ago, burned women at the stake they thought were witches and today, in places like Iran and Afghanistan, stone to death gays and prostitutes in the name of Allah.

    There are many things that threaten the survival of humanity: global warming, lack of fresh drinking water, disease, nuclear war and a new ice age. But one force rarely mentioned is the embrace in religious dogma. The nuttier and more conservative, the greater the danger, in my view.

  6. Sorry for the double post but, this isn’t to say I haven’t had a psychic experiences of my own. They remain for me, very real and not easily explained.

    I have discussed them with Jim and with friends and the curious thing is, just about everyone I know has had either a similar experience or an unexplained event in their life.

    I truly, absolutely think there is much we don’t understand. It make life very intriguing, don’t you think?

  7. And don’t want to understand.


  8. Back on topic here, the question of whether the existance of Nibiru is possible goes beyond the paranormal, religious or occult. This is a hypothesis that might be provable in the near future. If the orbits of the outer planets start to skew or the amount of Earth orbit crossing objects start to increase, chances are that something is coming inbound. Has anyone read about the exploding comet recently? It was brighter than the Moon at one time and it was guessimated to be the size of the Sun:

    Is this object from our Kuiper Belt, or a companion brown dwarf’s?

    There are many mysteries to be investigated and there is no one single truth to find the answers, no matter what my Christian and secular friends say.

    I still say the answer is somewhere between.

  9. The return of Niburu. When I read this subject title about Planet X, I thought of the possibility of “The Return from Subaru”… :)) Subaru in Japanese refers to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades a wintertime constellation in the Northern Hemsphere at about 400 light years distance. It’s also considered to be a stellar nursery for hot, blue, to violet young stars that are consuming Hydrogen at a voracious rate. This means that a future candidates to go nova or supernova. I”m providing a link concerning the Subaru. Nice car too…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

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