Comet 17P/Holmes Appearance

Now that I stirred up the pot with ETs, ancient gods and Nibiru, here’s a little touch of the secular with some video of the comet 17P/Holmes. It has quite an impressive tail and “coma” around it now. It has also exploded some gas pockets from it, expanding it’s coma to planetary width.

Historically, comets have been messengers of apocalypse and doom. And boy, 17P/Holmes has had some tales told about it! But today, it’s just observational videos. It’s up to the viewer to interpret the message, if there is one.

Here’s an informational vid telling the potential observer how to locate the comet:

This will probably be the last posting until after the Thanksgiving holiday. Time to feast on whatever beast is at hand and gossip about…er…with family. If you are a fellow U.S. citizen, have a happy and if you are one of my worldly commentors/readers, be thankful you’re getting a break from my lousy grammar and prose! 😎

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  1. I remember seeing comet Hale-Bop ten years ago. Too bad an event of nature was turned into such a tragedy (Heaven’s Gate).

    I sure hope there’s no repeat of that this time. Hopefully good scientific info can be gathered more about near earth objects.

  2. Don’t stuff yourself into a stupor in some weird jarhead eating contest or anything, Marine! Save some for left-overs!

    Drop into Flat Earth Headquarters, sometime, bro… we’ve just discovered electricity isn’t the work of elves and gnomes!


    Later, my friend!

  3. Akismet again, Dad.

    Boy, I’m glad I’m through with WordPress!

  4. Dad,

    You know, one thing I really hate about living in Upstate NY is how damned cloudy it is this time of year. I think I could handle to cold if it were sunny — like how it is in the southwest or Colorado in winter, but up here, it’s just gray.

    One consequence of the overcast is not being able to see the night’s sky and such things as UFOs (yes, I look every chance I get) and comets like this Holmes event. Imagine it: larger than our sun! Now that is a big comet.

  5. LOL! Highway! My wife and daughter keep the “all seeing eye” of femaleness upon me just to make sure that doesn’t happen! 😎

    Christopher: Yup, that’s the bummer of living in good ol’ Upstate NY, cloudy 60-70% of the year. I’ve been trying to scope this thing out, but the weather thing keeps getting in the way. Sucks.

    Hopefully the weather will break before the thing gets around the Sun and we can’t spot it in the sky anymore. 8-(

  6. Jim has 2 more semesters and then I think we’re outa’ here.

    I like warm, dry desert climate of Phoenix, Palm Springs and Las Vegas. I’m getting shallow. Four seasons is three seasons more than I can handle.

  7. Yeah, it does get bleak around here during the winter and every year I hate ’em more and more. Getting too old to put up with the cold.

    If I live long enough to retire, or get to the point where I can get by on a part-time job, me and the wife are going to do the snowbird thing to Florida in the winter. I have family down there, so it wouldn’t be so bad.

    But I couldn’t stand it in the summer. After I had my open heart surgery a couple of years back, I can’t take the heat like I used to.

    Have a good Thanksgiving Christopher.

  8. You too, Dad.

    You and your wife might think about Arizona. It’s not the wet, humid heat of Florida. We used to hike and it was 100′ but because the humidity was 6 percent, it felt more like 80.’

    Plus, the Mayo Clinic is in Scottsdale. World class heathcare.

  9. I wonder how the VA system is down there?

  10. Try:

    Arizona VA Services

    Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center
    Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix is huge. I think Maricopa county now has 4 million people residing there. You blink and think you’re in Los Angeles. But, you can live just outside the sprawl in lovely places like Gilbert, Queen Creek and Buckeye. All are 30 minutes to the city center for the fun stuff like baseball games, theater, concerts and great Mexican food.

    Sky Harbor International has loads of cheap flights to everywhere and there’s non-stop service to just about every U.S. city as well as London and Honolulu. If the heat gets to you, many Phoenicians escape to near-by San Diego. It’s just an hour flight on Southwest. You can golf, play tennis, walk and hike year round and Las Vegas is 30 minute flight away or a 3 hour drive.

    Phoenix is pretty evenly divided Dem/Repug, with lots of retired people and escapees from California and New York. There’s a huge LGBT community and many Hispanics for a good blend of diversity.

    I loved living there and I miss it. Particularly right now, as I see the snow start to fall.

  11. Dad,

    Check Akismet. I sent you some Arizona VA links but apparently, Akismet doesn’t want you to see it.

  12. Nevermind — it’s there now. Something is up with WordPress today.

  13. Hi dad2059…

    This is my first post to your site. I’ve been monitoring it for some time and wish to compliment you on it’s enjoyable, thought-provoking content. Your current page format looks great to say the least.

    A friend of mine has a humble 6″ Dobsonian/Newtonian reflector and 17P/Holmes looks quite impressive. Dobsonian type mounts are easy to use and it keeps things simple while one is shivering their butt off under the night sky. I generally use my Starry Night Pro software to view the night sky or through 7×50 Fujinon binoculars.

    Historically comets have been linked with the possibility of impending cataclysmic world events etc. Maybe, maybe not, in any event it’s a beautiful cometary event and would be so even if it were headed dead center for the U.S. …no?! ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. Sorry for my rude oversight…Happy T-Day to you and yours too.

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. Here’s a fun link for site members. It’s an asteroid impact calculator. You can plug in your own values and see the result of a strike to your area. I’ve interfaced with the scientists who designed this program concerning tsunami effects, but I was informed they have no data to predict the tidal wave effects as a function of an ocean or coastal impact. Anyway it will give folks an idea of what will happen after an impact.

  16. I just got home Chris, I’ll check out the links tomorrow. Arizona is one of my picks too because of the lower humidity. I’m not too hip on living in town, but I’m sure there’s some trailer parks outside of town a little ways.

    I could dig on working part-time, writing some sci-fi, or starting an ezine and doing a little 9-hole. Clear atmosphere for star-gazing too. 😎

    Welcome to my humble abode Carl. As you see, I don’t do conventional politics here. What politics I do is more along the lines of the Illuminati, NWO, conspiracies and such. Left and right mean little in the big picture, but that’s my bag. Science, science-fiction and extraordinary science is my passion though. I like to pose hard questions that make people think. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes people don’t like to hear it. I also try to back it up with research, but this being the Internet, it’s hard to find credible resources that backs up some of my more weird theories.

    Well, it’s past midnight and wayyy past my bedtime. Thanks for stopping by guys!

  17. Thanks dad2059 for your late night comments. Rest assured, politics is a very small part of my interests. Besides, in the final analysis, people end up getting the government they deserve…no?!

    Sites like yours are infinitely more enjoyable than the daily politics of the pedestrian masses. Thanks for your efforts in piquing our imagination on a broad range of crypto-subjects.

    Carl Nemo **==

  18. Dad, I hope you had a great TG.

    Christopher: We had a dusting of snow last night and it’s gray sky here too. Luckily this doesn’t last long.

  19. You too Mirthy. It snowed here too just a bit.

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