Are UFOs the creation of Post-Singularity Intelligences?

From the article What Are They? by Richard M. Dolan

I have come to a different conclusion. I concede that my position is provisional, and may change in time. But the more I reflect on it, the more persuasive I find it. It is that the UFO phenomenon is the product of an artificial intelligence. Advanced machine intelligence, vastly outstripping our own, biological, intelligence.

Now, many people believe that machine intelligence is involved somehow in the phenomenon of UFOs. What I am suggesting is that it is the driving force.

I assume that I am not the only proponent of this idea, but I am not aware of any other UFO researcher who has expressed it in this way. Back in the 1960s, there was one writer whose thoughts moved in this direction, or who at least entertained the possibility. That was Ivan Sanderson, surely one of the most original thinkers ever to write about UFOs.

It is a shame that Sanderson, a biologist by profession, wrote only two books on UFOs. It is a greater shame that he is all but forgotten today. His first book, Uninvited Visitors (1967) remains among the most sophisticated analyses yet done on the possible nature of UFOs (Sanderson called them Unexplained Aerial Objects, or UAOs).

Too long to summarize here, Sanderson methodically asked, not what UAOs were, but what they could be. He developed a six page outline of the possibilities. Thus, they could be inanimate or animate. If inanimate, they might be natural, or artificial, each possibility with several subsets. If animate, they could also be natural or artificial. Natural forms might include life-forms indigenous to space, or to atmospheres, or to solid bodies. Artificial forms might be domesticated natural life-forms, genetically created life forms, or biochemically created life forms.

I have theorized along these same lines and had rather lengthy discussions about it too. When theories about a technological Singularity were put forth during the late 1980s, early 1990s, most people, especially main stream researchers, scoffed at the idea of super-intelligent machines improving themselves exponentially leaving us, biological intelligences, in the mud so to speak. If this is the evolutionary path biological intelligences take in order to spread out through interstellar space, surely beings that emerged during an earlier history of our galaxy must’ve crossed this threshold? All it would take is one civilization.

Actually, the idea of biological beings creating and leaving super-AI descendants or gradually becoming them through cyborgization is an old idea. Ronald Bracewell in 1960 theorized that advanced space going cultures might send out intelligent probes instead of radio signals to contact more primitive species. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke used this theme to great effect with the black Monolith in 2001:A Space Odyssey. Another sci-fi author, Philip K. Dick in his novels VALIS and Radio Free Albemuth posited an ancient intelligent interstellar probe from Sirius in orbit around Earth influencing past and present human culture.

So why shouldn’t we think that a collective-intelligence nanoswarm type machines been here for millenia experimenting with us primitives just for amusement? How could we guess what motivates these intelligences, if that’s what they are?

Is that any crazier than the Big Bang Theory, God or Tipler’s Omega Point?

Hat tip to Posthuman Blues


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  1. Some have stated that if non-biological intelligences are the pinnacle of evolution in the Universe, how come we are still here? Why haven’t we’ve all been turned into computronium, or seen evidence of mega-engineering in our Solar System?

    My answer would be, “How could you tell?” The misconception that any advanced engineering would look like the Death Star, Star Ship Enterprise or Battlestar Galactica is a false premise. Especially if a culture went through a technological Singularity, then all bets are off.

    My own corollary to Clarke’s Third Law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” is this, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature”.

  2. Well, if you look at the technology used in the 1960’s version of Star Trek… and THAT is supposed to represent 23rd Century technology… (compared with what we have now in the 21st) what sustained the illusion for me was just considering them an advanced secret organization (the UFP) existing in the 1960’s! Just as I consider any ‘futuristic’ tech presented now as merely advanced knowledge for the day.

    You will inevitably encounter a tech singularity in every era, because we don’t know what the future holds. The Trek tech of the “23rd Century” (toggle switches and Christmas lights on helmsman’s control board… non-LCD readouts for chronometer, etc.) is laughable compared with our household technology here in 2007! You simply went with what you knew in the 60’s.

    You’re going to reason yourself into a loony bin, Marine! After awhile, everything and nothing is possible… can I trust my senses, or is it merely an elaborate ruse that I haven’t caught up to, yet? Is God a computer, or merely a supercomputer? Does it even matter?

    Maybe our friend Spock finally hit rock bottom with his encounter with V’ger, and realized the futility of it all.

    “JIm… logic and reason… are not enough.”

    And to Lt. Valeris his protege:

    “Logic… logic… Valeris, we must have faith… that the universe will unfold as it should.”

    Faith, my friend. That’s the ticket.

    Vulcans don’t lie!


  3. That should have read; “Is God, God… or merely a supercomputer?”

    Sorry, not fully awake yet!

  4. Is that any crazier than the Big Bang Theory, God or Tipler’s Omega Point?

    Few “theories” are crazier than God.

    The strict scripture folks actually believe that their “God” created the entire universe in 7 days (I guess on the 8th day, God played golf) and then yanked a rib out of Eve to create Adam. Or is it a rib out of Adam to create Eve? LMAO!

    The real religious loons also think all life began on earth like 6,000 or 7,000 years ago and humanity and dinosaurs co-existed. I guess like an episode of The Flintstones. Nevermind carbon dating, little Pebbles had a baby T-Rex for a pet.

  5. There’s your “progressive” thinking for you, Dad.

    Just another even narrower version than conservatism… and twice as intolerant.

    Keep laughing, son, you ain’t got many left. 2008 is coming.

  6. Hey Highway Sham,

    Did you have a pet dinosaur as a boy? ROFL!

  7. You’re assuming any future computer will be purely mechanical in nature, full of chips, switches and transistors, not so!

    A post-Singularity intelligence could be as far above the material as we are above fruit flies. So the V-ger comparison is out the window, because as you said, it was a product of it’s times, namely the late 1970s. As far as we knew then, super-computers would be massive objects. As you can see, that is not the case today. Moore’s Law is still in effect!

    And as far as a post-Singularity intelligence is/would be concerned, it would have already have its’ biological ancestors’ nature embedded into it, especially if it ascended via cyborg route. It could then pick and choose the best, or worst qualities as it saw fit.

    Again, how could you tell whether it’s as you say, “supernatural” or “super-advanced”? You couldn’t. The only difference would be “faith” in the supernatural, or faith in techno-rapture. And to me, that line is seriously blurred or non-existent.

  8. No. Did you have a blow-up version of Al Gore?

  9. “You’re assuming any future computer will be purely mechanical in nature, full of chips, switches and transistors, not so!”

    No, I was merely agreeing with you about the complexities involved in recognizing superior intelligences in our midst. I think one reaches a point where one can’t analyze any further without questioning one’s own analyses or having a common point of reference.

    Maybe faith is the absolute form of analysis?

  10. Speaking of the religious loons, there was a story in the Times about the poor docents at the fantastic Natural History Museum in Manhattan.

    Really, one of the finest natural history museums in the world.

    Anyway, the docents would begin explaining the Paleoindian period in North American (circa 13,000 B.C.) by crossing a land bridge that connected eastern Siberia with Alaska.

    Everytime, some religious loon on the tour would interrupt the docent and say, “That’s not true.” Finally, the Natural History Museum had to offer free classes to visitors to pushback the anti-science idiocy that all life began on a earth 6,000 years ago.

    It’s stunning.

  11. Maybe faith is the absolute form of analysis?

    That’s why I’m a skeptic of the techno-rapture, or any other form of rapture now, either we are expecting God to save us because we are flawed with sin and can’t halt the pending doom, or we are creating our own God through a Singularity to do the same thing.

    I was once a proponent of the latter, but I once believed in the former.

    I post these issues because I believe they need to be discussed, and I like to play the “devil’s advocate” so to speak.

    All during observable human history, whether it’s the NWO version, or the alternate version, one thing stands out I’ve discovered, there have been many “apocalypes” throughout the present cycle of human civilization.

    But there has been no Messiah/Savior to rescue anybody or anything. And this covers all human belief systems.

    the anti-science idiocy that all life began on a earth 6,000 years ago.

    True, but present day science can be as dogmatic as any belief system. Witness what abuse Michael Cremo receives, a certified historian, member of The World Archeologists Congress and The European Archeologists Association. He posits that mankind has been in existence on Earth for tens of millions of years, not 250,000 as present archeology theorizes.

    He has much evidence to back him up;

    Famous archeologists such as Richard Leakey, Alexander Zubov and anthropologist Jonathon Marks call Cremo’s ideas; “…nonsense only stupid people believe,…primitive sponges may not change over millions of years…but human beings are creatures with highly developed brains…any anthropologist knows that evolution never passes by highly developed creatures…” :

    So you see Christopher, nobody has the inside track on the truth. We are all blind men feeling up the same elephant in the room failing to grasp the whole.

    IMHO, unless all of the blind people in the room clasp their hands together, circling the beast and feeling and helping each other climb over the damn thing to find out what it is, the truth will always remain out of reach.

  12. He posits that mankind has been in existence on Earth for tens of millions of years, not 250,000 as present archeology theorizes.

    Which even further proves my point that the religious fundies who claim life began on earth 6,000 years ago are even more wrong.

  13. In 2005, the American Museum of Natural History reconstructed Homo ergaster — a hominid species that lived in Africa from about 1.9 to 1.4 million years ago. But the religious fundies say all life began on earth 6,000 years ago.

    There’s an elephant in the room alright and I refuse to clasp hands with people who have one foot in the dark ages and the other foot in the Fox Noise TV studio.

    Ain’t gonn’a happen.

  14. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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