Saturday Sci-Fi Matinee: The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still was one of the many sci-fi movies during the Cold War/McCarthy Era that exhibited the paranoia of the time. The following is a pretty good YouTube version that pretty much eliminated the middle of the movie, but left the message of the film intact.

What was true then, carries into today.



7 responses

  1. Hard to find good movies on YouTube that aren’t overly edited. Takes alot of searching.

    Sometimes not too successfully.

  2. Nowdays, we would just think it is a hollywood stunt, or filming of the latest coca-cola ad, you know like Santa and the fliying reindeer, or maybe just the opening of the latest mega pop/rock star concert.

    Do people still believe in aliens?

  3. Any civilizations who have mastered interstellar or intergalactic travel will have mastered far superior ‘weaponry’ than we can muster …
    Any alien race one bit as hostile as the human race, would have no ‘use’ for the human race (not even as worker slaves, other than perhaps as sex slaves?) – humans would just be viewed as direct competition for ‘natural’ resources, or as a natural resource itself – food on legs so to speak.

    Lets face it, if I were an alien with the advanced technology to travel the stars, at best I would simply keep humans as pets – or maybe as wild animals in some sort of nature ‘reserve’ – or as live food supply, or fort sport, as in hunting large ‘game’

    Well ok, I might keep a few females of the species in my ‘harem’

  4. Q9 you ol’ sly dog you!

    I kinda figured you had an eye for the ladies! LOL!

    And yeah, people believe there’s aliens.

    But they also believe in angels, demons and fairies!

    According to Jacques Vallee and others (going back to Alastair Crowley), they could all be the same thing!

  5. Thanks for the nostalgia dad…

    The movie was way ahead of it’s time, what with the antiquated telephone system etc. and probably still is, but it sure would be nice to receive a message like this delivered on the White House lawn in the “here and now”. I wonder if there is a chance that the common folk would even realize that it was happening. We would probably be searching the innertubes for information about why Washington DC is cordoned off by Black Water, while Alex Jones, Rense, George McGovern et al are strangely silent… G:

  6. Dear Mr. 2059 —

    Truly, one of my all-time favorites. Regan Lee did a piece on it (with lots of stills) recently over at Vintage UFO.

    About a year ago I did one also, “Well, if it isn’t Mr. ‘Burned-Out Cinder.’ “

    There were a handful of SF films in the ’50s that were pretty classy, but I wish there had been more. In some ways it was “a more elegant time.”


  7. Yup guys, it’s a classic, one of many from the 1950s Red Scare bullsh*t.

    Just like now. But I haven’t seen any sci-fi classic material yet. (from the big screen anyway)

    Maybe we’re living in the science-fiction of our youth already?

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