Bu$hco’s Plan 9 from Outer Space

The following is a little YouTube clip from John Carpenter’s They Live.

And yes, that is former wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I sure wish I could get my hands on glasses like that!

Reverse “rose-colored” glasses?

I wish I had a patent on those!

They Live Redux

Hat tip to Prison Planet


7 responses

  1. Are we truly living in VR?

    You be the judge!

  2. Subliminal programming has been with us for years, even generations, but the opportunities are boundless, now, in our techno era. I dare say that with the dumb-downed populace we have now, they don’t even need to resort to such covert tactics. Materialism is so ingrained in us, we just jump every time they snap their fingers.

    The same with fads, political-correctness, religion… I’d hazard a guess that whatever you see the majority doing, it’s probably the result of extensive elitist programming. Another good indication is the way society whips back and forth between fads and beliefs. I’ve noticed this in partisan politics. Really, the character and direction of politics has never deviated one iota over the decades, but people are still sucked in to believing they can have any influence in an elitist-dominated system.

    Like the ‘Pelosi Phenomena’ as I term it. Just one example of many, where all of the liberals (and the conservatives do the same with their people) are slobbering over their ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ UNTIL the politician reveals the TRUE agenda, and then they drop them like a hot potato and pick some other idol to satisfy their whimsical hopes. They don’t stop to analyze the trend that politics leans toward (totalitarianism) they just bounce around from candidate to candidate, vainly looking for their Shangri La that will never come.

    I think that’s a great video. Of course, you’ll be written off as a conspiracy crank for presenting it, Marine. In this dumb-downed culture, you’d be better to just follow all of the other sheep and lambs to the slaughter. Joining the wolves only gets you vilified… like we really give a damn!

  3. Well, not everyone is charmed by my sparkling personality! 😎

  4. Reality glasses Dad? We had those in the 1960’s, they were the invention of a dude by the name of Owsley. We do indeed live in an artificial world which makes even a rare glimpse of reality a hysterical laughing fit. I doubt that there are many folks around that could stand total reality 24-7, but if we all could we would sure have some things to post on our blogs… 😎

  5. See if Akismet nabbed a link I sent you, Marine.

    See why I love WordPress?

  6. I sprung it out of Akismet jail Highway and checked it out. You gotta love those Illumunati villians, illusion is an art form with them!

    LOL Geez! Yeah, if we saw the real reality, we’d probably crap all over ourselves, let alone blog! 😎

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