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What the elites do with our money besides funding wars

From a Daily Galaxy post by Josh Hill :

The World… 2.0

The_world_3 Once in a while, you come across so completely bizarre and fantastic, that it just blows your mind. And though I’m sitting here listening to Tay Zonday’s deep voice, that isn’t what’s blowing my mind. What is is the fact that someone is building a miniature version of our planet off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

‘The World’ is a series of artificial island projects that are being designed, and is being built primarily from dredged sand. An oval breakwater surrounds the islands, which are laid out to look like a flat map of the planet.

This is, of course, a commercial venture, providing the wealthy the opportunity to own their small part of the world… sorry.

In the end, anyone who owns an island will be able to shape it accordingly. And though limited by the restrictions of ‘The World’, with plots including water areas, sand can be moved around to suit the owner’s whims.

Instead of using their wealth for altruistic ventures as nuclear fusion, space exploration, finding ways to teach the poor self-reliance through education and stopping wars, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has decided that the rich elite need to have their little piece of the Earth terra-formed, quite literally, off the coast of his little sheikdom.

Like these arseholes don’t already own their piece of the action anyway.

Hey, I’m not against people getting rich through their own labor, but when people who think they are gods rub people’s noses into the sh*t, isn’t right in my book. Especially when just across the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea human beings are starving to death and being systematically wiped out. Not to mention across the Gulf into Iraq either.

NPR broadcast about the man-made islands