What the elites do with our money besides funding wars

From a Daily Galaxy post by Josh Hill :

The World… 2.0

The_world_3 Once in a while, you come across so completely bizarre and fantastic, that it just blows your mind. And though I’m sitting here listening to Tay Zonday’s deep voice, that isn’t what’s blowing my mind. What is is the fact that someone is building a miniature version of our planet off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

‘The World’ is a series of artificial island projects that are being designed, and is being built primarily from dredged sand. An oval breakwater surrounds the islands, which are laid out to look like a flat map of the planet.

This is, of course, a commercial venture, providing the wealthy the opportunity to own their small part of the world… sorry.

In the end, anyone who owns an island will be able to shape it accordingly. And though limited by the restrictions of ‘The World’, with plots including water areas, sand can be moved around to suit the owner’s whims.

Instead of using their wealth for altruistic ventures as nuclear fusion, space exploration, finding ways to teach the poor self-reliance through education and stopping wars, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has decided that the rich elite need to have their little piece of the Earth terra-formed, quite literally, off the coast of his little sheikdom.

Like these arseholes don’t already own their piece of the action anyway.

Hey, I’m not against people getting rich through their own labor, but when people who think they are gods rub people’s noses into the sh*t, isn’t right in my book. Especially when just across the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea human beings are starving to death and being systematically wiped out. Not to mention across the Gulf into Iraq either.

NPR broadcast about the man-made islands


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  1. I think I can lay claim to a thimble full of sand on the island that represents New York State!

    Now where’s my beach towel, six pack of Coronas and lime?


  2. Nuke the fucking thing! Nuke it.

    Blow the God damned monument to excess out of the water and the elite Shiek with it.

  3. Blow the God damned monument to excess out of the water and the elite Shiek with it.

    Besides seeing the opportunity to make some money from the worlds’ elites, methinks the Emir hopes to ingratiate himself in order to get into the “Good Ol’ Boy Club” of the NWO.

    Sorry sheikh, some of the good ol’ boys claim lineage to the Pharaohs.

    They’ll always consider you a tribal camel riding savage.

    Put your money to better use by terraforming the Sahara. Everyone is going to need the water real soon.

  4. Hi dad2059…

    The artificial Dubai Islands project parallels my criticism of Bezos and his space venture. So Dubai with one million inhabitants and the richest nation on earth per capita decides to build artificial islands which in addition to being an excercise in conspicuous consumption are also an ecological disaster. Their sole national products are a greenhouse gas producing item; ie., crude oil, methane, their derivatives, condos on the islands and supplying an endless mega-mall experience for shopaholics…!

    Global warming is here and now and it can happen quite quickly. There was a major extinction about 250 million years ago with mean earth temperatures rising 18 degrees F within a period of “10 years” as shown by Greenland ice core samples. So not only can global warming occur, but it can happen rather quickly. This was blamed on massive vulcanism that first blotted the sun causing a cooling followed by a quick rise in temperature due to the massive amounts of trapped CO2 in the atmosphere.

    So here we have a bunch of noveau riche arabs building artificial islands with a mean heighth above sea level of about 3-4 meters with a steep sloping rise facing the sea.

    I’m not against these folks making a buck, but then again they could be building massive solar panel farms as I’ve mentioned in the Bezos article and have clean energy that they could sell to the region and with super-cooled DC transmission lines, ship the power to the Euro grid, but no, they like to party like there’s no tomorrow. When the oil runs out I guess they’l go back to plodding across the desert sands and keeping warm by camel dung fires… : |

    One of the islands has already settled one meter into the sea since it’s construction. They have the best sea project related engineers in the world on this project; ie., the Dutch, and we all know about the fact Holland is below sea level. Just the same even the savvy Dutch are headed for trouble with sea levels rising at such a rapid rate. Global waring is serious business and it’s here and now…! I’ll provide several links so folks can enjoy more detailed information concerning Dubaian folly.



    Carl Nemo **==

  5. They talked about terraforming Mars in Mars Direct. Very intriguing stuff.

    Back on earth, Atlanta, GA, with a metro population of 5 million, has like 6 weeks of fresh drinking water left.

    Places like Las Vegas and Phoenix are exploding with growth and water is a huge issue.

  6. As a followup to dad’s comment concerning terra-forming the Sahara and the impending problem of fresh, potable water; my massive solar grid array recommendation would provide all the power necessary for de-salinization and also a clean source of energy for producing hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen is rather expensive at this time and it’s derived from methane via extraction which doesn’t address the core issue of more greenhouse gases etc.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Hey, I can’t agree more about the solar power array, especially if terra-forming a desert like the Sahara. Solar energy supplying desalinization plants sound great. Cracking H2O for H is sweet. And the lessons learned would definitely come in handy in terra-forming Mars if it ever happens.

    Even the Pentagon agrees with you Carl, but the problem isn’t necessarily the satellites and the panel farms needed, it’s cheap launches; http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/071011-pentagon-space-solarpower.html

    But as a blogger noted, the cost is just a day’s worth of the Iraq War.

    Of course funding solar power would be against the Emir’s economic interest, for now.

    He knows as well as the Saudis that Peak Oil is here, or real close.

  8. Well Dad, we like Corona’s here in Oregon too, but we drink them in our rain gear. I’m gonna pass on the gritty real estate of the Elite though. I say let the Son’s of she dogs have their own little world. Mother nature will take care of them with a tsunami as soon as they put in their artificial landscape… 😎

  9. Save one for me Geez for when the tsunamis hit!

    If it’s to be my last one, I’m gonna savor it watching all the fun! 😎

  10. Ref Post #9

    Hi dad2059…

    Peak, “easy to extract, cheap oil” is here and now, but there’s actually no shortage of oil on planet earth. Canada is sitting on an oil supply that virtually dwarfs all the Middle East and Russia’s remaining reserves combined in their tar sands deposits. The U.S. is sitting on a 300 year non-stop supply of coal. Relatively clean burning fuel can be produced from coal by the Fischer-Tropsch process invented during WWI by two German chemists and later used during WWII by Hitler’s war machine to produce liquid pretroleum from coal. Coal gas is condensed by a catalytic process into a fuel that has a perfume like scent and is clean burning, although it isn’t carbon emission neutural; ie., it still produces greenhouse gasses. South Africa has used this process for many years to produce almost their entire supply of fuel for their nation.

    Of course with the tar sands it takes large amounts of energy to virtually steam the oil out of the sand in a less than friendly, quite frigid environment for a good portion of the year. But if Canada in co-operation with the U.S. constructed super large solar arrays to generate power in America’s sunbelt, then shipping a portion of this power northward to Canada then we’d be harnessing the sun to extract the oil from the tar sands and to operate an entire petroleum derivatives infrastructure.

    America’s massive coal supplies could be converted to synfuel using the aforementioned Fischer-Tropsch process. Ethanol is a very bad way to go because is takes three-four gallons of freshwater to produce a single gallon fuel and the U.S. and the world in general is headed for a potable water crisis as oil.

    Also corn and sugar beets which would be a major source of biomass for ethanol would be directed away from their main use as animal feed causing a commodities competition of feed vs. fuel spilling over into inflation in the foodstuffs markets. I’m absolutely anti-ethanol production. Even in Brazil where it has longstanding useage; it represents a threat to the rainforest canopy as more land is cleared for sugar cane production. The Amazon and African raiforests produce 75 percent of the worlds oxygen supply…!

    So what we have is a planet of selfish, village idiots that will give up their very breath of life in order climb into a motorized ‘cage’; then to drive about willy-nilly to and fro, simply to buy more “stuff” that’s also impacting their environment… : |

    I hate to say it, but Henry Kissinger et. al. just might be right in that we need a huge pruning of “useless eaters” and I’m not referring the starving third-worlders either…! The worlds population is currently about 6.3 billion with double that predicted by 2050. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.


    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Of course when someone references “Peak Oil”, they are talking about the light, sweet crude that is easily accessable, drilled and pumped. Yes, there is lots of fossil fuel resources left, it’s just a matter of economics that make them profitable to process and distribute. As the price of light sweet crude increases, the other sources will be more cost effective to process.

    That said, as you mentioned Carl, carbon sequestering will become paramount since most of these sources are more “dirty”, i.e., coal, tar sands, etc.

    The issue of global warming comes into play because of the carbon sequestering, or lack thereof. This is emotionally charged and people have formed into two camps as you well know. I have friends and family on both sides and I can say the Hatfield and McCoy feuds are nothing compared to this fight!

    There’s no doubt climate change is happening, it’s right under our very noses. Whether it’s manmade or natural I have remained neutral on because I’ve studied evidence that supports both sides, not just one. Someone can always find evidence that supports their own side on the Internet, so I’m not going to bother posting links.

    But I will mention that at least the man-made climate change people are attempting solutions while the natural cycle people aren’t offering anything at all besides saying that, “we’ll adapt” or that the “rapture” will occur (pick your choice of Christian, Muslim or Techno).

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