Is NASA just a cover story?

From Earthfiles :

November 20, 2007   Elmhurst, Illinois – The whole world knows about September 11, 2001, when the two World Trade towers melted down to New York City streets after terrorist-controlled airliners flew into them. The day before, on September 10th, 2001, then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, declared his own war on the Pentagon bureaucracy for wasting so much unaccounted money. Sec. Rumsfeld said, “According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”

One of Rumsfeld’s worried employees was Jim Minnery from the Defense Department’s Finance and Accounting Service. He backed up Rumsfeld by saying, “We know the money is  gone. But we don’t know what they spent it on.” Minnery, a former Marine turned whistle-blower, risked his job by speaking out about millions of dollars missing from Department of Defense (DOD) balance sheets.

Twenty years earlier in the early 1980s, Department of Defense Analyst Franklin Spinney also made headlines exposing what he called “accounting games in which the books are cooked routinely year after year.”

Trillions of dollars “cooked” – by whom? And for what reason?  These questions were behind one of the presentations at the Las Vegas UFO Crash Retrieval Conference November 10-11, 2007. Michael Schratt, 38-year-old, has always had a passion for studying airplanes and even took some Parks College courses in aerospace engineering in St. Louis. He did not earn a degree, but he went on to become an autocad draftsman working on aerospace components. Today, he is an Aerospace draftsman for Armstrong Aerospace based in Elmhurst Illinois.

Michael has a theory about where all the black budget DOD trillions have been going over the past 60 years: to fund a TOP SECRET space program that no citizen in the United States knows about – including most of Congress. If true, it means that NASA is only public window dressing for a much bigger and more advanced American clandestine program to dominate and weaponize space.  Schratt thinks it all began in the 1940s when Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman realized that non-human, “celestial” and “interplanetary” technologies were interacting with our planet. By 1958, the public arm of a space program – NASA – is what Michael Schratt thinks was created in parallel with another secret space program.

I find this interesting because Richard Hoagland and Mark Bara’s new book, Dark Mission, advances this idea exactly. Only the interview with Michael Schratt, a draftsman who worked for Armstrong Aerospace, doesn’t include the occult overtones that Dark Mission exploits.

The idea that NASA, the public face of the American space program, has an “evil” twin makes quite a bit of sense in that irregardless of the tax monies that have been collected and spent studying advanced technologies capable of putting humans on the Moon, let alone Mars, have all but produced nothing since 1972 substantial except for NASA to be constantly scrounging for funds and utilizing technology that the Nazi’s created over sixty years ago. It boggles the mind and defies logic.

So where’s the money? The question was asked by Rummy the Mummy a day before 9/11 to the Pentagon supposedly; “According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”(or look above)^

That’s 2.3 followed by 12 zeroes. Soon to be worthless any day now, but that’s a story for another time. But you get my drift.

The theme here is NASA’s evil twin has all of the UFO and Star Trek Tech we’ve been wanting and craving for thirty years. Theory has it that we have it because we’ve reversed engineered UFO tech. Did we? Or did we do it on our own just spending money like it was water?

Both Linda Howe and Dick Hoagland have had credibility issues in the mainstream and UFO communities for the past few years. I leave it up to you gentle readers to decide whether the story(s) have merit or not.

Earthfiles article

Hoagland/Bara book of the month at Graham Hancock site


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  1. The B-2, as surmised by a regular commenter, utilizes an advanced electromagnetic field that helps its stealth and speed capabilities by creating a small gravity gradient.

    Reverse engineering UFO tech?

    Food for thought. 😎

  2. What’s $2.3 trillion to these people?

    After all, they print the funny money — a currency not tied to gold, but to a vague “promise” of future performance.

    No wonder few of our braindead lawmakers are even remotely concerned about Bushco spending, and spending, and spending and the Congress, dutifully raises the debt ceiling, which now stands at $9 trillion, or roughly 2.5 times what the IRS took in last year in revenue.

    About the B2, as I’ve commented here before, I think and I believe it is reverse engineered. Just wait until antimatter weapons begin being used against Arab nations who have the oil we need. People will look back at the 650,000 Iraqi civilians killed in Bush’s Iraq war as a Baptist picnic, Antimatter weapons will wipe out the entire population of Saudi Arabia or even Iran, in a single day.

  3. Hi dad2059…

    Most of the trillions of black budget bucks have been simply siphoned off by the MIC and the Congressional traitors that patronize them. Rest assured they, the pols get kickbacks for their patronage deposited in the offshore accounts in the Cayman Island, the Isle of Mann and Lichtenstein.

    In addition we’ve been flat dead broke as a nation since the Nam debacle. Johnson was the first president to start dipping into the SS Trust Fund and flipping IOU’s courtesy of the U.S. Treasury/Fed debt-money scam back into the strongbox. The government pension funds have been stripped clean having nothing but funny-money based IOU’s covering their shortfall.

    Johnson even initiated a tax surcharge on income tax during the Nam era. All presidents since Johnson have considered the SS Trust Fund their personal piggy-bank in order to feed the MIC a continuous stream of debt-based cash into their ever-hungry maw.

    NASA and most government programs have degenerated to being nothing more than science-based welfare programs for mostly highly educated idiots who need a job. They don’t call defense contractors “beltway bandits” for nothing… :))

    Between Ronzo Raygun and the Bushistas the citizens of the U.S. have been bled white with now a 9.7 trillion dollar public debt over our heads and 12 trillion projected by 2012. It simply isn’t going to happen because the criminally inspired U.S. housing debacle has kicked the stilts from under the U.S. dollar and we are soon headed for Weimar Republic style hyper-inflation. The USD is in a free fall right not against all world currencies both major and minor. The US housing market is in freefall with no bottom in site. The tech wreck was a 5 trillion dollar debacle and I’m estimating the housing market crash will be double that.

    The big problem is that government apparatchiks, and modern day financiers throw the term trillion about as if it’s simply an abstract concept that’s never to be repaid. Guess what folks, this is gravely serious debt, and it’s virtually unpayable due to the compound interest effect. Each trillion is a thousand billion with each billion a thousand million dollars. So right now the publicly “disclosed” debt is 9,700 “billion” dollars not including the annual interest payments. There’s also a hidden 55 trillion worth of debt that is committed to future SS, Medicare and Medicaid recipients that is off the books and totally unfunded…?!

    Not only is the U.S. bankrupt, but the entire Western, consumeristic paradigm is going to fail. Even the Chinese with their vaunted 1.2 trillion dollar surplus is headed down the tubes. When the U.S. economic system fails, it’s going to be a black hole horizon event virtually sucking everything and any anything;ie, the entire worlds economic system down with it…!

    US citizens have the worst savings rate in the entire world. It also has the lowest rate of mortage free home ownership. The average US household is carrying $9500 of credit card debt and this figure is rising all the time. American households are for the most part debt-ridden, broke-assed folks who seem to also identify with their broke-assed government. I guess we could call it guilt by association. The reason most folks aren’t concerned about this mind-boggling public debt because they somehow equate swiping plastic with having “paid” for something…not!

    I can assure readers that the B2 is not using any reverse engineered technology with electromagnetic, gravity nullifying schemes. It is a beautifullly engineered plane, but UFO’s had nothing to do with its design. I’ll provide a Federation of American Scientists link and another on “How things Work” for reader enjoyment. The last thing the B2 needs when it goes stealth is “any” magnetic field emanating from it’s airframe. That’s the whole point of stealth, so you don’t want to disturb the local matrix in any fashion to prevent detection via enemy radars regardless of the detection methods.


    Carl Nemo **==

  4. The average US household is carrying $9500 of credit card debt…

    Interesting that everytime a new credit card arrives in the mail, the credit limit is roughly this amount.

    I accepted a new United Airlines VISA and the credit limit is $8,000.

    Funny how this works.

  5. “The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return.” – author, political activist, social commentator, and genius, Gore Vidal

  6. Good argument and links Carl, but according to the March 9, 1992 Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine that featured the B-2, posits that the aircraft utilizes an “electro-gravitic propulsion system”. The leading wing edge of the body is positively charged and the exhaust is negatively charged, reducing the radar cross section. The interior construction of the craft is a dieceramic material that stores electrical energy. Once the jet engines have produced 100 megawatts of energy, the craft becomes a giant capacitor creating the gravity gradient effect, enabling the pilots to shut the engines down.

    Logically, radar should be able to pick up an electromagnetic signature, but the positively charged leading edge and negatively charged exhaust creates a cloaking effect because of the resulting gravity “wave”. Einsteinian physics and Tesla tech.

    Christopher: Well, that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, an $8000 credit card.

    But I have enough loans, past and present to try to pay until I die. That makes the NWO banksters happy.

  7. Thanks dad2059 for your input to this string and Christopher too!

    I thought I’d offer folks paying off bills a trick in reducing their debt load. My recommendations may be painful, but if you have a dual income household it just might help.

    Most people don’t have all that much in savings, but if you do, then my reco is to get out of debt regardless of the drawdown on your nest-egg. It’s called the half and half plan, or at least that’s what I’ve named it.

    Let’s say that a family owes $10,000 in CC debt. Your savings via bank accounts and 401K instruments are equal to, or far more than your CC debt with a nominal 12 percent per annum compounded rate.

    The reco is to cash an amount of shares in your 401K equal to 5000 or half of your CC debt and remit the funds to reduce it by half in a single payment, the 10 percent and regular tax penalty be damned. Then you only owe $5000. Next payment send in $2500 and so on, then poof you’ve eliminated a fairly nominal debt over your head, but have prevented the degrading, “black magic” of compound interest from eating you and yours alive!

    They once asked Einstein at one of his Princeton seminars what he thought was the greatest mathematical inferences of all time. He replied in a deadpan fashion…”compound interest”…! : | :))

    He wasn’t joking either. Many people aren’t aware of the Rule of 72’s. It means to take a given interest rate and to divide into the number 72 and it will tell you how many years it will take for the debt/principal to double. So for instance, lets say you are paying 18 percent compounded annually. Take that interest figure and divide into the number 72 and you will come up with four years. This means that if you don’t pay off the balance in less than four years you will be paying double for your base purchase. An item imbedded in your overall bill, purchased a number of years back will cost “double” from which you originally paid. The rule of 72’s also tells you how long it will take you to double your savings at a given rate of return. So if you are earning a paltry 3.8 to 5.8 per cent on your CD’s or other pedestrian savings instruments it will take a long time to double your investment. At a whopping 6 percent by todays standards it would take 12 years to double your savings, but this isn’t possible due to taxes, if not sheltered, and inflation eating at your bottomline. This is serious business folks and you best take care of the problem even if it takes extraordinary measures concerning your bottom line.

    Also think of how relieve you’ll feel being debt free, excluding your mortgaget note which is serviced by relatively reasonable interest rates. When it comes to debt, there’s no free ride. You are either a debtor, or you are are debt free…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. I put it away and don’t plan on using it anytime soon.

  9. Hi dad2059…

    My apologies for seemingly to ignore your coments about the charge difference between the leading edges of the B2 and the exhaust. I can’t make a comment concerning the e-warfare warfare aspects; ie., radar cloaking, signatures etc, but the craft is not using Townshend-Brown electrogravitic effects for lift.

    Dr. LaViolette is a brilliant writer and contributor in his own right, but again he’s speculating as to what techniques are used in the aircaft. I can assure you and others in March of 1992 everything and anything written about the B2 could be only speculation unless you were on the design team itself of which I was not. I’ve supplied some links to his bio, his work and contributions to science. I’ve also supplied a link to the .pdf discussing; ie., speculating on the B2’s propulsion system.

    Extract from .pdf doc discussing B2 bomber propulsion system.
    The B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber
    In 1993, Dr. Paul LaViolette wrote a paper 25 discussing the B-2 bomber and speculating on its [probable antigravity propulsion system], based on a solid understanding of electrogravitics,26 the aircraft’s design and the materials used in its manufacture. It appears that the craft is using a sophisticated form of the antigravity principles first described by T. Brown. Support for this thesis came from the Aviation Week and Space Technology (March 9, 1992), which reported that the B-2 bomber electrostatically charges its leading edge and its exhaust stream. Their information had come from a small group of former black project research scientists and engineers suggesting the B-2 utilizes antigravity technology. This information was supported by Bob Oechsler, an ex-NASA mission specialist who had publicly made a similar claim in 1990. These findings support the contention that there have been major developments in the area of antigravity propulsion which are presently being applied in advanced aircraft.
    LaViolette later states the obvious that “the commercial airline industry could dramatically benefit with this technology which would not only substantially increase the miles per gallon fuel efficiency of jet airliners, but would also permit high-speed flight that would dramatically cut flight time.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. Ref post #8

    Hi Christopher et. al. …

    You’ve made the comment of putting it away and not using it anytime soon…?! If you are referring to USD denominated cash be it money market funds, CD’s, or even US stocks, it’s a big mistake.

    The Fed under Bernanke is currently back-stabbing the American people in order to prop up our Potemkin Village stock market, and the crooked banking industry that helped create the housing debacle. The last great financial wreck was the tech wreck. In the final analysis it was linked to crooked CEO’s, phony stock rating agencies and a lack of oversight on the part of our SEC and state regulators. They allowed corporations to cook their books and puff the product in order to dupe un-sophisticated investsors into the markets.

    Post tech-wreckage, the Fed under Greenspan had to find some new market to stick their inflationary hose into and that was the real estate market by lowering rates to ridiculously 40 year lows which gave birth to bunch of less than discriminating, sub-prime lenders. The tech wreck was about 5 trillion bucks and my estimates indicate the housing debacle is nowhere near it’s bottom and will have a washout of about 10 trillion when it finally finds a bottom leaving the housing market in a shambles for decades to come not including the grave overspill into the world capital markets.

    So now the Fed, under “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke is now lowering rates which is the opposite of what they should be doing in order to shore up the value of the USD and to encourage international lenders such as China, Japan et. al to continue floating our profligate debtor-nation strategy. The reason they call Bernanke “helicopter Ben” in closed financial circles is because he’s an “inflationist” meaning he will run the printing presses 24/7/365 to shore up the illusion of capital market success and hopefully pay off our debts in cheaper inflated dollars. The helicopter part is that he’d fly around the country kicking bales of freshly printed fiat currency out of the chopper to keep this phony, world currency paradigm afloat, while devaluing the assets of virtually every American, young, old, rich and poor.

    Everytime he’s lowered rates in the past several months to shore up the Fed’s buddies in the banking industry the dollar drops further with no bottom in sight. In fact once it fell below 80 on the long term FOREX charts it broke through longtime support and there’s no established bottom in place.

    In a world of fiat (faith money) currencies backed by nothing of intrinsic value, a good old fashioned recession/depression is necessary from time to time reestablish fiscal discipline in the markets and to reestablish value to the currency in circulation, making it’s possession “dear”…! Ben, graduated summa cum laude in economics, but the way he’s running the Fed you’d think he got his advanced degree via a cheap-butt correspondence course… 😐

    So your USD denominated cash is “TRASH”…! My advice is for folks to diversify safely into a basket of foreign currencies via the RYDEX family of currency ETF’s. These are exchange traded funds and can be purchased and sold throughout the trading day just like stocks. Your money is also not lying fallow since you are paid interest on these holdings. Just remember to not put all your funds into one currency basket. Keep rotating your holdiing into the top three in terms of performance etc. I’d recommend 50 percent of your total net worth that’s liquid should be in foreign currencies. There’s also a gold etf, GLD, but it’s simply too volatile and you could get your assets creamed in a downdraft. If you want to own gold then buy the physical in the form of bullion coins, tenth ounces being the recommended denomination. When gold hits $2,000 per ounce, each tenth will be worth $100 in our devalued currency. The tenths also make easier to handle a fractionated sale if funds are necessary without selling an entire ounce at a time.

    I’ll provide a link so you can become familiar with these currency ETF’s and the interest paid which fluctuates. The strongest performers right now are the Euro, the Yen, and the Swiss Franc.
    I’ll also provide readers with a link to a free stock chart analysis program, probably the best free service anywhere; Stock They also have imbedded tutorials that will bring people up to speed concerning charts analysis.

    My three favorites are MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence, Accumulation/Distribution, and ADX [Average Directional Movement]. Theses three will allow one to determine which markets are trending the strongest, when to buy, i.e, the MACD histogram moves above the X-axis from below, and Accumlation Distributon to see if you are buying into overall strength of increasing prices or being suckered by buying high while the big boys are unloading; ie., distributing their high priced shares to the unwary.

    A few years back in time the Euro was about .85 percent of the USD, now the USD is only worth .68 percent of the Euro. The USD is tanking against all currencies both major and minor as “Helicopter Ben” continues to lower rates to help their Wall Street banking buddies at the expense of savings to both the young and old in the U.S. The arabs are headed to requiring that their oil be purchased with Euro’s. If so, then not only will people be confronted with the increased price of oil but also being gouged further on pricing by the USD’s currency devaluation relative to the Euro. With this scenario $5-8 per gallon gasoline is on the horizon.

    I’ve also supplied a X-currency calulator which is a sobering link along with an inflation calculator that will allow folks to see that the US has gone through periods deflation as well as inflation during it’s history. Enjoy!,FXA,FXC,FXY,FXF,FXM,FXS|C|A12,26,9

    Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in, RYDEX funds, nor am I involved with the brokerage industry, nor am I a financial adivor.

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    I just ran across this link on my favorite site; ie., It provides the type of news that you won’t find anywhere else on the www, the MSM or mostly anywhere else. This link just happens to support my recommendations concerning currency diversification.

    I realize that it’s hard for Americans to think that their once vaunted dollar is headed for the globalist toilet bowl, but it’s inevitable with 9.7 trillion dollars of “DEBT” hanging over our heads with an economy that’s now hanging on a thread due to the housing market debacle. As far as I’m concerned it just didn’t happen, but was intentionally engineered by the Greenspan/Bernanke Fed axis at the behest of their shadowy, globalist controllers. The Euro’s have been envious of the U.S. since it’s founding as a nation. It seems the Rothchilds of Europe have finally succeeded in destroying the value of the USD with the Euro becoming the supreme reserve, world currency until Chinese-Yen-Korean currency takes over whatever that might be name.

    This is all great until a dirty bomb goes off in a Europe who’s basically a paper tiger. Mostly all of Europe’s natural resource reserves are depleted so they have to import raw materials to produce just about anything and everything. Most American goods are purchased from China, Japan, and Korea with only a relative minority buying the Mercedes, BMW, and Krups type of products. They really don’t get all that good ratings in Consumer Reports either…:)) All the nations of Europe, excepting a few are filled with hateful, vengeful Muslims that want to do a job on their Euro host nations.

    My choice for a premier currency of choice is the Canadian dollar. It’s now on a par with the USD and they’ve experienced a national “surplus” for the past seven years. They are sitting on top of the worlds greatest oil reserves in the form of tar sands. They have uranium, chromium, titanium, iron, diamonds, timber, coal, hydro-power; you name it, they’ve got it for a resource poor world. They also enjoy the protection of the U.S. nuclear umbrella without having to pay the freight. They also are basically a neutral nation concerning their foreign policy.

    Britain, Europe etc. are the old world and when angry muslims eat them alive their vaunted Euro will go down the tubes too. Anyway that’s my prediction for the future relative to geo-politics and economics. So embrace our Canadian friends to the north…eh?!

    Disclaimer: I am not a Canadian

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. dad, you posted a well chosen theme 😉
    About September 11, 2001 – the talibans in 2000 did threat the world community, that they will destroy Afghanistan’s poppy fields. Actually they have done, and for the next year there was no fresh drugs on the world black market. In order to restore the poppy fields, the world mafia has hit USA’s heart – The World Trade Center, and by doing so, they say to Bush’s administration: “Go in Afganistan and restore the fields!”
    US army(The world police) has done exactly what they wanted, and in 2002 the poppy fields have been sown again!

    What ist the NASA’s case? Again there is conspiracy! I’ve heard the interview with the British Nasa Hacker. He said that the space agency realy has antigravity technology, and they will reveal it WITHIN THE NEXT 7 YEARS. If not, then the public must fight for its rights! For the right to know where the billion are going for!
    And the most important – to know that antigrav exist and cars, and airplanes are NOT NEEDED! 😡

  13. Carl: You forgot about the North American Union and the Amero? There’s already treaties to combine all three nations, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The Canadian dollar isn’t going to get a chance.

    Unless they use it as the base for the amero, I don’t see that happening.

    Lubo: I don’t see NASA revealing anything about anti-grav tech at all. So far the US and other world governments are still in “deny, deny, deny” and deny some more mode.

    Nothing’s going to be revealed until it gets so bad that it bites us all in the arse!

  14. Hi dad2059…

    I familiar with the plan to created a North American Union. Currently it’s on the backburner. Even the planned 10 lane super-highway from Mexico to Canada has been shelved for the time being.

    If the NWO crowd has learned anything in their long term plan to snuff the concept of the nationstate and to implement a one world order; one world government is not to push too hard. So they’ll push, then step back, then push again. Time is on their side.

    Except for an extraordinary planetary crisis beyond their control; ie., asteroid incoming, planetary destabilization due to the visit of Nibiru (Planet X) in 2012, or one of the major international players for whatever reason goes to nuclear war they’l probably succeed.

    With 6.3 billion humans milling about and double that projected by 2050 it seems that a world government will probably be part and parcel with such planetary crowding unless they implement the Club of Rome’s recommendation of doing a great culling of the herd via an engineered virus or more safely a superstrain of bacteria for which it’s easier to create a vaccine to protect these elitist mattoids.

    The plan doesn’t sound all that bad if it were ruled by a council of bright, well-balanced individuals, but rest assured a world government leadership will be loaded to the gunnels wih parasitic, corrupt, apparatchiks with an I’ve got mine mentality…! The United Nations and the Euro-Union apparatchiks are an example of the corruption that will exist at the top if such a plan succeeds.

    Carl Nemo **==

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