Are the Chinese faking lunar photos?

From International Herald Tribune :

BEIJING: China’s space program has defended a photo of the moon’s surface taken by its lunar probe as authentic, dismissing critics who suggested it had been copied from a similar image captured by a U.S. orbiter.

China last week presented the first picture taken by its Chang’e 1 lunar probe at a gala ceremony attended by Premier Wen Jiabao, part of the ruling Communist Party’s program of using the space program to instill national pride.

However, critics posting on Chinese-language Internet sites questioned the image’s authenticity, saying it was all but identical to a photo captured by a U.S. lunar orbiter two years ago.

Commentators questioned how the Chinese image were of the exact same spot on the moon, given its size.

I find this intruiging because the Chinese are extremely nationalistic and proud of their space program, almost to every person. Obviously, quite a few think their government is hiding something.

And if the Chinese are using old, touched up NASA photographs, what are they attempting to hide? Did their probe, Chang’e 1, somehow fail? Did it crash? Did it’s communication gear break down?

Or is it because of what Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara have been accusing NASA and the US government of covering up, ancient alien ruins on the lunar surface? 

Could that be why, the probe took pictures of ruins?

We and the Chinese people will never get the straight scoop, this will be obfuscated forever. Unless more whistle blowers show up that love the truth better than their lives.

Extremely doubtful.


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  1. Ruins on the Moon and Mars have been Hoagland’s stock in trade for the past thirty years.

    Is he credible?

    Or insane?


  2. Sorry folks, there are no ancient alien ruins on the Martian surface. It’s simply a play on light and as higher res photo’s have become available they have proven as such…!

    If the Chinese probe made it to the moon great and if not, and are lying, then they are only fooling themselves. I have nothing against the Chinese making it to the moon. It’s expensive and in terms of bang for the yuan it’s a waste of their national resources except for international propaganda purposes.

    They should not be emulating the foolish West in terms of great resource wastage by heading for the moon or space, other than for weather or possibly spy satellite purposes.

    They too, need to be building huge PV (photo-voltaic) energy farms in the Gobi, Fisher Tropsche plants for coal-gasification, and cleaning up their water supplies and environment. They need to be putting hybrids and fuel cell cars on their roads from the getgo. If they want to reign supreme in the world to come, then they need to make a great, grand leap of faith over the West in creating a clean, super-efficient environment for their people, yuan acquisition be damned…!

    If they do so then shall reign supreme in the future as a model society while the West wallows in it’s polluted detritus…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Careful Carl, people might accuse you of being a godless socialist!

    That said, sure there is much prestige in having a space program, and despite what people claim that “the money is better spent here on Earth”, my question to you is, “the US space program has been underfunded for thirty years, has the money been better spent?” I would say not. You’re vision suffers the same as mine, military reality and economics.

    You might get your solar farms, but it will happen because the Pentagon pushes it. And don’t rule out Moon bases because of economics. Columbus’ ventures were risky too, but Spain made out handsomely in the end. Unfortunately at the cost of an ancient culture(s).

  4. Nevermind China… did America even make it to the moon?

    Yeah, I’m one of ‘those’ too!

  5. HM: You might be a victim of NASA disinformation too like Hoagland claims in his book.

    ET crystal palaces on the Moon?

    Ranks right up there with angelic visitations to me!

  6. Hi dad2059…

    I can say that I’m a godless, anti-corporatist; ie., anti-fascista…!

    The world business paradigm has become a capitalist free-booters paradise! Business success if fine, but when the unfettered pursuit thereof results in the mega-destruction of the the environment all for a dollar, euro, yuan or a rupee, someone needs to step to the plate and make a summary seachange in order that their/our lifeboat earth has a chance.

    The greatest problem with these newly emerging markets such as that of China, India, Malaysia, and South America with their burgeoning populations of people is that they are on the fast-track to emulating a U.S./Western civ lifestsyle.

    The U.S. consumes 30 percent of the entire world energy supply, but has only five percent of the world population! It’s the same concerning raw materials. So we as a nation are like piranha, stripping the flesh off Mother Earth simply for the pursuit and acquisition of money and more “stuff”…no ?!

    China, India, and Malaysia need to stand back and think twice before they simply emulate our lifestyle without getting it right from the beginning.

    China’s main electrical energy production comes from burning coal. They have monumental air pollution problems. Their rivers are highly polluted to the point of many of them being deadly toxic. They are building modern, power-hungry cities at an amazing rate. They consume 90 percent of the world supply of concrete.
    India is coming on line like gang-busters too, with similar environmental problems. Jungle habitat is being destroyed so rapidly in India that they have monkies roaming the streets, attacking the citizenry, breaking into homes, raiding refrigerators and thumping the residents about. Since India is predominately Hindu, they revere animal life, but evidently forgot about animal habitat.

    The Chinese are still eating exotic animals because they still link their ingestion with increasing virility, intelligence and a host of other cures all linked with the terminating endangered species. Wealthy Chinese will pay the equivalent of $5000 USD or 40,000 Yuan to dine on endangered tigers testicles, rare-species deer testicles and a host of other exotic wildlife many on the endangered species list. They are consuming their environment as if they are African driver ants on the march…!

    In the movie “The Matrix” the contollers referenced humans as being like a virus and I tend to agree. With 6.3 billion plus inhabitants ratting about, all with either “I want more stuff” or an “I’ve got mine” attitude, this old earth is in grave danger. The real estate will survive, but we are all in this together from the honeybee to the blue whale and everything between; unfortunately, creations most dangerous, mindless predator doesn’t see it that way.

    So these emerging market, national leaders need to stand back and do things differently if they want to enjoy the fruits of their labors, otherwise all of us are going to end up by the railroad tracks of life, spearing rats with fire-hardened sticks… 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. In the movie “The Matrix” the contollers referenced humans as being like a virus and I tend to agree.

    Ouch. You’d anger some anti-NWO people I know with that statement Carl. That’s one of the stated goals of the New World Order, reduce 2/3s of the worlds population by wars, genetically engineered diseases or any other form of genocide.

    You just might get your wish Carl, but the result won’t be to your liking.

    Amoral capitalism isn’t good, but now it’s the new socialism. You have to realize that there is no such thing as national sovereignty anymore, the world is run by international bankers, old blood European royalty and mega-corporations. Some say even they are ruled by the Catholic Church, the Jesuits or even Lucifer.

    You have to change your paradigm Carl, the old one is invalid.

  8. China’s so-called scientists insult our intelligence. The surface of the moon is a damn big place. There is only a one- in- a- trillion chance of two probes photographing exactly the same region. China’s so-called scientists are so dumb that they cannot even lie in a credible manner. Some reports suggest that Chang’e I never got anywhere near the moon – it ended up at the bottom of the ocean immediately after launch on October 24. China produces fake medicines, dangerous toys, tained food, fake moon photographs, and a fake space program. A truly great nation.

  9. Ha-ha! Yo, Marine… now YOU will have to watch your step, the so-called ‘enlightened’ of this world don’t take “truthers” or conspiracy “whackos” too kindly! Their science god doesn’t allow for Yahweh-boys and/or Alex Jonesers!

    Granted, probably 3/4’s of the Earth’s population are morons, and may deserve culling, however, it isn’t up to the corporate elite to decide that, because their shit comes from the same orifice as anyone’s. It’s dangerous thinking (elitist thinking) to suddenly decide that the world is ready to be culled. The elitist ‘concern’ for humanity never seems to include THEM making the ultimate sacrifice for mankind, just the ones that don’t have Rothschild or Rockefeller DNA.

    The “Matrix” was an expose on the exact opposite of that kind of thinking. The Matrix exists in our own society – an artificial construct designed to supersede and replace the divine plan for mankind, replacing it with a pseudo society based on materialism and commerce. In the movie, the characters had digital representations online, where in ‘reality’ we have commercial avatars. They are represented by ALL CAPITAL letter names you see on driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security… those are our representatives in a commercialized society. A sovereign human being cannot participate in the artificial world of the banker-elite, and much like a board game has it’s tokens, if we wish to play the game of life, we also need tokens… hence our “artificial person” avatar.

    That was the primary idea behind the “Matrix”, but CN’s analogy does illustrate perfectly what the corporate and religious elite think of us “useless eaters.”

    There are a few morons that think because I oppose the global warming religion of Al Gore, that I don’t appreciate any ecological measures to preserving the planet. As a former outdoorsman, I made a living as a youth off of nature, and can appreciate even more than some bleeding hearts around here that there needs to be some restraint shown toward polluting the environment. BUT… I stop short of holding the entire human race for ransom like Gore et al! Perhaps one way would be to let nature take it’s course, and rather than pumping billions of dollars into foreign aid fiasco’s that never work, keep our money here to help our own, and let the globalist do-gooders whine their stupid asses off! If third world countries want to survive, they can clean up their act or die! Why should we be responsible for them? Who around here would support a deadbeat relative living in their home, huh? Big fat ZERO, that’s who! Yet, we’re supposed to look after lazy-assed countries that won’t make an effort to help themselves, just siphon our lifeblood and breed indiscriminately? I don’t fucking think so!

    Maybe letting nature take it’s course, and not constantly interfering with and trying to dominate it would help a lot! But no, we have to do the politically correct thing, and form various elitist-conspired NGO’s and environMENTAL groups to go around like beggar monks, leaching money from hard-working North Americans who need that money for themselves and their families, and send it off to profligate, retrograde third world countries where it’s either confiscated by military regimes, or just absorbed by people not content to make the necessary changes in lifestyle and government to help themselves!

    Maybe there does need to be a culling, but it doesn’t involve totalitarian death squads exacting the will of the self-proclaimed elite. Let nature take it’s course, as it inevitably would.

  10. Hi dad2059…

    It really doesn’t matter what you, I, or anyone thinks at this point in world history because there’s a planetary “train-wreck” a-cummin’…! : |

    Mankind has demonstrated throughout history that they rarely if ever respond to casandras such I myself and others sounding the alarm.. People need the earthquake, the tsunami, the volcano and never-ending mindless wars to prune their seemingly doomed tree of life as a species. Then again, they habitually regroup and do the same thing all over again as if they are spring-loaded in the stupid position.

    Rest assured I’m not an elitist and when I sketch out my aforementioned necessaries concerning planetary survival, I’m more than willing to see myself sacrificed if I could be somewhat assured with my last conscious thoughts on this plane that the saving of our planet and it’s eco-systems would be so at the expense of flushing as much of humanity as necessary including myself for a greater good; ie., non-human species and habitat survival. We as a species have become superfluous and redundant.

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Highwayman certainly needs some lessons in clear thinking – his expressions are as foggy and as vulgar as his reasoning – to say more is redundant. To get back to the subject at hand, the Communist-sponsored scientists (ahem, “space scientists”) should know that two lies don’t make the truth. Faking a photograph of the lunar surface is ethically wrong, to cover it up with a stupid lie (like two probes photographing the same lunar surface area) is to insult common intelligence. Those Chinese “scientists” should know that they are communicating with thinking humans, not baboons. They are (themsleves) the real baboons.

  12. Pray tell my good Dr. Hoe, this is very interesting. Can you link to any credible evidence about the Chang’e1 crashing into the ocean?

    I realize China censors its’ ‘Net, but can you enlighten me and my readers?

    Highwayman and Carl Nemo have posted views that are in of themselves good arguments and they link to sources to back their hypotheses.

    I realize the Internet doesn’t have the most credible sources in the world and anyone can find anything to back their claims.

    Can you?

  13. Greetings Dr. Hoe…

    I must ask you if you are “the” Dr. Hoe who teaches at the School of Humanities, University Sains Malaysia, 11800 Minden, Penang?

    I noticed in your response you appealed to logic and reason etc., so it dawned on me that you just might be a professor with your focus on classical philosophy etc.
    “Highwayman certainly needs some lessons in clear thinking – his expressions are as foggy and as vulgar as his reasoning”

    “To get back to the subject at hand, the Communist-sponsored scientists (ahem, “space scientists”) should know that two lies don’t make the truth.”
    Your references to “clear-thinking” and that “two lies don’t make a truth” is what triggered my curiostiy. Anyway welcome to dad2059’s forum.

    Btw, “two lies, do make a truth” at least to George Bush and Dick Cheney; ie., typical pol logic I must say… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. Hi dad2059…

    Whether the Chinese can orbit or land on the moon is mute at this point. I do know courtesy of Bill Clinton that he and his NWO controllers gave the PRC a 20 year leap in nuclear delivery capabilities courtesy of Bernard Schwartz, then CEO of Loral Space Division and they have the capability of hitting every major city in the U.S. with nukes. So U.S. tax-debt payers have indebted themselves for the purpose of their own demise, courtesy of their traitorous leaders. “We the People” paid for the R&D to develop this technology, then a pol scamster like Bill Clinton gives the technology to our enemies. Will “Billary” be much better, I think not.

    So it seems the international banking crowd wanted to make sure that the PRC; the main lender to the U.S. would have the muscle to lean on us if we don’t pay back their share of our public debt.

    This is the oldest and most sophisticated ploy of the Rothschild international banking crowd; ie., loan to both your host country/s and their enemies and make sure there’s parity when it comes to weaponry etc. Both parties borrow, but one of them will supply the necessary muscle; ie., defacto “collection” force in the event things go sour.

    Thankyou Bill Clinton…not! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. #11

    By Dr. Long Wang Hung Lo

    Well, we flushed another one out of the woodwork, Marine. This guy probably applauds totalitarian thinking. Like others I won’t mention, you think like him or you’re an idiot.

    I suppose you’d be the one to clear my thinking, eh Doc? Got the balls to visit me on my site and ‘enlighten’ me, boy? I’m all ears!

  16. Carl: Yup. SOP for NWO banksters. And Uncle Billy certainly did his share of selling us down the river. The elites are making a good show of the Shillary/Obama circus. Good entertainment for the prime-time CMSM viewing demographic.

    HM: It’s your charm. You just bring out the best in folks! 😎

    This space probe crashing into the ocean interests me though, I hope he comes back with some evidence. In the meantime, I have to use my own research skills.

    And I don’t use Google most of the time either. 8-|

  17. IS THIS REAL, dad

  18. […] human culture. The thought that they never made it there never crossed my mind. But I did get a comment to my earlier Chinese moon probe post from a possible credible source stating that the probe actually crashed into the Pacific Ocean. I […]

  19. really i like how morons wants to keep their butts in earth. humans have a purpose and it is to save life post suns death and universe movement. I aprove a world goverment wich main goal is humanity moving out of earth as a race and away from earth quakes,FLOODs,huracanes, ect. People ask whats the meaning of life? Its meaning is survive and we have to leave earth for that hands down…

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