Bu$hco, Skeletor and the Omaha Mall Killings

From Kurt Nimmo @ Truthnews.us :

It was a coincidence, no doubt. Not only did Bush visit Omaha prior to the massacre, but so did the Ministry of Homeland Security.

“We learned today that shortly before the shooting a Homeland Security employee visited the West Roads Mall to talk with officials about the mall’s security,” reports Charles Gibson for ABC News (see video). “Airports and sports arenas have tightened security considerably since 9/11, but malls have been reluctant to do so.”

“It is clear that at least five if not six training exercises were in operation in the days leading up to and on the morning of 9/11,” write Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones. “This meant that NORAD radar screens showed as many as 22 hijacked airliners at the same time. NORAD had been briefed that this was part of the exercise drill and therefore normal reactive procedure was forestalled and delayed.”

These exercises included Operation Northern Vigilance, the biowarfare exercise Tripod, Operation Vigilant Guardian, Operation Northern Guardian, and Operation Vigilant Warrior. Of course, such exercises, including simulated airliner hijackings and flying planes into the twin towers.

It makes sense militarily to scout out the area and run simulations beforehand before you implement your plan of attack. Especially if you ran them just before, or during the operation in order to confuse an already chaotic situation.

Confusion, maximum bloodshed for the terror effect and a ready-made patsy who might’ve been under mind-controlling drugs. You can’t have a black-ops scenario set up any better than that. Especially in a shopping mall during the Christmas season!

The Ministry of Homeland Terror is getting their practice in to control the American population. Bury your head and deny if you want at your peril!

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17 responses

  1. Personally, I’m not a mall person and I believe malls are the very epitome of the “buy-me” and “gimme” culture kids now-a-days are brainwashed with.

    But the elites know that and are taking advantage of that in order to spread fear and terror so Americans will give up even more of their freedoms for the illusion of “safety”. Especially if it comes to their kids.

    If that ain’t evil, I don’t know what is!

  2. Only a complete and utter patsy/moron doesn’t accept that 911 was an inside, PLANNED job, jarhead. The term “non-conspiracy crank” is beginning to take root, defining the close-minded buffoonery the elitists love to exploit!

    All of the school shootings are AT LEAST the product of adverse, social planning aimed at undermining the social fabric of America. The gullible anti-gun lobbyists fall completely under the spell of the dark force, and help spread the politically-correct and mind-numbing propaganda of a regime trying to disarm and control the populace. These bleeding-hearts will one day wake up and find themselves (and us, forced to follow them!) without any sovereign human rights at all. Their well-meaning, but foolish acceptance of status quo bullshit will have bought them nothing but enslavement.

    This time of year is a good time to play on the avaricious nature of humanity, and prey on our tendency to congregate in large numbers in malls, churches, stadiums… in a self-seeking pleasure orgy of materialistic abandon. It’s the perfect scenario enabling a “turrur” attack! I’ll be very surprised if something BIG doesn’t ‘happen’ between now and New Year’s.

    And, it’ll be open season on “rag heads” right after, too!


  3. The US has a history of needing a “bogey-man” to feed a blood-lust amongst the population to unite against, the modern Crusade against the Muslims are just the latest and greatest “enemy” who threaten our “freedoms”.

    The Muslims don’t have a lack of extremists on their side either and Islam I’ll admit I don’t know much about except in the Western historical aspect.

    But we’re the ones with the bigger killing machines and greater weapons of mass destruction at this moment in time. I’m sure if the tables were turned, Western Christians would be the “great terrorist” enemy determined to destroy the “Freedoms of Islam”.

  4. Unlike the gun nuts who see events like the Omaha Mall shooting as a staged event designed to sieze Murikans beloved firearms, thus making us more vulnerable to a Federal takeover, or the end-of-days wingtards who see the actions of the shooter as the culmination of a society cut free of its moral and religious moorings, suggesting human survival is predicated upon accepting Jesus in our lives, I see it as a random act of a lunatic who had no business having access to a rifle to begin with.

    I have problem with gun ownership but I also recognize firearms don’t belong in everyone’s hands. Some people are kooks, felons, wife beaters and junkies and they should not be able to buy a gun or rifle off an ad in the Sunday paper or at WalMart.

    Like driving a car, gun ownership is a privilege and requires that a person is responsible and not unhinged.

  5. And unlike the Henny Penny’s of the Global Warming religion of Maharishi Yogi Gore, tool of the bankers, we gun advocates see private ownership by responsible persons as the REAL target of politically-correct and mentally-disturbed anti-gunnees, who regurgitate their elitist master’s rhetoric, ad nauseum, every day.

    History has shown that totalitarian regimes ALWAYS start off by disarming the populace, instituting repressive gun legislation prior to confiscation. But, wimpy-assed mama’s boys who are afraid of guns and have never even held one in their lily-white hands, do not see the true agenda of the government, which is to neutralize any potential resistance by the public using firearms.

    The politically-correct operate on raw emotion, and never use sound reasoning in determining right or wrong. And, if their lifestyle happens to run opposite of biblical teachings, they condemn them and Christians because we don’t think like them, and call themselves progressive and non-hateful. *Laugh* These are ripe pickings for elitists who require emotional retrogrades to promote, even enforce, their totalitarian objectives.

    Crooks will always be able to get guns, and will kill the asses of envirofreaks that can’t get them, because of the repressive gun laws that they, themselves, enabled by their ignorant support of Nazism.

  6. I look at owning guns like any other tool, when used in responsible hands, it is a life-saving instrument. There were many times when I was growing up, and when my girls were little, that if I haven’t owned a shotgun, we would’ve starved. Fact.

    That said, the kid who did the killings shouldn’t have had access to a firearm if he had responsible guidance, i.e. a parent who locked up their guns.

    People who aren’t responsible gunowners should be held to account. They should not be lumped in with good citizens who take care of their tools.

    It is unfortunate that people were sacrificed in order to spread fear among the population so that they will call for “stricter gun laws” or outlaw them altogether. It is a fact that only the criminals will have guns, since they are law-breakers to begin with. They won’t give a shit if guns are outlawed, that just means there will be more for them to steal, or get on the black market.

    Whether the kid was mind-controlled on drugs, taking them on doctor’s orders or for a high and he wanted his fifteen minutes is a moot point. It served the purpose it was intended for; to spread fear and to raise a hue and cry for stricter gun laws.

  7. I supplemented my living with venison and wildfowl many a time, myself, Marine. But city-bound, ignorant people have determined that they know what’s best for everyone, and say guns should be disallowed, no matter what the Constitution says. Their irrational fear of firearms, and gross ignorance of how they work, further distorted by the elitist-run movie and entertainment industry, doesn’t allow them an impartial viewpoint.

    Well, they can stick a daisy in the muzzle of some crazed home invader’s pistol or Uzi, when he climbs in through their window, and rapes their wife (or boyfriend) right before their eyes, while they cower in the corner with no weapon to defend themselves, because their bitching and whining and lobbying efforts to ban guns has now left them defenseless. The cops will be no help, because they’ll be inundated with other crybaby’s complaints about being threatened, be in the coffee shop, or possibly be the one raping their loved one!

    It’s no use trying to convert the stupid, though. Life has a way of weeding them out… usually at the hands of a predator!

    There’ll be plenty of opportunity, very shortly, for the stupid to get their education.

  8. One look at the two BILLION dollar gun-registry boondoggle in Canada would convince any moron that anti-gun lobbyists like Wendy Kook-ier (Cukier) and her moronic band of witless wonders are good for nothing other than helping rob the public of money that could have went to better use. But their political correctness agenda, fueled by private money (elitist money) allows them to outlast any opponent in court, and pillage the public purse to finance their master’s goal of removing guns from private citizens. The crooks laugh at them, and go downtown and pick up an Uzi for a couple hundred bucks… no muss, no fuss, and no registration!

    They spread paranoia about gun-slinging psychos hiding around every corner and under every rock, waiting to kill students, women, and anyone who pokes their head out from under their bed! The same tactics that Bu$h uses to scare the public into accepting his “national security” measures… a government peep-show into the private lives of all citizens.

    Yeah, well, the 250 ft. global warming tidal wave soon to hit the coast will take care of most of those baddies. We in the central areas will have to make do with sticks and stones to defend ourselves, unless the whiners get them outlawed, too!

  9. I can believe the conclusion of this post as it fits the MO of the supreme dictator we are stuck with.

    Remember ther famous words of one who knows of these things first hand:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates and most devout followers.

  10. The politically-correct operate on raw emotion, and never use sound reasoning in determining right or wrong.

    Same can be said of Rush’s dittoheads, the FoxNoise audience and of course, them, thar Bible thumpers, who think the Bible is more than a collection of old stories passed down through generations that aren’t any different from folk lore remedies for hives and constipation.

  11. Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates and most devout followers.

    And a valuable lesson practiced by the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Michael Savages, Rev. Jerry Falwells, Rev. Pat Robertsons, Joyce Meyers, Carl Bakers, David Koreshes, Joseph Smiths and Sun Myung Moons.

    They appeal to the weak among us who happen to represent at least 50% of the population.

  12. “… that aren’t any different from folk lore remedies for hives and constipation.”

    Yeah, well, I guess you wouldn’t have any trouble with constipation, would you, Spike? 😆

    “They appeal to the weak among us who happen to represent at least 50% of the population.”

    You missed one – The Supreme Grand Exhalted Poohbah of all retards, the Maharishi Yogi Gore! He appeals to the 0.5% of the terminally stupid in society. I imagine he’ll be settin’ up on that big global warming-powered tsunami that’s heading our way, and will surf his way into the hearts of all morons anxiously awaiting the arrival of their swami. Better get that board waxed up, sonny, she’s a 200-footer if she’s an inch!


    Just for you, snookums…


  13. Of course, psychologists now readily admit that religion is undoubtedly the most difficult addiction to discuss openly.

    Just raising the subject evokes fears, memories of family beliefs and training, judgments, and, worst of all, hatred and intolerance toward those whose beliefs are different.

    All three major western religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have used their teachings to gain authority over followers and to create wars, and to suppress belief in any religion other than theirs.

    All three have treated women as less than men.

    Under all three banners, abusive and violent cults have flourished in the name of family, God, and country.

    Religion isn’t intrinsically abusive but the immaturity of people who subscribe of these faiths and beliefs will at some point, misuse the dogma and teachings for power over others.

    Religions and loyalty to spiritual leaders becomes addictive and leads to abuse. And it is the blind trust of those leaders by their followers that perpetuates the abuse.

    Religious authority rarely permits questioning by followers, just as abusive and violent parents do not allow their authority to be questioned. The experience of arbitrary parental authority in early family life may make people more vulnerable to cults or charismatic leaders that manipulate followers for personal power and wealth.

    Religious cults like Mormonism, among others, can become a form of religious addiction. A means by which people recreate their family of origin: followers become the “children” and the cult leader becomes the parent who makes the rules, decides the punishments, and extorts unconditional love, loyalty, and obedience.

    Most disturbingly, much sexual abuse has been perpetrated with religious overtones, with threats of hell and damnation. Ritual (satanic) abuse is conducted through the black mass or other dark magical/religious rites intended to increase the subjugation of both victim and partidpants. Since millions have been taught from childhood not to question religious authority or doctrine, ritual abuse survivors have a very difficult time being believed when they attempt to get help.

    Denial blocks their way when they detail how religion or religious leaders have been perverted.

    The issue of class and education play a vital role in how strict is the adherence to the religious dogma. Frequently, the poor and poorly educated look to religion as a source of answers to many of life’s imponderable topics, such as the origin of life and what happens when we die.

  14. “Frequently, the poor and poorly educated look to religion as a source of answers to many of life’s imponderable topics, such as the origin of life and what happens when we die.”

    I’m neither poor or poorly educated. In fact, most highly educated people see the utter foolishness in humanistic teachings, and know enough about history to see that it’s a contrivance of elitists and their desire to push their way to the top of the social strata.

    You exhibit their attitude and manner quite readily, son. You are just as intolerant and narrow-minded as those you say persecuted you in your youth. You want to paint everyone with the same brush, because your widdle feelings were hurt.

    The pseudo science you orgasm over can’t prove our existence or ultimate destiny any more than religious teaching can, and I’ve always maintained that even with my own beliefs. But, right from the git-go, you sought to put down anyone that brought up the subject of intelligent design as an alternative to your prejudicial ranting. Someone disagrees with you, and they’re branded a “fundie” and a loony straight away!

    You’re the one in denial. You’re pissed off because the church doesn’t accept your lifestyle, and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it? When did I ever condemn you for the way you lived? You’ve always had plenty to say about my beliefs, though.

    You preach tolerance out one side of your mouth, while condemning those that don’t agree with you out the other. Your intolerance is manifesting itself more, every day. It’s people like you who are the threat in society, not the “fundies”. At least they are out in the open where they can be recognized, not sneaking around in the shadows, working their hatemongering and prejudice.

    I’m well aware of the atrocities brought on by pseudo Christians, but your knowledge of history is extremely limited. The Catholic Church and many of the “fundie” organizations ARE NOT Christian organizations, though many of their followers are. The hierarchy follow an ancient PAGAN belief system that includes the worship of nature… where nature, itself, is deified. That’s the basis for this “Mother Nature” crapola, and the “Global Warming” scare.

    I’ve never disagreed that ecology has a place in our thinking. Resources are finite. Man does pollute. I’ve always been careful about the environment, even before it was fashionable to be so. But when elitists go around placing responsibility upon the masses for cleaning up their act, and do fuck all themselves, except get rich off of their pretended concern for the environment and humanity, I lose interest REAL fast! Elitists start wars, and then bitch about the environmental impact when it’s them and their anti-Christian belief system that’s responsible, not the masses just trying to survive.

    TRUE Christianity has ALWAYS been in the minority, with pseudo-Christian, pagan imitations taking the lead, with the purpose of giving God and Christians a bad name. I can’t help it if there are deluded souls following this crap and calling it Christianity, they haven’t or won’t educate themselves to see the real thing, they just follow along behind some guru they pick to do their thinking for them, like in Goreism.

    I follow the Man, (Christ) not the pagan institution in force now. And my (His) religion preaches tolerance, even towards those that disagree with me (Him). I’m no Ghandi or Mother Theresa in mannerisms, but I’ll damn well fight for the rights of even those that despise me. And that includes exposing shams and shysters whenever and wherever they pop up.

    If I’m wrong about my beliefs, what have I lost? Nothing! I’m trying to go through life like we all have to, and live the essence of Christian (TRUE Christian) philosophy, which is to contribute to society and be a good citizen, just like people that claim no religious affiliation are. They do good and get praised for it, yet someone trying to follow the Nazarene’s philosophy and does the same good is somehow branded a lunatic or shyster! Prejudice, pure and simple, by wounded souls seeking revenge for wrongs or perceived wrongs against them by religious figures. They can’t get at the ones responsible, so they go after all of those they deem identical.

    Time to grow up, son. The NWO isn’t a place for wimps, and it’s going to get REAL nasty before it’s over. And it’s the proponents of humanism and Godless theories of pagan elitism that’s responsible!

  15. So what happened to the psycho kid topic people?

    Was he controlled or not? Did the NWO have something to do with it?

    Will the 2nd Amendment get repealled?

    Nice fight y’all are having, off topic, but pretty good punches thrown.

    I’m leaving it up. I got called on deleting fight comments before, no censorship here guys.

    But I’m not biting on the religious/anti-religious stuff. Sorry.

  16. Got to love Germany.

    An old nation like Germany has seen it all and been through it all and they know religious nutcases when they see them.

    Today it was announced Germany’s interior minister called the Church of Scientology “an unconstitutional organization” and said the nation’s domestic intelligence agency would move to ban the group, a report said Sunday.

    Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s remarks followed a unanimous decision Friday by interior ministers from Germany’s 16 states to seek a ban on Scientology, accused of threatening “the peaceful democratic order” of the country.

    “Scientology is an unconstitutional organization,” Schaeuble was quoted as saying by the Bild am Sonntag weekly, which featured a picture of Scientology’s most prominent member — Tom Cruise — on the front page with the headline “How dangerous is the Cruise cult?”

    Just as dangerous as many of the Christian and Islamic cults who turn otherwise sane people, into blathering lemmings, headed off the cliff.

  17. Germany’s just the place for you, Chris. That’s the Mecca for neo-Nazi retards like yourself. Why don’t you move there, shave your head, and be Gore’s Global Warming spokesman, there? Then, you could roam the streets with your jackbooted friends, after hours, and between bouts of sodomy in back alley doorsteps, club any errant Christians or other useless eaters that stupidly wander by into gobs of jelly on the pavement!

    You’d be doing the banksters a big favor by outlawing heterosexuality, too. Save them machine-gunning and nuking 2/3 of humanity to save their goddess Gaia from being pillaged by all the chattel. We’d simply die out as a race… those that didn’t already perish from AIDS, that is.

    You got my vote… for you moving to Germany, anyway.

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