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U.S. Military plays a HAARP

From Wired.com :

For years, no military program has sparked more fevered speculation from conspiracy theorists than  the mysterious High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP.  And for years, the Pentagon has been pooh-poohing speculation that the enormous collection of transmitters, radars, and magnetometers in Alaska was some sort of superweapon. 

But, it turns out, the conspiracy theorists may not have been entirely off-base, after all. 

Since its inception, there’s been a huge range of opinion on what HAARP actually does: everything from a giant mind control facility to a space nuke countermeasure to a weather controller to an  ionosphere-boiling mad science experiment to the mother of all pork projects has been suggested. But now that the program is actually up an running, military managers say the electronics array has much more benign use.  “HAARP’s main job is to produce radio waves to probe the ionosphere,” an Air Force Research Laboratory officer said in October.

Which is true — up to a point. 

I first read about HAARP on Mike Rupert’s website From The Wilderness. Mike is a former CIA agent and he was involved in exposing NWO plans on the ‘Tubes long before alot of people. He mentioned HAARP quite often claiming it’s main purpose was weather control, but it could do other things, like submarine communication as the article points out. As of now, Rupert is in Canada I believe, asking for political asylum. He is suffering from an illness nobody knows what the cause is. His website’s offices have been attacked at least once that I’m aware of. He might even be dead now.

I’m mentioning this because there’s elements out there determined to keep super-black projects under wrap and from the prying eyes of the tax-paying public.

You see, the serf’s true place is to pay for the Empire and sovereign’s glory, not ask stupid questions, like “Where’s the money going?”

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