Flash and Friends

Who can resist the cheesy 1980 version of Flash Gordon?

Especially with Queen providing the sound track and those classic Freddy Mercury vocals!


AC/DC – TNT – 1978

Judas Priest – Green Manalishi – 2006 VH1 Rock Honors

3 responses

  1. I always loved the guitar riffs to the Green Manalishi.

    Heavy metal before the term was coined!

  2. Flash Gordon in the 80’s vs the Intergalactic Elite. Looks like the Illuminate were using some kind of heavy version of HAARP on the Sheeple, but the head evil doer paid for his karma on the point of a 1950’s rocket ship. Green Manalishi? Heavy indeed…I’m sure that his effects on the magnetosphere are well noted by NASA…G:

  3. G: Ahh, but the HAARP and the Green Manalishi’s karma were blown to hell by AC/DC’s TNT! LOL! 😎

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