Tent Cities and Future Slums of the 21st Century

From reuters.com:

 Homeless activist Jane Mercer (R-in group of three people) visits “tent city”, a terminus for the homeless in Ontario, a suburb outside Los Angeles, California December 19, 2007. The noisy, dusty camp sprang up in July with 20 residents and now numbers 200 people, including several children, and is still growing as the region has been hit by the U.S. housing crisis. While no current residents claim to be victims of foreclosure, all agree that “tent city” is a symptom of the wider economic downturn. 

This is only the start folks. There will be many, many other tent cities springing up all over the country. Before long, they will become visible slums close to the large cities like Los Angeles. Not to worry though, FEMA and their fearless leader Skeletor will be called in to clean out these tent slums and fill up those Halliburton Camps everyone knows they “don’t” have.

We can take some solace in this, as the dollar plunges more and more houses are foreclosed and abandoned, we can burn the worthless dollars in the fireplaces of the houses we’re squatting in! As long as Skeletor doesn’t come a-knockin’!

Also, anyone notice that the New Orleans City Council are displacing more poor people and tearing down the public housing?

Welcome to the era between the Fall of the American Federal Empire and the formation of the North American Union.

Tent City Slide Presentation

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  1. Last post until after Yule folks. Enjoy your various winter solstice celebrations!

    Remember, if you can’t behave, don’t get caught!

    Above all, be safe! 😎

  2. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for a great site experience. I enjoy a large gamut of topics that entertain the imagination. It’s also enjoyable that your posters are civilized, polite people unlike those found on many sites with a political focus.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year to you and yours this 2008. I also extend my seasons greetings to all the regular posters and lurkers that monitor this site the same…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Tent cities for all of America is the Bush economic plan, and that plan is right on track.

  4. Homelessness in America became common during the reign of actor-turned-religious nutcase, Ronald Reagan.

    Before Reagan, homelessness, was primarily an urban problem but during the Reagan era, small towns from Ohio to Oregon started seeing people living in parks, on streets and in abandoned buildings.

    Many, were veterans who served their country and returned to civilian life with physical and mental health problems such as addiction to drugs. Unable to access care and unable to hold down a job, these people who cast aside and relegated to shelters and alleyways.

    After Saint Reagan pushed through his first, massive tax cut for people earning more than $100,000 a year, a hole in the Federal budget was blown as large as the hole in Reagan’s head. In order to try and stop the hemorrhaging, Reagan successfully closed many Veterans hospitals (Bush also tried but failed to do this) making it that much more difficult for Veterans to access healthcare.

    I have always held that until homeless encampments are set up on the lush, manicurated lawns surrounding the White House, our elected elites, AKA, members of Congress, will not take the problem of homelessness seriously.

  5. Christopher: A veteran’s protest did happen in 1932; “The Bonus Expeditionary Force.” A group of WWI veterans who had been denied their pensions organized the first march on Washington in protest. In 1932, twenty thousand men set up a tent city, vowing to stay until they got their money. President Hoover overreacted and sent in the army (led by future war heroes Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower) to break up this peaceful demonstration.” (Reference: http://us.history.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture18.html)

    Unfortunately the public is too dulled by repeated CMSM propaganda ala Jessica Simpson and Britney Spear’s children’s saga to give a rat’s ass.

    Perfect opportunity for the Blackwater Dominion Army to “turkey shoot” more poor people like they did in New Orleans.

    Ethnic cleansing anyone?

  6. Dad,

    I have the germ for a lively debate going on my blog.

    The subject is the current Republican, religious nutcase, Mike Huckabee and his oft-repeated attacks on the LGBT community and the similarities to the rise of Adolph Hitler.

    Under no circumstances can Huckabee get elected president. If this should happen, I think and I believe we’re doomed.

  7. I would hate to think that in the 21st century we would have the seeds of overt pogroms against citizens of this country.

    But the public has been so propagandized and the “red states” are so culturally reversed, this could very well happen.

    LGBT community openly persecuted, rounded up and put into Halliburton Camps, old and infirm people euthanized and people not belonging to “The Party” are put on terrorist watch lists could be part of the NWO plan to “balkanize” the USA.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours and be safe! 🙂

  9. Thanks S-Q!

    You and GEF have good tidings for the coming year!

  10. Ditto from me, you old jarhead… watch your back in the NWO, hear?



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