Daily Archives: December 30th, 2007

Hopes for the coming year

I realize many bloggers and writers are currently expressing their wishes for the new year, most of whom are more articulate and experienced than I am. I can’t resist running my visual “mouth” despite those facts. My message is a work in progress and a constantly evolving creature. In spite of being a relative new-comer to the communication media, I believe that my brand of insanity has survived the past year largely intact (with some changes). So with great optimism (or restrained pessimism) I’m going to list the possible changes and ideas I might experiment with this New Year:

  1. Another format change. One of my original goals when I was persuaded to start this venture was to eventually start an e-zine. That is still a goal. The market for e-zines has grown exponentially this decade, but the attrition rate is high. Finding a subject format that is personally satisfying with a target audience is proving to be very difficult. As most of my readers know, I started out with a political focus tinged with tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. Now my focus is more Fortean, questioning both orthodox science and religion. Politics is usually dealt with once weekly, but I treat “left” and “right” as I do science and religion. The old paradigms no longer exist. But as I have noticed, alot of the blogosphere still cling blindly to the old way. I am reminded of one of my old college professor’s messages; “The only people who like change are babies with messy diapers.”
  2. Enforcement of the “keep it clean” rule. For the most part, discourse here has been adult with logical arguments for and against a certain topic. But a few times things have gotten out of hand when it came to religion and science and partisan politics. I don’t have trouble with trolls here, but the fights were between individuals I consider friends. I try not to be a “censor” because I accuse the government of that. But these fights go off topic and get personal. I will no longer tolerate it. Most of my readers and commenters have their own blogs. If anyone feels the need to call someone stupid, blind, foolish, backward or whatever epithet comes to mind, take it to your own blog if you have one, or to the person’s blog if they have one. If nobody has a blog, email insults to each other. Any arguments that get off topic or insulting will be removed. If it doesn’t stop when I ask, I will ban the individual(s) for a period of five days. The one warning is the only warning. If I get accused of censorship, so be it. I don’t ask for much, but this will be enforced.
  3. Original writing. I might try my hand at writing fiction after a hiatus of thirty years. Be forewarned on this too, it will likely be science-fiction and Star Trek fan fiction at that. I will try to make it readable. Also I’m looking for anyone who wants to post any science-fiction stories they might have. Of course this is on a voluntary basis. I will also ask for established authors to post here. This works toward my goal of taking the blog to e-zine level possibly.
  4. Advertising banners. Possible experiment. I’m not schooled in this aspect of Internet enterprise. Any suggestions?
  5. Ideas. Any ideas that are within the stated goals here will be given due consideration as impartially as I can.
  6. Changes. Any of the above are subject to change by the site owner, me. Due to my chronic medical conditions, anything could happen, even fatally. So if there’s any postings that have a long interval, like over a month without word from me, it’s likely I don’t exist in this dimension anymore. Other than that, shit happens!

Those are my hopes and rules guys. Let’s continue to fight the good fight and make a difference using this blogosphere tool. A paradigm shift is coming, I feel it!