The Report From Iron Mountain

Courtesy of Project Camelot:

You mean that China and the US are working together to stage a war?

The Pentagon started the planning in 1998. You have to understand that China and the US are hand in glove with everything. This war is a joint op between the US and China. Most wars are set up that way and have been for a while.You want something else that’s just unpleasant to hear? I also heard from someone who was serving in a unit that worked with missiles deployed for testing in the Pacific and the Far East. The missiles were shipped to the test location in very tightly sealed containers, very secure, hermetically sealed. After the tests, the container would be shipped back, sealed the same way, but empty, supposedly empty. On one occasion, this guy was present when a container was opened. It wasn’t empty. It was filled with bags of white powder.

The Iron Mountain Report was written by 15 people who called themselves “The Special Study Group”. Iron Mountain was a resort that was north of New York City, up into the Hudson River Valley. Meeting between 1963 and 1966, with the final report submitted in 1967, the group studied the social impact and need for warfare. It was quite well thought out and the group had and eclectic membership, ranging from career military to physicists. The group utilized computer technology of the day to crunch numbers and to play “peace games” to see if alternatives to warfare existed, if any.

The people who wrote the report say it was intended for public reading, but until I was researching The Project Camelot people, I have never heard of it. I’m going to skip to the end of the report and give some examples of the group’s recommendations:


We propose the establishment, under executive order of the President, of a

permanent WAR/PEACE Research Agency, empowered and mandated to

execute the programs described in (2) and (3) below. This agency (a) will be

provided with nonaccountable funds sufficient to implement its responsibilities

and decisions at its own discretion, and (b) will have authority to preempt and

utilize, without restriction, any and all facilities of the executive branch of the

government in pursuit of its objectives. It will be organized along the lines of

the National Security Council, except that none of its governing, executive, or

operating personnel will hold other public office or governmental responsibility.

Its directorate will be drawn from the broadest practicable spectrum of scientific

disciplines, humanistic studies, applied creative arts, operating technologies,

and otherwise unclassified professional occupations. It will be responsible

solely to the President, or to other officers of government temporarily deputized

by him. Its operations will be governed entirely by its own rules of procedure.

Its authority will expressly include the unlimited right to withhold information

on its activities and its decisions, from anyone except the President, whenever it

deems such secrecy to be in the public interest.

The first of the War/Peace Research Agency’s two principal responsibilities will

be to determine all that can be known, including what can reasonably be

inferred in terms of relevant statistical probabilities, that may bear on an

eventual transition to a general condition of peace. The findings in this Report

may be considered to constitute the beginning of this study and to indicate its

orientation; detailed records of the investigations and findings of the Special

Study Group on which this Report is based, will be furnished the agency, along

with whatever clarifying data the agency deems necessary. This aspect of the

agency’s work will hereinafter be referred to as “Peace Research.”

The Agency’s Peace Research activities will necessarily include, but not be

limited to, the following:

(a) The creative development of possible substitute institutions for the principal

nonmilitary functions of war.

(b) The careful matching of such institutions against the criteria summarized in

this Report, as refined, revised, and extended by the agency.

(c) The testing and evaluation of substitute institutions, for acceptability,

feasibility, and credibility, against hypothecated transitional and postwar

conditions; the testing and evaluation of the effects of the anticipated atrophy of

certain unsubstantiated functions.

(d) The development and testing of the corelativity of multiple substitute

institutions, with the eventual objective of establishing a comprehensive

program of compatible war substitutes suitable for a planned transition to peace,

if and when this is found to be possible and subsequently judged desirable by

appropriate political authorities.

(e) The preparation of a wide-ranging schedule of partial, uncorrelated, crash

programs of adjustment suitable for reducing the dangers of unplanned

transition to peace effected by force majeure.

Peace Research methods will include but not be limited to, the following:

(a) The comprehensive interdisciplinary application of historical, scientific,

technological, and cultural data.

(b) The full utilization of modern methods of mathematical modeling,

analogical analysis, and other, more sophisticated, quantitative techniques in

process of development that are compatible with computer programming.

(c) The heuristic “peace games” procedures developed during the course of its

assignment by the Special Study Group, and further extensions of this basic

approach to the testing of institutional functions.

The WAR/PEACE Research Agency’s other principal responsibility will be

“War Research.” Its fundamental objective will be to ensure the continuing

viability of the war system to fulfill its essential nonmilitary functions for as

long as the war system is judged necessary to or desirable for the survival of

society. To achieve this end, the War Research groups within the agency will

engage in the following activities:

(a) Quantification of existing application of the non-military functions of war.

Specific determinations will include, but not be limited to:

the gross amount and the net proportion of nonproductive military expenditures

since World War II assignable to the need for war as an economic stabilizer;

the amount and proportion of military expenditures and destruction of life,

property, and natural resources during this period assignable to the need for war

as an instrument for political control;

similar figures, to the extent that they can be separately arrived at, assignable to

the need for war to maintain social cohesiveness;

levels of recruitment and expenditures on the draft and other forms of personnel

deployment attributable to the need for military institutions to control social


the statistical relationship of war casualties to world food supplies;

the correlation of military actions and expenditures with cultural activities and

scientific advances (including necessarily the development of mensurable

standards in these areas).

(b) Establishment of a priori modern criteria for the execution of the nonmilitary

functions of war. These will include, but not be limited to:

calculation of minimum and optimum ranges of military expenditure required,

under varying hypothetical conditions, to fulfill these several functions,

separately and collectively;

determination of minimum and optimum levels of destruction of LIFE,

PROPERTY, and NATURAL RESOURCES prerequisite to the credibility of

external threat essential to the political and motivational functions;

development of a negotiable formula governing the relationship between

military recruitment and training policies and the exigencies of social control.

(c) Reconciliation of these criteria with prevailing economic, political,

sociological, and ecological limitations. The ultimate object of this phase of

War Research is to rationalize the heretofore informal operations of the war

system. It should provide practical working procedures through which

responsible governmental authority may resolve the following war-function

problems, among others, under any given circumstances:

how to determine the optimum quantity, nature, and timing of military

expenditures to ensure a desired degree of economic control;

how to organize the recruitment, deployment, and ostensible use of military

personnel to ensure a desired degree of acceptance of authorized social values;

how to compute on a short-term basis, the nature and extent of the LOSS OF

LIFE and other resources which SHOULD BE SUFFERED and/or INFLICTEDDURING

any single outbreak of hostilities to achieve a desired degree of

internal political authority and social allegiance;

how to project, over extended periods, the nature and quality of overt warfare

which must be planned and budgeted to achieve a desired degree of contextual

stability for the same purpose; factors to be determined must include frequency

of occurrence, length of phase, INTENSITY OF PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION,

extensiveness of geographical involvement, and OPTIMUM MEAN LOSS OFLIFE


how to extrapolate accurately from the foregoing, for ecological purposes, the

continuing effect of the war system, over such extended cycles, on population

pressures, and to adjust the planning of casualty rates accordingly.

War Research procedures will necessarily include, but not be limited to, the


(a) The collation of economic, military, and other relevant date into uniform

terms, permitting the reversible translation of heretofore discrete categories of


(b) The development and application of appropriate forms of cost-effectiveness

analysis suitable for adapting such new constructs to computer terminology,

programming, and projection.

(c) Extension of the “war games” methods of systems testing to apply, as a

quasi-adversary proceeding, to the nonmilitary functions of war.

Since Both Programs of the WAR/PEACE RESEARCH Agency will share the

same purpose—to maintain governmental freedom of choice in respect to war

and peace until the direction of social survival is no longer in doubt — 

it is of the

essence of this proposal that the agency be constituted without limitation of

time. Its examination of existing and proposed institutions will be selfliquidating

when its own function shall have been superseded by the historical

developments it will have, at least in part, initiated.

I am certain that the more advanced computer technology we have today has been utilized in “gaming” scenarios like the Invasion of Grenada, the perpetual “War on Drugs”, Gulf War I, ad nauseum. I don’t need to talk about the past seven years, do I?
I encourage my readers to read this report. I can think of only one other person than myself who has read this, but I’m guessing here.

If anyone believes this is fake, well, after you read this and put the last seven years into perspective, then come back and say it’s bullsh*t.

It explains alot to me anyhow.

The Iron Mountain Report


12 responses

  1. A grand experiment in social engineering. Is anything left to free will? According to the study group, the secret agency they recommended makes free will a thing of the past. And it looks like this agency got formed following the Group’s recommendations.

    Elites have always tried and found ways to control the masses since this cycle of civilization began, warfare is one of them.

    Maybe this why the Gore-acle says that climate change caused by man isn’t up for debate, he’s on a committee to use Global Warming as a substitute for war. A rapidly changing climate will kill the desired amount of people a major war would, and the possibility of the Earth turning into Venus will rally mankind around a cause, as a substitute for nationalistic fervor.

    F*cking fascinating! This is horrible to behold the manipulation, but this is like watching the Titanic sink, or the Hindenberg burning and crashing!

    I can’t keep my eyes off from it! 8-0

  2. Goreacle and his co-swami David Suzuki can kiss my ass! The only thing those bozos are interested in is promoting Gaia-worship, while making a quick buck out of the process! If there were any significant change in climate, you can bet there’s a HAARP technician beaming microwave radiation into an already electromagnetically-charged ionosphere.

    ‘Big Al’ Gore might decree that the debate is over, but it isn’t, and people like me make sure that it isn’t! That arrogant SOB Suzuki flies all over hell in fuel-slobbering 747’s, and then has the stones to tell us that we’re polluting… and Gore lives just as high on the hog! “The science is in…” my ASS! THEIR science, not ours!

    Iron Mountain stands as testimony to the elitist’s belief that a limited and sustainable nuclear war is feasable and survivable, and barring some biological attack, still (in my view) seems most likely to be the tool of preference for eliminating vast numbers of people.

    At any rate, there are a vast number of totalitarian executive orders that are yet needing enaction. Anyone who still believes that we live in a democratic society, has a severe case of head-up-ass-itis!

  3. The elite’s Plan seems to be a work in progress, adaptable as need arises according to the report.

    I’m sure they’re running scenarios on more advanced super-computers than the 1960s models, with more accurate probabilities.

    Also according to the Camelot people, the elites might actually have Looking Glass technology. But they are still only restricted to possibilities, not certainties since they’re still dealing with quantum physics.

  4. With the care and attention to social planning and control that the elitists have shown over the last few generations, I’d say that the almost morbid and implicit trust (gullibility?) that the masses show toward them precludes having to have any kind of technically-driven probability measurement – they understand the human ‘animal’ so well from constant socialistic and demographical research, it must be a given that they now know how the markets and various cultural divisions of the general populace will respond to any stimulus. Granted, AI is an added benefit in calculating scenarios, albeit the program may be slightly biased toward a certain totalitarian ‘bent’, but it would certainly leave them free for their other numerous debaucheries and trouble-making around Greater Gaia!

    LG tech is getting out of my sphere… I’m still trying to comprehend Nostradamus! Nevertheless, like you say, the quantum universe is a fickle mistress at the best of times, and I have my doubts the source of their ‘illumination’ has anything to do with particle physics.

    At least particles that haven’t already coalesced into a sentient and organized form, anyway!


    Qual’è secondo te il metodo più economico per scaldare un piccolo appartamento a Milano senza inquinare?

    Secondo me il metodo più economico consiste nell’acquistare una piastra elettrica e applicargli sopra un Motore Stirling collegato ad una turbina.

    Con il Motore Sterling si riuscirebbe a recuperare circa il 70% dell’energia consumata dalla piastra per scaldare, e quindi si ridurrebbe il costo del riscaldamento del 70%.

    Il Motore Stirling si muoverebbe grazie al calore della piastra e il suo movimento potrebbe essere trasformato in energia elettrica.

    Quindi la piastra produrrebbe calore che farebbe muovere il Motore Stirling che azionerebbe la turbina producendo energia elettrica.

    Il calore rimarrebbe chiuso dentro l’appartamento. La piastra elettrica non consumerebbe metano, gasolio e quindi non inquinerebbe l’aria.

    L’energia elettrica per far funzionare la piastra potrebbe essere prodotta in centrali a dinamite, a biomassa, magnetiche, gravitazionali o altri metodi free energy.

    Abitando in montagna, il motore Stirling potrebbe essere semplicemente appoggiato su una stufa a legna.

    Un altro metodo molto buono è il fornello ad idrogeno di Schietti con Motore Stirling.

    Conosco poi anche tanti altri metodi che non ti sto ad elencare ma che vanno tutti bene come l’impianto di riscaldamento condominiale Schietti-Camera

    L’importante è capire che si tratta di un complotto globale di sadomasochisti inglesi che intenzionalmente fanno respirare aria inquinata ai bambini di Milano per ridere quando si ammalano con il mal di gola e la tosse.

    La polizia nonostante ripetute denunce non risponde e si è schierata con la Moratti e i petrolieri.

    Invito tutti i miei concittadini milanesi a Tavarone il 12 Gennaio a respirare un po’ d’aria buona per discutere insieme della produzione di bioetanolo in Val di Vara ed investire i nostri risparmi in free energy ed altri prodotti etici della Banca Etica della Val di Vara come la piastra elettrica con il Motore Stirling.

    Smettila di litigare con i tuoi familiari, con i tuoi parenti, con i tuoi amici, con i tuoi compatrioti e tutti gli altri popoli del mondo aizzato dagli agenti degli inglesi.

    Mantieni l’attenzione sulla Regina d’Inghilterra e i suoi parenti. Informati sull’Impero britannico, il Commonwealth e la globalizzazione inglese.

  6. No matter how well the elites have their manipulation techniques down, there’s always that “unknown” that can throw a monkey wrench in the works.

    They’ve already messed up time-lines beyond belief using nuclear weapons, super-high energy lasers and Looking Glass that anything could throw their calculations off and they won’t get the desired outcome.

    Screw ’em. Maybe people like us are making a small difference.

    Probably unlikely that we are since we’re still living!

  7. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    It’s been 24 years since Orwell’s 1984 scenario was popularized, but it has come to pass slowly but surely.

    The Bilderberger, CFR, Trilaterals; ie., the inner circle of shadowy, elitist oligarchs have slowly but surely enveloped planet earth in the web of their evil corporatist/fascist paradigm

    Politicians, lawyers, think-tankers, teachers, university professors, intellectuals, writers, government leaders etc. have become nothing but their “running dogs” to implement and to facilitate their ongoing plans to destroy the concept of the nation state and to devide the world up into enterprise zones. The U.S. is soon to become nothing but a minor plantation in their greater global scheme of things to come.

    Most the of the Presidents of the past century have been CFR members with a few members of both the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Regardless to which they belong they owe their first allegiance to the inner circle Bilderbergers hosted by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the old money families of Europe and America. They are sociopathic elitists and have little to zero kinship with their fellow citizens.

    Even Eisenhower was a CFR member. Bill Clinton, Hillary, both H.W. and G.W. Bush are members in addition to being “Skull and Bones” members. They are elected by the people, but they owe their first allegiance to the controllers as mentioned above.

    Clinton facilitated NAFTA and the massive outsourcing of jobs from America in the interest of free trade and the facilitation of globalism with G.W. Bush continuing with this nation-destroying policy. These people might as well be running a gutting knife through America’s soft underbelly. With our current 9.7 trillion public debt with 12 trillion projected by 2012 we are soon to have our collective hides stretched out to dry. They are traitors to the Republic and the Constitution for which it stands, simple as that.

    I thought I’d post some interesting links many which come from which is my favorite watering hole for getting information you won’t find anywhere else on the web…period!

    In fact it’s considered a “hate site” by WordPress, their imbedded Akismet SPAM filter is set to block anyone who tries to use links from Infolib. So there’s a good chance this post might not make it to this msg board with out a special overrride from “dad”.

    It’s time for folks to review the essence of Orwell’s 1984 to see the parallels with what was fiction and now our emerging NWO reality.

    The links I’ve provided will simply overwhelm once’s consciousness with the extent that surveillance cams have been implemented throughout the West at this point in time. Once you hookup with InfoLib you’ll become mesmerized by the ugly stories that are happening to citizens everywhere and anywhere 24/7/365 on planet earth.

    I can assure you that even Project Camelot is simply the tip of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what these evil mattoids have planned for us; ie., we the groundlings, they the predators and us their prey…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement HW.

    Can anyone translate Italian into English? I caught the gist of that guy’s post, but my bi-lingual abilities are limited to Francais, pas deus l’Italien.

    And Project Camelot seeks to expose the NWO and their minions, they’re not part of it. I apologize if I gave that impression.

  9. Thanks Highway. Here’s the translation:


    What do you think the most economical method to heat a small apartment in Milan without polluting?

    In my opinion the most economical method consists get an electric plate and lay down on a Stirling engine connected to a turbine.

    With the Sterling engine be able to recover about 70% of the energy consumed by plate to heat, and then reduce the cost of heating 70%.

    The Stirling engine is muoverebbe thanks to the warmth of the plate and his movement could be transformed into electricity.

    Then the plate produce heat that would move the Stirling Engine that azionerebbe the turbine producing electricity.

    The heat would remain closed inside the apartment. The plate not porabila methane electricity, diesel and therefore not inquinerebbe air.

    The electricity to run the plate could be produced in central dynamite, biomass, magnetic, gravitational or other methods free energy.

    By living in the mountains, the Stirling engine could simply be supported on a wood stove.

    Another method is a very good cooker of hydrogen Schietti with Stirling engine.

    I know also that many other methods you I am not listed but which are all good as the heating-room condominium Schietti

    The important thing is to understand that this is a global conspiracy that intentionally sadomasochisti British are breathing polluted air children to Milan to laugh when ill with the sore throat and cough.

    The police despite repeated complaints is not responding and has sided with the oil companies and Moratti.

    I invite all my compatriots to Tavarone Milan on 12 January to breathe some ‘good air to discuss the production of bioethanol in Val di Vara and invest our savings in free energy and other ethical Bank Ethics Val Vara such as electric plate with Stirling engine.

    Stop arguing with your family, with your family, with your friends, with your compatriots and all other peoples of the world aizzato by agents of the British.

    Keep attention to the Queen of England and his relatives. Find out on British, Commonwealth and globalisation English.

    100-million –

    Sounds like this guy ain’t a fan of cops or the Queen of England!

    Could be two Highwaymen?

    The Spirit of The Highwayman goes where needed!

  10. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    I thought I’d post some links, firstly about the closed cycle Stirling engine which has been around since the early part of the 19th century. Stirling engines are used on submarines not as a main drive but for many secondary functions due to their extremely quiet operation. All power sources are noise cumulative on a sub. So in the interest of noise management the Stirling engines are ideal for certain applications.

    My second link I think readers might find fascinating in that the vast conspiracy we always talk about is rooted in Britain and the old wealth of Europe with even the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and the Mellons even being “bankers come lately” compared to very aged roots of the conspiracy for the wealth of nations to migrate into the hands of the very few indeed…!

    The British conspiracy; ie. the “rootstock” for the NWO…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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