Hoagland’s “Dark Mission”

Richard C. Hoagland of “The Face on Mars” fame and Michael Bara have teamed up to co-author a book titled “Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA”. In it, a former employee of that agency “blew the whistle” and made claims of a second “secret space program” that has run along side of the “public” one people have known for fifty years. The employee during the lunar missions was an archivist for the photos that were taken during that time. Some were for public viewing. Others needed a little “brushing up” if you know what I mean. The rest were stored unaltered and long forgotten.

A couple of years ago, NASA was literally cleaning out its drawers of old stuff it forgot it had and these photos showed up. The person, who was still the archivist, was told to destroy them. Well, either he had a guilty conscience, or at long last he found he had one. The photos weren’t destroyed. In fact, this person told NASA he was going public because he felt that they needed to know what all happened to all of the tax money they paid over the years. NASA canned his ass. Enter Hoagland and Bara. Hoagland is a known tinfoiler. I don’t know much about Bara, but if he’s teamed up with Hoagie, he’s sure to make some dough.

Hoagland was a scientist in his own right years ago. Then ‘The Face on Mars’ thing made him a celebrity. The main stream vilifies him, conspiracy theorists love him. And recent photos from the Mars Global Surveyor hasn’t been his friend either. The “Face” disappeared after some real clear digital close-ups.

Of course, claims are made that the Face is really there, only air-brushed, or eroded out.

Being the Fortean I am, not only do I question current mainstream dogma, I question Hoagland and Bara’s creds as well. Is this for real? Is NASA just window dressing for the ‘real’ space program that is run by the military (which is years in advance of the official version)? Or is Hoagland and Bara going for a Paycheck?

Here is a series of YouTube videos (sans video) with Hoagland as a guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast radio program. Listen and make your own mind up as I urge my readers and commenters to do often. You lurkers do the same.

Oh yeah, Michael Bara has a blog about his and Hoagland’s joint venture. Click there for updates concerning it.

Dark Mission: Hoagland Pt.1


Dark Mission: Hoagland Pt.2


Dark Mission: Hoagland Pt.3


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  1. The “second space program” has been a project I’ve been researching recently. Like all things governmental, it is thick with bureaucracy and disinformation. In the end I think it’ll be worthwhile.

  2. Hi dad2059…

    For years there have been black project related launches; ie., spy satellites, possibly space based missile launch arrays aimed at the earth (illegal per international treaties etc.) and undetectable, but just the same inplace in the event the U.S. needs a wild card in the game of prevailing in a nuclear conflagration. Regardless of treaties forbidding such, I’m sure space has been weaponized.

    The main focus in the past ten years is space based research for the manufacturing of crystal lattice structures for the purpose of making superior high density microchips, synthetic crystals and the creation of extremely pure pharmaceuticals by growng genetically engineered protein structures in micro-gravity such as in the orbiting ISSI and no doubt other launch endeavors not known to the public.

    In fact Forbes had an article about the future of space based manufacturing and it’s lucrative future. I’ll supply some links that folks can peruse in order to bring themselves up to speed concerning this newly emerging manufacturing enterprise.
    There’s no need for a moonbase to do such manufacturing.



    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Hi dad2059…

    It’s tragic that Dick Hoagland would continue on with his NASA conspiracy theory nonsense. Yep, it’s a conspiracy of dystfunctionality if anything, facilitating wastage of taxpayer dollars bigtime.


    The above link will show how higher resolution photography dispensed with the face at Cydonia.

    I’m a hiker and many times I’ve seen faces or images of animals etc. in the rock. If you study surface irregularities in anything I’m sure anyone can discover a face or an image of some type on occasion.

    A few years back they showed a photo of the smoke rising from the 911 tragedy and within the rising smoke image was satan, elongated head, goatee, and even the horns. Sure enough the smoke image looked like the devil with horns, but if you copied the photo then started to enlarge it with a photoviewer function you’d discover in short order the non-existent devil was in the details. On and on this nonsense goes. Hey, it sells books and amateur vid productions like hotcakes.

    There’s people that swear they see the face of Jesus of the Virgin Mary under freeway overpasses and in short order there’s a mob of superstitious worshippers lighting candles and feating the image with flowers etc. When the rains stop and the moisture stops weeping from the concrete the image goes away. Of course by then, many miracles have been claimed too … :)) Planet of the chimps never ceases to amaze me … : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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