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From Centauri Dreams:

This looks like a case of extremely poor science reporting, but because I’ve already received e-mail about it, I will point you to a report from KTVU, a San Francisco television station, claiming that a mystery signal has been received at Arecibo, with obvious SETI implications. Cosmic Variance has also picked up on this and seems as skeptical as I am. A quick call to the SETI Institute revealed there is absolutely no buzz about any sort of successful reception making the rounds there. I have a voicemail in to Seth Shostak in hopes of a comment.

Paul Gilster runs Centauri Dreams and is a good source for credible science such as astronomy, SETI, METI (Messenging ETI), physics and astrobiology. If he says there was no ET signal that was credible, you can count on it being fact. And he’ll be one of the first to call someone on crappy reporting.

From Bad Astronomy:

The Sun is a variable star. Sunspots — dark regions on the surface of the Sun — increase in number over the years, peak, and then slowly decline once again. The pattern repeats every 11 years. Sunspots are regions of magnetic activity, and that is what fuels the massive eruptions of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) off the Sun. These can play havoc with all sorts of human activities: radio communications, GPS satellites, and even lay waste to our power grid (Quebec had a massive blackout in 1989 due to solar activity).

Obviously, astronomers pay close attention to the Sun.

SOHO image of the Sun showing the newest sunspotThe last cycle waned a few years back, and our nearest star has been pretty quiet. The predictions were that the new cycle would start up soon… and it looks like it’s poking its head through the door.

This image (from SOHO) shows the newest spot to blemish the Sun. We can tell it’s part of the new cycle because of the Sun’s magnetic field: sunspots reverse their (magnetic north and south) polarity every cycle, and this spot shows that reversal. So welcome the first spot for Cycle 24!

Sunspot activity typically means that the weather is going to be more screwy than it has been during this current La Nina season. I don’t know how the global warming by human beings crowd is reacting to this news, but I think it should be food for thought.

And from Newslink Indiana:

As for Wesseler’s second dream, he believes that the village inhabitants may have seen the star of Bethlehem .  Evidences that lead him to this theory are the sacred Indian mounds built throughout Indiana, the largest of which located in Anderson at Mounds State Park .  Most notable about the mounds are their shape and design.  At an interview at Mounds State Park , Wesseler explains the shape of the mounds located there. “What I believe…is that they [the Indians] saw something in the sky…We’ve got this big mound in the middle that looks kind of like a full moon.  It is surrounded by a ditch that was dug out and the dirt then was thrown up around the surrounding ground to form a C-shaped mound that could be representative of a halo, of something that was shining brightly in the sky.”  Pointing to a pathway going to the center of the mound, he said, “And to our west here, or behind us, would be the causeway, kind of like a beam of light that made a shaft down to earth.”

I have ranted recently about the short shrift Amerind/Mesoamerican civilizations have gotten concerning their cultures before the arrival of Europeans. Here is an example of a culture that knew astronomy in North America. And that they were studying a curious anomaly in the sky that was out of the ordinary.


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  1. “I don’t know how the global warming by human beings crowd is reacting to this news, but I think it should be food for thought.”

    With extreme prejudice, marine, followed by denial. You’ll never convert that crowd.

    I remember back in the late eighties when I was trucking, we had a helluva time with our communications. You couldn’t get more than a few hundred yards range with your radios, unless you had boots (amplifiers) pushing your signal… which is illegal. I also remember the summers and winters being warmer than usual, which lasted as long as the sunspot cycles.

    I tried to present all of this evidence, but a fad-crazy population only wants what currently fashionable and popular. That’s what drives up blog readership, not reality.

    Makes rich men even richer, too!

  2. Hi dad2059 et. al.

    I thought I’d share something not so trivial. When we enjoy the heat of the sun on nice day little do people realize they are experiencing “old heat” and light. It takes anywhere from 17,000 years to an estimated one million years for the reactions in the core to migrate to the surface then depart on their eight minute journey to earth. Neutrinos leave towards earth immediately from the core reactions taking about 8 minutes to traverse the nominal 100 million miles. So just like the light that traverses the vast distances of space to our eye, so too does the light and heat from our sun relative to the original reactions that creates a beautiful sunny day for us.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. With extreme prejudice, marine, followed by denial. You’ll never convert that crowd.

    Sure, I know I’m whistling past the graveyard here, but it doesn’t change facts. If they want to buy eco-friendly stuff, I don’t care. They can buy all the hybrid, ethanol, biofuel or what have you stuff that’s probably going to be made. I know that I won’t be able to afford to buy that sh*t on my wage-slave-that-might-be-going-to-China-job. In fact, I’d be for affordable mass transit. I hate driving in NYS winters even if I could afford to buy that other stuff.

    But when people start talking about reducing the world’s population by other than voluntary means, that smacks of elitism and who or what gives them the right to dictate how people live?

    At least the NWO elites don’t hide what they’re about, you know they think they’re f*cking gods. These other people try to rationalize their actions by saying they’re acting in the “interest” of Mother Earth and that these people are “sub-intelligent”.

    That’s bullsh*t.

    Carl: There’s an experiment to find muons/neutrinos from the coming sun-spot cycle:

    They hope to get Ice Cube done before the activity gets along too far. The interaction of the Sun’s neutrinos and the ice should make muons the scientists say. I don’t know too much about it, but it sounds “cool”. *heh-heh*

    Yeah I know, corny.

  4. Hi dad2059…

    No, the neutrinos will react within the ice experiment and generate “morons” although not in short supply at the highest levels of our government; they evidently need more of them to come on line… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. No, the neutrinos will react within the ice experiment and generate “morons” although not in short supply at the highest levels of our government; they evidently need more of them to come on line… :))

    You don’t think we have enough Carl? LOL!

    Y’know the NWO has the fix in. We’re thoroughly f*cked and screwed. The Dow Jones dove another 300 points today, but that should be no surprise. It’s all according to plan.

    I know some people who said if they don’t get their liberal candidate “elected” this year and set things back the way they were back in the day, they’re going to leave the country and go to the EU.

    Must be nice to have the money I say. If these people get to a liberal socialist country there, f*cking good for them. Enjoy.

    That’s if the EU will have them. Bu$hco made sure Americans are persona non grata all over the planet now. They better start making plans now, or it’s going to be too late after the next fundie President or neocon Hillary gets selected.

    Some of us poor schmucks who ain’t got sh*t have no choice but to stay and be prisoners. Or fight.

  6. Hi dad2059…

    Rest assured if modern age martial law comes into effect it will be of the “pink variety’…! As long as people keep their mouths shut, obey the draconian laws foisted on them by their government they will do fine. The order of the day will be to “shop until they drop”…! America now AmeriKa will simply be turned into a giant, pacified, consumerisitc “feedlot”…!

    People, like you, me, Highwayman et. al. to the umpty-umpth power will be rounded up and no doubt get the chop of a NWO guillotine on the back of our necks…! Death shall be both sweet and quick for us, the knowledgeable, the enlightened…no?! :)) The survivors will be grinning vapidly, mooing, farting and grunting as they break out more new stuff with their recent CC purchases… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. They’re not going to let us off that easy with a quick death. It’ll be a slow painful one in a Halliburton camp in Montana, like the old Soviet gulags in Siberia.

  8. Ha-ha! They can try! My boy Christ has my ‘six’!

    Don’t give these bastards any more power than what the masses already think they have! The illusion of power is what makes the NWO work. Unfortunately, the politically-correct and the globalist-minded fools of the Gore and Suzuki bullshit crowd out-number the thinking people on this planet, so they are able to thwart democracy by using peer pressure against us. I knew some shrewd teachers in high school that could make us do whatever they wanted by turning us against ourselves.

    The environMENTAList movement certainly has produced a crop of morons. Those Montana camps are going to full of ’em!

    If I should happen to end up in one of Jake Rothschild’s resorts, I hope it’s the same one as a certain “progressive” Obamanite is incarcerated in… so I can 😆 at his sorry ass all day and night when the reality finally hits home… if that were possible!

    One can only hope!

  9. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    Although our discussion has somewhat devolved into the NWO’s plans for “we the rabble”, in a way it is still linked to searching for alien lifeforms. Our first contacts are evidently in the Whitehouse, Congress, and the Supreme Court no…? They surely don’t seem human by our standards and their actions indicate they have little to no kinship with humanoids, being of a the race of beings known as “elitist sociopaths”, truly one of the most dangerous alien lifeforms we shall encounter in our search regardless of what system they hail from or their physical appearance. In this case they are even closer than our sun… 😐

    Here’s a link that will sober folks to the fact that something is up and how these aforementioned aliens plan to eliminate earthlings.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. Yup, I’m guilty of giving these bastards more power than they do, it’s hard to keep a stiff upper lip at times. And these guys might be in cahoots with aliens to boot, but I’ve been trying to steer clear of that.

    I noticed that these former government people who “come forward” say pretty much the same stories, but often it degenerates into talk of angels, demons, reincarnation and other metaphysical stuff in order to shoot themselves in the foot. Disinformation.

    It’s a tough job picking the straw from the cow manure.

    And I’m not worried about the Mexican “aliens”. What damage done is done.

    Whether it’s contact with real aliens, or the country collapsing, things are going to be more interesting soon.

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