UFOs…of the Elites!

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d offer up the finale of the Man With No Head with tales of Nazis, underground bases, aliens, UFOs and of course, the Elites of the NWO!

UFOs…of the Elites!

Part 6


Part 7



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  1. Hi dad2059…

    Damn, damn to the 100th power this guy is boring. For one thing his electronic reverb voice mod was annoying and to me destroyed the potential impact of his presentation. He’s even wearing a black cloaked costume similar to a Klansman.

    Nothing he’s revealing is really novel or even new information that hasn’t been out for at least 20 plus years. My library is stocked in depth with fringe material covering every wacked out plot known to mankind.

    Ok folks our government hates our guts and only seems to excel in stealing our money and screwing up the order of things. Yep, they sure do. As a matter of fact elitist sociopaths for all time have hated the common people regardless of the time in world history.

    Our government wants to engineer martial law and execute as many people as possible until the survivors shape up and get the msg that they mean business. Oh, by the way while this is going on, get out there and shop folks…per G.W. Bush post 911 as an example?! Well for sure rounding up millions of Americans is going to make a dent in the mallrats as well as no shows to America’s remaining soul-deadening jobs.

    When it comes to mind control, most people don’t have minds that are worth controlling so they are better suited for summary execution, far cheaper I might add then implanting them and following them about with a NSA super-computer as they go on with their very empty lives, simply milling about while consuming an endless stream of junk food and Chinese products. Uh-oh these people must have value as consumers then…no?! China, I hope you are reading this. Please save us U.S. consumers from these market-killing NWO monsters…! :))

    Anyway the guy gets a C+ for his efforts, but I’ve been warning folks for many years about creeping techno-corporate fascism, even long before the advent of the www, but nothing has stopped them from charging along like lemming over the cliff and into the sea. In fact if you confront the average Joe six-pak or his mate/girlfriend their eyes quickly glaze over if you try to broach these subjects. They don’t have a clue as they burp, fart and go about their empty lives;ie., the business of simply existing for another day in cosmic time and space.

    In terms of cosmos, the age of the earth and the power of nature to heal itself post a great extinction, or even a manmade crisis everything is going to be AOK…
    I guarantee… : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Bad day Carl? 8-(

    That was a pretty good rant actually, worthy of the UberHighwayman/Highwayman on his good days!

    I offered this series originally as a spoof for those very reasons, campy, doesn’t say anymore than any other tinfoiler has and the blocked out head effect was hilarious! You’re right about the voice though, it is pretty deadening.

    You bring up an interesting point about the robe though. I had no idea it was like a Klan robe. Author and symbologist Michael Tsarion has written extensively on the power of symbols and the elites obsessive use of them. He is a frequent guest on RedIceCreations.com and he has also expounded on the West to East spread of civilization versus the mainstream East to West theory on how civilization has spread. Again more symbolism and much proof. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Tsarion

  3. Hi dad2059…

    Btw, my evaluation of the video was not to disparage your choice of content. I thoroughly enjoy your site. On occasion I simply write for effect as I did in this case. I rarely have bad days at my age, 63 this month. I’ve been retired since 1995 and try to enjoy each moment of my very short “firefly’s” wink of existence in cosmic time and space. : )

    I ranted rather intensely on CHB (Capitol Hill Blue) yesterday concerning Bushco’s 175 billion in aid to help pump up Wall Street for the benefit of he and Bernanke’s banker buddies. Other than that it was a fine day.

    Thanks for the MIchael Tsarion link.

    Nemo **==

  4. You’re welcome. Tsarion can come off as a bombastic sh*t at times, and he sounds like he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I don’t know the man personally, but he sounds like he knows his stuff about the unseen and symbols as they relate to the past and today.

  5. Looky here, there is NO ONE that can rant like the Highwayman, kapish?

    Now that we have that settled, I couldn’t hear the audio on those vids… I’m on a different computer, right now… but I’ll check them out, later. Carl, the NWO controls all countries, China included. They fell to the socialist meat cleaver a lot sooner than the Americas did. The elitists have cornered all markets, so that no matter who you deal with, you’re dealing with THEM. Dad has reminded me, though, on different occassions, that these scum do have rivalries among themselves, and that is probably why we’re all not in the Rothschild resorts by now.

    I see no country of any significant worth that isn’t under the elitist jackboot. What else I see is the national sovereignty of our nation/s eroded by globalism… turning our respective economies into welfare camps by importing cheap knock-offs that would be better produced and manufactured here. What better way to eliminate the middle class, whom the elitists truly despise… not the poor, who are no threat, by taking everyone’s job away and giving it to some foreigner. They still need slaves, though, and poor people make excellent slaves. Middle class people don’t… they think they are actually worth something, and can be a nuisance to fascist regimes.

    They’re not too bright where partisan politics come into play, though!


  6. Hi Highwayman…

    I’ll defer to your superior ranting abilities. I’ve often wondered what’s the difference between a great rant and a well-written editorial …?

    I’ve never been able to figure out why an incredibly wealthy person who’s made their fortune off the middle class would want to snuff them out or bludgeon them into mindless submission. They are world-class consumers of “stuff”… so why is this so?!

    The communists focused on the idea of crushing the buorgeois middle class. They overthrew the Czar, but then went on hating the middle class to their terminal undoing and collective suffering post the demise of Czarist Russia. They went through 60 years of abject hell and are now saddled with Vladimir Putin a modern era sociopathic wannabe Czar…?

    The corporatist/fascists elevate the state and the corporation to high levels with the movers and shakers that run these functions expecting the rest of us to owe allegiance to them, our jobs, pay taxes and die for the state; and now, evidently the corporation in an unquestioning fashion…?!

    So blend them together and we come up with simply world-class psychopathic bullies for all time and all places who rule by the power of the muzzle of a gun or the threat of abject imprisonment, to borrow a variation of Chairman Mao’s description of maintaing absolute power absolutely. Basically the world is being taken over and controlled by elitist, sociopathic monsters who want individuals and the peoples of the world to work hard, give up their wealth willingly through brutal taxation, eat their crap, then die in an unquestioning fashion…no?!

    So in a way the NWO elistists are no different than the Czars and despot kings of old along with the power-crazed leaders of many modern nations; ie., with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. What goes around comes around.

    How could this happen…? I guess the unwashed masses are simply spring-loaded in the stupid position and are doomed to be exploited until the end of time.

    Even todays news it seems that “Billary”, Romney, and McCain, all three losers, but superb NWO/AIPAC/MIC toadies are being adulated by Americans at the polls and caucases. They evidently enjoy getting the government they deserve and enjoy the feeling of the NWO jackboot on their collective necks…no?!

    Franklin was right when he said that people end up getting the government they deserve…!

    Please pass the vaseline… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Money, as most will agree, is merely a means to an end. Power… absolute power, is the sought-after commodity. Our present “corporate/fascist” structure is indeed a wonderful money-making tool, but it’s purpose is primarily to acquire and transfer the private wealth of not only the bourgeoisie, but also the poor, from them to themselves. Without property and fundamental human rights, what’s left? Slaves… to do the bidding of their masters. The system, for now, is serving it’s purpose, which is to debilitate and render inert any self-sustaining capabilities of the individual and the nation as a whole. As long as there is personal and national sovereignty, there can be no absolute take-over of humanity, because as the current economic situation in the US testifies, you can only squeeze just so much water out of a stone!

    You said it yourself, Carl. The elitists just want workers to live and pay taxes (or some form of tribute) and then conveniently die. A sovereign human being of God’s creation cannot be enslaved, which is another reason for corporatization. I don’t know what your experience with Common (Natural Law) Law is, but, apparently, and despite what their humanist slaves believe or contend themselves, the elitist top echelon do acknowledge the Creator’s existence and authority, and are unable to take our freedom without our consent. (Another reason we aren’t all in the camps, by now!) So, they trick us into it by means of corporatism. Here’s a good link to the subject I’m talking about: http://www.natural-person.ca/index.html

    Anyway, the conclusion is unavoidable. Your question would be the deciding factor if the intention were to just establish and maintain a perpetual money-making machine to help the rich accumulate gold. But, there is only so much gold in the world, and we all of us here know that fiat money is not money at all, and is intrinsically worthless… BUT it does serve a temporary yet very important role for tricking the masses into forking over their intrinsic and tangible wealth!

    After that, it is just a matter of culling the herd down to more manageable numbers, and maintaining the Earth for their use and enjoyment. All roads lead to this inevitability in the game plan of the super-rich.

  8. The environmental movement, as well as being a temporary cash-generating vehicle, is a way to instill an elitist philosophy of planetary preservation in the masses, which will be instrumental in acquiring our assistance in helping them in preserving THEIR planet for THEM. It also will prepare the masses psychologically for the culling that is to come. The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, etc… all of these so-called “humanitarian” movements are geared toward this end. I wrote about these NGO’s extensively in my “Uber Highwayman” days, and provided much evidence given by the elitists themselves.

    Basically, this world is sewn up… in the bag. No one anywhere, in government or any other corporation of any significance, dances to any tune but the NWO tune. That is what the sheeple must accept! They do NOT have a say… in ANYTHING! I gave up my conservative party membership ages ago, because it’s useless. The “electorate” do not decide policy, the NWO hierarchy does! They’ve admitted it themselves, dozens of times over the years.

    We live under an oligarchy. Check… and mate!

  9. In my view, we were checkmated the day we forgot our spiritual heritage.

    I’m striving to preserve what’s left of my own human dignity, in this “New World Order.”

  10. Yep Highwayman… the day we forgot our spiritual heritage.. that pretty much sums up the problems of the world today!

  11. I’m on my own computer, now, and have listened to the first video. The dramatic (and amateur) format should not discredit the information that I find to be absolutely true and factual. I repeated much of what he said in my first comments prior to hearing his speech. It amplifies what I say about total control over all aspects of government and the political process. We do not have control of anything, and haven’t since almost the beginning of the republic.

    The religious aspect of the NWO is plainly stated. The Soviet Union exemplified this with it’s own version of humanism, a Marxist contrivance often referred to by Lavrenti Beria. It’s philosophy was the only ‘religion’ allowed by the state. In the future, only humanist values will be tolerated. This is where many of my detractors have misinterpreted me and my Christian affiliation. Christianity is the PRIMARY foe and target of the NWO, and is the only thing which can expose it’s true purpose. The very thing that many despise has kept their asses out of prison up to now. It has been called the “opiate” of the masses for generations, by the NWO.

    Hearing the second video, I agree that experiments like these have taken place. I don’t know to what extent that the technology is being implemented today, or if it has any greater influence than the what ‘basic’ subliminal suggestion through advertising and propaganda and education (as suggested by Beria) has already had, but it might explain some of the more dramatic instances of incredible dumbing-down and sheer stupidity that we see every day. Each generation seems to be getting progressively more stupid, and common sense seems to be eluding us as a people more and more. Look at the television programming… do you not feel drained after watching the inane and foolish ‘plots’ that are senseless if they are anything at all?

    We’re taught to relinquish our own will and rely on our leader’s and authority figure’s judgement more and more. Political-correctness uses specious charges of racism, hate-mongering, and other ridiculous accusations to keep the masses in line through threat of litigation. Feminism is another tool that the NWO uses to destroy the family unit, which has kept society together through the worst of times, by creating an undefinable hierarchy through the emasculation of men. It also demeans women by making them slaves to corporatism, in their search to find fulfillment in places outside the traditional nurturing role of the household. Of course, homosexuality further compliments this insidious plot, hand-in-hand with feminism, by the emasculation of the male authority figure.

    None of this is politically-correct, and brings instant censure and punishment from the “thought police” if voiced publicly. Totalitarianism uses political-correctness as a peer-control method to handle the masses, fully realizing that they cannot be everywhere at once. It is taught in schools, with all of the attending and equally ridiculous dogma and language. Programming begins almost immediately in the NWO.

    The all-pervasiveness of this scheme throughout society is mind-boggling and unbelievable to the masses, and that is why it has been so successful.

  12. Thanks Highwayman for the discussional and the “natural person” link.

    Yep, sounds good to me, buck naked, balding, long white beard, overly hairy body, huge set of sagging “old guy balls” swinging as I walk down the road, but the rub is I have no place to carry i.d….? I get stopped by the man and they ask me for said i.d and I simply say hey guys, I’m Mr. Natural….!

    Cops: “Hey, don’t get funny with us bub, where’s the i.d?”

    me;ie., Mr. Natural: “don’t have any, don’t need any, besides I don’t have any clothes, no pockets, no place to carry any. I’m a natural man, I’m Mr. Natural…”

    Cops: Now beginning to get edgy and uptight.
    “Tryin to get funny with us huh? What’s yur Social Security Number wise guy…?!”

    Mr. Natural: “What’s that? I’ve never heard of such nonsense, a number for what…why?!” :-/

    Cops: “Everybody has one of uv’em except evidently you. Yur in trouble bub. Step over to the car, hands behind yur back, lean over the hood…!”

    Mr. Natural: “Hey, f**k you guys…I’m not leaning over anything, besides you guys are acting kinda weird by my natural standards. I’m a free man, I’m Mr. Natural…!”

    Cops: Now proceeding to rough up Mr. Natural, the going gets hairy for them in more ways than one rather quickly. Little do they realize that Mr. Natural is also a world class 6th Dan grand master of Kung Fu. He proceeds to wup ass, throws the fascist morons into the adjacent ditch with their nightsticks shoved up their asses, then sets the squad car on fire…

    Mr. Natural: Now whistling a merry, natural tune continues on down the road as the free, natural, i.d.’less man he is…no?! B:))

    Damn, it sure sounds good to me Highwayman! No clothes, no i.d., no taxes, no nuthin except the wind to my bare-assed backside as I move along my journey through space and time; ie., a “natural” man… ; )

    Nemo **==
    p.s. Mr. Natural was a R. Crumb cartoon character of the late 60’s and 70’s illustrated in a series of cartoons titled “Zap Comix”. The “natural” link made me think of him and his cartoon persona.

  13. Yeah… well it’s a BIT more complicated than that. See, the founders of your country actually believed in all of that stuff, as did the English before them, with a system of common law that formed the basis for our own legal system before artificiality was introduced by cunning NWO proponents. The system we have now is based on commerce, not justice. I guess the point I was trying to make is that Christian principles of sovereignty have been the basis for all moral codes of conduct throughout history. Agree with them or not, but they’ve been around a helluva lot longer than humanistic theories have, and their basic premise never changes, whereas humanism is always changing and having to adapt with the times. Evolution, political-correctness, feminism, socialism… there are many ‘isms’ out there competing with God’s ten basic rules for a harmonious society. NWO dogma strikes at the heart of all of these precepts, as well. Coincidence, you think?

    Our ‘enlightened’ world today seems to think that morality is redundant. These days, if it feels good, do it. Worry about consequences later. That quote about the people deserving their government is correct, even if they had little say in it’s inception. We expect our leaders to be saints, while we fuck the neighbor’s dog at every opportunity!

    We are as free as we think we are. We voluntarily allowed this system to subvert our original constitutions by accepting more and more “benefits” and allowing government more and more say in matters that WE should have attended to. Now, it’s government OVER the people, not BY the people!

    I’ve studied the principles of Natural Law and Common Law for years. I have used these principles against the system, myself, and know others that have. I know people that drive their cars with no driver’s license or registration, and the law doesn’t touch them. People that cross borders with no passport, and the laws just sits on it’s ass. How do they do it? By knowing their rights… rights given to them by God, and not the state. The state has no authority over a human being, but they have authority over a construct of their making. Like in the cop shows on TV… it’s all about jurisdiction, baby! If you belong to them, you are accountable to them. “Render unto Caesar that which belongs to him.”

    The NWO is a construct. Up to now, they’ve had to play by the rules, more or less. When they’re big enough and powerful enough, the rules will go out the window! No choice… their way, or no way at all!

  14. Greetings “Highwayman”…

    “Christian principles of sovereignty have been the basis for all moral codes of conduct throughout history”

    Not so my friend. Until the “The Great Paper”; ie., the Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215 between King John of England and the barons who had had a bellyful of his b.s. was hammered out, the world in general had lived under the concept of the “divine right of kings”, the pope, or just about any other despot who carried a big club and enjoyed beating down their subjects into absolute submission. This was a seminal document and until 21st century men; ie., Bushco along with the U.S. Congress (the New Age “politburo”) and Senate decided to nullify “habeas corpus” for alleged terrorist detainees, this “right” was unquestioned.


    For most of world history, people have had to suffer under the boot of despots. Chairman Mao summed it up succinctly when he said “power comes from the muzzle of a gun”. In olden times it was mandated by the broadsword or the battleaxe.

    Freedom is not a right per se it is something that has to be re-affirmed on occasion with the “Tree of Liberty” possibly fertilized by the blood of patriots! The price of our freedom is eternal vigilance… both ideas quoted to Thomas Jefferson. The way things are going in this nation we may have to refertilize our our tree of liberty and reindemnify our freedom with some human bloodmeal…no?! 😐 Rest assured these ensconced thugs, now occupying D.C. and seemingly into the future aren’t going to give up their power easily as demonstrated throughout history.

    Your friend in thought and the preservation of liberty and freedom for all time and all places…

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. “Christian principles of sovereignty have been the basis for all moral codes of conduct throughout history”

    … or it’s perverse application, thereof, by various scoundrels over history, the papacy and Bu$hco included and notwithstanding. As a Christian, I don’t hold with the popular and heretical notion that God’s moral law is a relative newcomer on the scene, but was instituted at the creation of this world, in fact, being in existence for eons before. However King John and Gregory, or whoever the pontiff was at that time, chose to apply their version of legality, doesn’t change that.

    Yes, I realize we’ll be parting company on those particular issues, but as you say, there is a Order that seeks to prevail over us, and that Order will be dealt with… by God, ultimately, in my view. That won’t stop me from fighting them, as I have been for quite some time.

  16. Greetings Highwayman…

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. I agree with you, so does Jefferson, Paine and a host of other “thinkers”, patriots and warriors for freedom throughout history.

    Inalienable Rights…!

    “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” all rights ordained by the creator, not to be simply dispensed on the whimsy and good will of our fellowmen.


    But, rest assured throughout history as now, knaves regardless of position are scheming to abrogate those rights.

    Thanks for your thoughts on a subject that is little understood or appreciated by the masses. To the modern day man or woman the only right they care about is “the right to shop until they drop”. Take that away and they just might say “what’s up ?!” … 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

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