Project Camelot Interviews Richard C. Hoagland

Richard C. Hoagland probably doesn’t need much in the way of introduction to my regular audience. And to the mainstream crowd either, unless they happened to have made their home underneath a large rock for the past thirty years. His Face on Mars and Cydonian Pyramid City Complex theories have made him a villain, charlatan, nutcase, conspiracy theorist and conman to some (these are the nice terms from his detractors!) to an heroic anti-government/cover-up warrior to the alternative crowd.

In this instance however, it isn’t Mars that is the theme, but the history of NASA and the Apollo Moon Project that draws his attention. Along with Michael Bara, they have authored Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA. In it, Hoagland and Bara contend that NASA is really a military organization instead of a civilian one, the astronauts that went to the Moon have been “hypnotized” so that they wouldn’t remember seeing artificial structures, the “second” space program, ancient interplanetary civilization remnants, etc., I could go on.

Dark Mission has been on the New York Times Best Seller List since it came out supposedly and proves that everybody loves a good conspiracy theory book, whether the claims are legit or not. Notice that JFK assassination books still sell? I rest my case.

Project Camelot is a “whistle-blower” website run by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy that specializes in the paranormal, UFO themes and are explored via interviews through former or current government people who wish to explain about the above. I find the interviews fascinating, but interviewees who otherwise would seem credible at times, often go off on a tangent and talk about reincarnation, angels, demons and other metaphysical manifestations that seem to render their “revelations” irrelevant.

But that’s why they call it “alternative” knowledge, right?

Hoagland Pt. 1


Hoagland Pt. 2

Hoagland Pt. 3

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  1. 😆

    People really love us, marine, because we ask the hard questions that they’re too chickenshit to ask, but really want to! Their reputation among their peers is too important for anything like stirring the pot, but they’re more than willing that the “truthers” should do it for them, and then jump on the bandwagon when the truth gets out and becomes less conspiratorial and unfashionable.

    I’ve never believed NASA was in the space exploration business. I see it as a money-laundering front for NWO projects, and a means for R&D for military applications. I don’t believe that there ever was a moon landing, either. But, that’s another subject.

    I think the NWO is Earthbound, and by choice. Ruling this planet is what concerns them. I think the whole UFO/space alien thingie is just an excuse to prop up their money-laundering/wealth-confiscation program. All things come together at a certain point, and that point is the conquest of Earth through a centralized world government.

    I believe NOTHING I hear, and only half of what I see, where the mainstream media and scientific community are concerned. They were bought up years ago, by the Oligarchs. They are their mouthpieces. Depressing thought, I know, but life can be a bee-otch at times. I’m only glad I didn’t sink years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars into an elitist thought-control institution of ‘learning’ when the truth would one day become available over the Internet and through underground publishing houses and their writers!

    We’re slowly wading through the NWO BS. It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and will take a lot more, but we’re doing it!

  2. The biggest problem I have is that I actually can see why the elitists despise us! This fickle and self-absorbed ‘civilization’ deserves to be ruled over, and treated like serfs! Maybe if I hadn’t been born a commoner, I’d be out foreclosing on third world countries, and bumping off their el presidente’s too!

    It’s just that it isn’t the right thing to do. Now, why in the name of hell would someone who is the product of primordial pond scum even worry about such a concept?

  3. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    “Maybe if I hadn’t been born a commoner, I’d be out foreclosing on third world countries, and bumping off their el presidente’s too!

    It’s just that it isn’t the right thing to do. Now, why in the name of hell would someone who is the product of primordial pond scum even worry about such a concept?”

    Possibly an answer to why the wealthy do what the do can best summed up by a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald…

    Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. …F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. I see a reverse side to that as well, Carl. I was born into a blue collar family, and have been blue collar all of my life. There are those of my ‘ilk’ that think THEMSELVES superior to the rich because of the reasons that Fitzgerald gave for the wealthy… that THEY are superior because they had to fight and scrape for what they have, while the rich had it “handed” to them. Some of them are just as haughty as any rich man I’ve known or read about!

    I see the primary reason why the rich are the leaders of our world, and that reason is because they can. Means and opportunity are often the only things that define potentiality for a totalitarian.

    We are all of us human, striving for the mastery over our environment and our destinies. Sometimes, others get in the way of our goals and agendas.

    The great leveller for me has been knowing about a saviour, who pointed out that we are all equal… in sovereign human rights, AND in accountability! There are no good and bad, except through biased eyes, apart from the moral law. Evolution teaches us that there is no other requirement than we do what we must to survive. If that were the case, we have no gripe about what the elitists do. They do what we would do, if we had the upper hand, and many of us would. The prisons in the land are full of examples of this.

    The wealthy only do what any organism fighting for survival would do, and all of that at the expense of it’s fellow organisms, if one were to term humanity as such. God tells us we’re not just organisms, we are a special creation. In therapy groups, they talk about the power of positive thinking and non-negativity. People don’t like it when others seem negative or complain all of the time, and there is a stigma in society for those that do those things… I ought to know! Yet, society prefers to think of itself as the progeny of pond scum, rather than royalty… children of God, despite all of the attesting evidence. How is that NOT negative thinking? Only realistic thinking, you might say? Well, realistically, where has that kind of thinking gotten society as a whole? Witness the world around us!

    Well, I wasn’t planning to turn Dad’s blog into a pulpit, but I’ll say that until man rethinks his purpose for being, and his origins, he will continue to function as would an organism… fighting and clawing for space in this reality, exploiting and even destroying his competition. Indeed, in such a paradigm, it is the proper way… the ONLY way! There is no room for sentiment or love; justice or any such foolishness and impracticality in a “survival of the fittest” scenario.

    Darwin’s proponents had best decide whether they want their cake or to eat it… because they can’t have both!

  5. Quite eloquent and nicely stated Highwayman! Interestingly your thesis shouts of hope for men and mankind. Although I’m an agnostic your stalwart beliefs are admirable and noted. Thanks for sharing more than simply your position relative to this discussion; ie., yourself and your beliefs…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Well, I wasn’t planning to turn Dad’s blog into a pulpit, but I’ll say that until man rethinks his purpose for being, and his origins, he will continue to function as would an organism…

    Looky here, I’m the only one who has the pulpit in these parts, kapish!

    Now that’s settled, on topic here, Hoagland’s seems well aware of the elites and notes their inter-factional infighting like I’ve been waving my arms about.

    The elites are in no way united despite the front the CMSM gives them. The Chinese have already warned the European Bilderbergers and the Jesuits/Vatican, while Putin showed the door to Kissinger and his minions last year, despite the fact that both countries are statist.

    Hoagland pointed out that China and Japan want to get at those hypothetical “ruins” on the Moon while Russia is doing something at the North and South Poles by making territory claims and planting science outposts.

    Obviously some of these elites don’t have a ticket “out” to avoid an event that might or might not happen in 2012. They realize they share the same Earth we do and they want to save their families like we do by very possibly doing something to minimize the damage that this event might bring.

    You said youself Highway that only we give the NWO elites the power they crave. At this moment they are divided, we have a chance to change a small event, perhaps enough to ensure our survival.

    I know you’ve said that even in their own division, the NWO is more united than the common folk are and that’s true.

    But if KIM (WNI) is starting to realize what is really happening, there is hope.

  7. I guess I could say that I was an agnostic, too, Carl, so I know where you’re at. My hopes for mankind lay along a different path than what conventional esoteric thinking does, much to our esteemed host’s chagrin! And now, before he kicks me out of here, I’ll add to your comment, Dad, about the factional divisions in the Order being more organized than we are… they are, and I have to wonder (because I have no solid proof) that THAT, itself, isn’t a ruse in an attempt to throw us tinfoilers off of their game plan.

    True, we have empowered the elitists, (I never call them ‘elite’) and being of the creed that I am, I would be a hypocrite if I were to think that something that is foretold by God to be, and next revealed as something that has progressed far beyond the capability of man to sort out on his own, could be arrested by our efforts, alone. Yes, we need to get the message out, and expose these bastards for what they are. The problem lies, though, in what I talked about earlier. WE, as a ‘species’ are inherently flawed. If we could destroy the NWO and find peace, history and experience shows that it wouldn’t last. We have a bent toward destructive behaviour, we humans. The essence of the gospel is to point that out to us.

    So even if we could beat these assholes, Dad, we’d only screw it up again, later, given the evidence. I can’t refute it… and I’ve tried. Yes, there is hope, like you say. That ‘hope’ lies outside of ourselves, as I was forced to concede, one fine day. That doesn’t mean we stop doing what we do, and you may be right about some of your theories about the universe. I have some pretty radical theories about that, myself. I guess my focus is more toward the conspiracy for now, until things are sorted out. Then, we’ll have the opportunity to learn all those things that have been hidden from us by a self-centered “elite” and our own human frailties and infirmities.

  8. WE, as a ’species’ are inherently flawed. If we could destroy the NWO and find peace, history and experience shows that it wouldn’t last. We have a bent toward destructive behaviour, we humans.

    That is a commonality you and Carl seem to share, the inherent flawed nature of the human race and our fitness to life in this Universe.

    While you look at human nature through the eyes of the Christian, that we are born flawed, evil creatures who can only find our Redemption through a Man Who is a Diety, thus only then we are worthy to live in this Universe, Carl finds that we are only worthy of extinction because we have come perilously close to destroying the ecology of this planet.

    IMHO, both theories are inherently flawed and self defeating.

    While I understand the points of view of the Christian and who has many family and friends that are, it fails to take into account of past Apocalypses that has happened to Christians and other good people, while the Messaia has failed to show up and bring the saved and Chosen out of Sheol (Hell, ground) from said Apocalypes. They have suffered and died like the rest.

    Hoagland brought up an interesting point about why NASA would keep knowledge away from the general public about ruins on the Moon and Mars: “If these are proof of extraterrestrials, they would have to have been created too. Whose God(s) created them? The Christian God? The Muslim God? Jehovah, the Hebrew God? Shiva? The Being? What?”

    Who has the inside track on the real God? That’s why wars have been fought, who has the real inside track on God? Because someone’s Book says so? Faith? NASA and the NWO enablers know the planet would dissolve into more of a religious paroxism of blood-shed and destruction than ever. That might be one of the goals of the NWO, but like I said, some factions are fighting this.

    Carl, according to the above, these are the very reasons the human race should become extinct. What happens to potential Einsteins, Beethovens, Kings, Gandhis, Confucious’, Mozarts, Goddards, Newtons, etc., infinity? Who are we to judge that these future human beings don’t deserve to live? Because our history is littered with Hitlers, Stalins, Attillas, Bushs’ and Maos’, again infinity, ad nauseum?

    I have bitched about evil and crappy “human beings” all of my life as much as anybody, but I have known many beautiful, intelligent folk as well.

    Sometimes, it makes it all worth it. 😎

  9. “IMHO, both theories are inherently flawed and self defeating.”

    And I would agree with you, except that history tends to show that they’re right in that we can’t get our act together, and the forecast isn’t optimistic that we ever will! I agree with Carl as much as we are deserving of destruction, because of our inhumane treatment of one another. The universe and ET’s you speak of are not flawed, according to scripture, and we are! That being the case, what right do we have to inflict our plague-ridden selves upon the rest of the universe?

    Nevertheless, the hope of the Christian is that we can be MADE right, again! That process must come by a voluntary submission, though, and that’s where the rub comes in. Many, like you, think this a self-defeating act. In all actuality, it is self-preservation. Given the alternative, which has never worked up to now, there is no other way.

    We once were like the rest of the universe… perfect, and without the problems we have now. The transformation back to that state takes time. In that time, many have died, and many of those were “believers”. When sin entered the world, all bets were off. There couldn’t be any guarantees that anyone wouldn’t be affected by evil. That is the non-arbitrary character of God; not forcing the conscience, and allowing people to take their own course in life, and bear the consequences for that decision – good or bad. Things have dragged on for so long because people will not submit to His rule, not because He’s tardy. He’s in the business of salvaging as many as He can, and that’s a time-consuming process!

    You ask the question who has the inside track on God? That infers that there is one, and I agree. I also believe that He is powerful enough and wise enough to provide one. How do you know which one that is? His Word… and whether or not the message concurs with it. That, and His voice… that “little voice” inside that’s telling you it’s right.

    As for showing up, Infinite Wisdom knows when the best time for that is. The elitists (top echelon) know He’s around, and that their time is limited, which is why they’re going great guns to accomplish what they think they’re going to accomplish. What they haven’t figured out yet, or don’t want to accept, is that their leader is insane from pursuing thousands of years of evil-doing… totally warped beyond repair! Theirs is a losing battle, and that’s why I don’t have any fear for the future of humanity, because it isn’t up to us. If it were… yeah… THEN I’d be afraid.

    VERY afraid!

  10. The universe and ET’s you speak of are not flawed, according to scripture, and we are!

    According to whos’ Scripture my friend?

    Before you say God’s, remember that there are many scriptures and many truths as perceived by many people. And therein lies the problem.

    Too many claim to have the inside track to the Creator.

    Besides, it’s likely probable ETs are as flawed as we are. If we discover that they survived our stage of development by their own means, there’s hope for us.

    If they destroy themselves without divine intervention and the ETs that are out there are perfect without sin, then I’ll eat crow. Without salt! 😎

  11. Well, it’s like we’ve discussed before, eventually one reaches an impasse… an impasse that God deliberately put in place. If you read scripture, you’ll notice there is a common thread throughout, which is where the players are always placed in a position of having to exercise faith. Now, I know that’s a dirty word in humanist company, and science doesn’t even acknowledge it or God’s existence… interestingly with the same dogmatic insistence that people claim that Christians exude… but the fact is that faith is the key attribute required of anyone attempting to understand deity and truth.

    Other ‘scriptures’ have either a man or a PHILOSOPHY at the root of them… like Islam has Muhammad, or Buddhism, Buddha. All of those gave their PERSPECTIVE on how things were and are and should be, and have gone through various ‘renovations’ over time to keep them popular. God doesn’t deal in philosophy, He deals in fact and reality. He never muses about anything, He states and dictates what is and what is required to survive in a universe of His making. He claims sole authorship of all, whereas the others merely provide their own road map through a country they had to travel through, as well as us.

    One reaches a certain place where one has to make a choice… should I believe or not? There is no ultimate proof for anything, and there never will be. Someone even said that there is no reality, only perception. A frustrated humanist, no doubt!

    One thing you can be sure of is that I have NEVER said that humanity was without hope! This SYSTEM is doomed, for sure, but humanity will come through, no doubt in my mind at all. You would prefer that deliverance come from our own hand, or possibly ET’s. I really never had any personal bias as to by what means it was accomplished, as long as it was accomplished. I’m satisfied that either of those is impossible, given our track record and the evidence of spiritualism and elitist-tampering in science and UFOlogy.

    Either way one looks at it, we don’t have a lot of time to figure things out. The NWO waits for no man! And, my mid-morning caffeine fix is upon me!

    Later, you stubborn old crow-eating gyrene, you!


  12. Other ’scriptures’ have either a man or a PHILOSOPHY at the root of them… like Islam has Muhammad, or Buddhism, Buddha.

    And Christianity doesn’t? C’mon bro, I ain’t mockin’ your faith, I admire it. I’m sayin’ Christianity can’t claim the only inside track to God, if there is one.

    True, at one time I was one of the “ET come save us” and the Singularity “I await our AI gods” crowd. Then I found out I was trading one Rapture for another for another, ad nauseum.

    So I’m waiting for “nobody” to save our asses. Either we do it, or we die. Simple.

    If that’s humanism, oh well, guilty as charged I guess.

  13. Well, I could say that Christ was God as stated in scripture, but I know that others will say that Buddha claimed to be a god, and many think Muhammad was, too, so I guess it’s just best to forget it and move on. Like I said, you can only reason so far with this stuff, and I’ve hijacked this thread long enough. Your patience is duly noted, marine, and I can be a long-winded, pushy SOB when I want to be.

    So, by your leave, on to the next course?


  14. As long as it doesn’t involve ol’ nasty-ass crow without salt, on to the next course mon ami! 😎

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