Asteroid TU24 and the NWO

Today the asteroid TU24 has its closest approach to Earth,  which is 334,000 miles. Tomorrow, Mars has a close encounter with its own asteroid (link). What are the chances of two planets that are very important to the human race have a potential risk to its existence in such close proximity?

Much tinfoil and conspiracy theory has been spun concerning these events, but in fact, these events might be common (link). We’re just more aware of them now because we have good evidence that an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs (link) and we’re not too keen about the same thing happening to us. Except for the politicians, who obviously think that ignoring the problem ( or are they? ) will make it go away. Probably because they already have safe havens underground to save theirs’ and their families hides in case of an Extinction Level Event (link). If it weren’t for college astronomers, we would know next to nothing about this (link).

So what’s my rant? My beef is that serious asteroid detection is purposely underfunded (link) in order to feed the voracious military-industrial-congressional-complex that provide the politicos with lucre and other goodies. I could go into the nuclear shell game (link) currently being played by these traitorous assholes, but that isn’t what this post is about.

Believe me when I say that the NWO has its bases covered more ways than Sunday!

tu24-20080125_sml.jpg picture by petebkr

Part of an animation showing the possible paths of asteroid 2007 WD5

Possible paths of WD5: Mars


2 responses

  1. Well, you know how it is with me, marine, but there is scriptural mention of future celestial events occurring, and with catastrophic results. I don’t believe it to be terminal for all life on Earth, but there may be some significant damage to the population… whether that figures into the ‘culling’ scenario of the elitists, or not, remains to be seen.

    334,000 miles IS close, by astronomical measures. I found a site that enables one to calculate asteroid impact forces, and I found that with playing around with different scenarios that the ol’Earth is pretty tough, and can withstand a significant hit.

    Anyone interested in playing with it can find it here:

  2. I think the ‘culling’ effect plays significantly in the NWO’s plans. That’s why they don’t fully fund searches for these things. If one gets by and wipes out quite a few people, it suits their purposes just as easily as a nuclear or biological war.

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