Did Islamic scientists discover evolutionary theory before Darwin?

From Telegraph.co.uk:

Next year, we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and the 150th of the publication of his On The Origin of Species, which revolutionised our understanding of biology.


But what if Darwin was beaten to the punch? Approximately 1,000 years before the British naturalist published his theory of evolution, a scientist working in Baghdad was thinking along similar lines.


For 700 years, the international language of science was Arabic

In the Book of Animals, abu Uthman al-Jahith (781-869), an intellectual of East African descent, was the first to speculate on the influence of the environment on species. He wrote: “Animals engage in a struggle for existence; for resources, to avoid being eaten and to breed. Environmental factors influence organisms to develop new characteristics to ensure survival, thus transforming into new species. Animals that survive to breed can pass on their successful characteristics to offspring.”

There is no doubt that it qualifies as a theory of natural selection – even though the Book of Animals appears to have been based to a large extent on folklore rather than on zoological fact.

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI, Islamic nations have been embroiled in civil wars, exploited by Western nations, become havens for criminals, terrorists, become a whipping boy for “The Clash of Cultures” and ruled by opportunistic, despotic rulers who could really give a crap about their own people. Not to mention the current unforgivable genocide that is happening in the old center of learning in the Muslim world, Baghdad.

The current Muslim leadership don’t help their cause by vilifying science, failing to adapt to the timeline in which they live and enforcing extreme Shariah Laws that “abuse” women in the world’s perception. So it’s easy to forget that the Baghdad Abbasid Empire during Western Europe’s Dark Age was a guardian of Greek / Roman science and a mighty intellectual center.

Maybe if the people of Islam brushed up on their history a bit, the NWO elite wouldn’t be able to fool and use them quite so handily.


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  1. No one has to remind me of the holes that religious people dig for themselves by trying to encapsulate the character of God in their own biased thought. Then, infidels and critics jump on those human failings to justify their claims that God doesn’t exist, or that He is an arbitrary monster. Even Darwin was a believer in God, but was heavily influenced by humanist colleagues, and then totally disillusioned by the death of his daughter. There is some dispute whether or not he reconverted back to his former beliefs on his death bed, but he did request burial in a churchyard, ending up at Westminster Abbey.

    Interesting in that as a geologist, he became more of an accomplished anthropologist. His original interest was more along the lines of adaptation, rather than origins. This, to me, speaks volumes of the influence upon him by his atheist colleagues; some, very vocal in their opposition of the Church.

    I found him, myself, to be a brilliant man, if not misguided and bitter over the loss of his daughter. The dynamics of a ‘fallen’ world, however, preclude the idea that God can be there for everyone when they want Him… especially, when freedom of choice is an element thrown into the mix.

  2. “There is no doubt that it qualifies as a theory of natural selection – even though the Book of Animals appears to have been based to a large extent on folklore rather than on zoological fact.”

    I’d agree with that.

  3. Islamic scholars were the voice of reason during the Middle Ages, when most of Western Europe was still living in sh*t.

    It’s odd that modern day Muslim leaders disdain science, especially when to gain knowledge of God’s Universe (according to the Qur’an) is supposed to be one of the main tenants of the faith.

    The only explanation is the main leadership has been bought and suborned by the NWO elites in order to propagate myth and superstition among their own people to breed ignorance.

    Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  4. What most impressed me about darwin was his powers of observation and his meticulous pentant for documentation. Voyage of the Beagle was to me a reflection of who he really was. Having spent 5 years on HMS Beagle he gathered a wealth of infomation on biological specimens and without anything but pen and paper he documented details of like species under different circumstances that revealed the change that environment had on them. Survival of the fittest, alpha male, adaption to habitat etc., yadayada blahbawblabla…

    This to me is who he was and proving the origen of species was something that he expounded on after doing all the homework. It’s the theories that are marred by error and show the feebleness of the human mind. Sometimes to the point of defending an idea that could possibly be a mistake. What Darwin gleaned by his dedication to journalism in diary form is pretty close to being truth and the application of his brilliant glimpses of time are far more commendible than any speculation on just the evolution of mankind.
    The ego was involved and that will get you into trouble every time.

    Maybe the Islamic scientists did discover evolution or maybe evolution just ~is~. If we could somehow see a time-line in detail of what is going on in the universe we might see the same thing, but discover both sides of the coin, or yang yin if you will. Evolution and dissolution. I know…You tinfoil dudes will think I’m smoking some good stuff, but the cosmos looks a lot like part of a molecule
    to me. I wonder if anyone will come up with a theory as to “a molecule of what”?…G:

  5. “You tinfoil dudes will think I’m smoking some good stuff, but the cosmos looks a lot like part of a molecule
    to me.”

    😆 Yo, old timer… you’re as much of a foiler as anyone else around here!

    As much as Dad and I go head to head on issues of existence and origins, there’s lots of his stuff I can’t refute. I simply don’t know what processes God used to create, or how He came to be, if He had an origin. Maybe it’s all a matter of perspective. The old jarhead makes my head hurt, sometimes, making me think about these things! And, if I had your philosophical prowess, I’d probably be leading some cult in the Himilayas!

    I think God gave me you two to make sure I didn’t get too full of myself!


  6. Your old buddy Akismet grabbed my last comment, marine.


  7. plssssssssssssssssssssssssss send me pictures of old muslim phamacists as soon as possible

  8. I couldn’t find any old pictures, but I found an article about ‘Abdullah ibn Sina’, a renowned Persian (Iranian) pharmacist and doctor who wrote a whole treatise on medicines and the human body;


    Hope this helps.

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