Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

*Sigh*. The younger generation. So sophisticated, so jaded, so intelligent and so very unappreciative of the influence of space opera on modern science-fiction.

The current Star Trek fan fiction project, Of Gods and Men, is directed by Tim Russ of Voyager fame and written by Jack Trevino and Ethan H. Calk. The film employs a bevy of former Trek actors and actresses who graced both television and movie versions of the franchise over the past forty years.

According to however, Star Trek should be relegated to “Retro Cheese” status:

Skip J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek movie, and watch this fan-made film instead. Both films will consist of pathetic tributes to a dead franchise. The only difference? The fan film Of Gods And Men will be way more fun because it’s not even trying to be taken seriously, judging from this trailer. But Of Gods And Men, with its huge cast of veteran Trek actors, is also just more proof that Star Trek is only good for nostalgia.

It’s sad to see so many old Trek actors whoring themselves out for fan projects. This one is the motherlode: you get to see Tuvok from Voyager give Uhura from the original series a mind meld. Walter Koenig is back as Chekhov, and original series actors Grace Lee Whitney and Lawrence Montaigne also reprise their minor roles from 40 years ago. And some guy who played a captain in one of the movies plays that role again. The actors who played Harry Kim, Neelix, Captain Sisko’s son and a bunch of other supporting roles turn up playing new characters. You can literally sit there and play spot-that-obscure-Trek-actor.

A bit harsh I would say. So what if these people want to reprise their old Star Trek roles? There’s no money in it for them. If anything, it’s probably costing them potential income because it’s taking time away from paying work. And even if one goes by the premise that these guys are washed up, big deal. If they can afford to donate time for what amounts to a labor of love, more power to them! There’s still plenty of people out here in sci-fi fandom who love and appreciate campy space opera!

Here’s the YouTube trailer for Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. It looks more watchable than other stuff I’ve seen over the years.

Somewhere, E.E. “Doc” Smith, along with Gene Roddenberry are smiling and watching while eating some of Smith’s doughnuts!


Hat tip to Posthuman Blues


6 responses

  1. Well, it’s different all right…

    (I’m waiting for Akismet to grab THIS comment like the last two!)

    I dunno if I like it, but I’m not sure I want to see Kirk resurrected in the other one, either! Sometimes I think they should leave well enough alone. I know my limitations… I don’t try to mix with teenagers, anymore. They’d have been “pounded out” for being nerds in my era! 😆

    I think that the captain in that remake got a shitty deal being given a command while wet behind the years in “Generations.” He looks pretty malevolent in this one, though! (Like the scar!) It may be science fiction, but it should be believable! He was way too young to be running a ship like the Enterprise Excelsior Class!

    Ah, the old days, marine… you feeling them, too? Things were a helluva lot simpler, then!

  2. I released you from Akismet Purgatory gear-grinder.

    Too many smiley faces perhaps? I dunno. 😎

    And you’re not the only one who complains I give them headaches. My women have suffered migraines from my conundrums for years!

    My way of getting revenge! LOL!

  3. Awesome dad 2059, Love the new look
    Children of the Lens, Seekers of Tomorrow
    and – Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

  4. Thanks Q. More to come!

  5. “Skip J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek movie, and watch this fan-made film instead.”

    That was a joke, right?

  6. I dunno, ask the guys and gals at or read the whole post.

    They put down the fan movie too.

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