NWO Protest Music

Protest music possibly dates back to the Civil War days, (ex: When Johnny Comes Marching Home). But it really came into its own during the 1960s when us Baby Boomers hadn’t sold our souls to the NWO devil yet.

But there’s a few of us who still like to flip the bird to the “Man” and “moon” him too! 😎

Here’s some samples that pretty much say what I’m talking about.

Foo Fighters – The Pretender


Guns ‘N Roses – Civil War

Neil Young – Keep on Rocking in the Free World


3 responses

  1. Yep, I like #2… kind of like “Eve of Destruction.”

    I guess those songs have really done us a lot of good, huh?

  2. Neal Young is the kewlest. I was a Crosby stills and Nash freak, so kinda adopted Neal when he came along. I don’t know how I missed The Foo Fighters. That must have been about the time I was totally dropped out…G:

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