Russian Observatory to look for alien astro-engineering

From The Daily Galaxy:

Russia has a new space mission in preparation that can be used for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The project Millimetron is a millimeter and sub-millimeter space observatory with a 10 meter diameter mirror, very sensitive receivers for single dish mode and will be used for orbiting VLBI (Very Long Base Interferometer). This telescope would be convenient for a very sensitive all sky survey with the possibility of constructing images of sources with a very high angular resolution. The mission will be useful for the search for astro-engineering constructions in the universe.

The problem with this is that we don’t really know what we’re looking for, we could already have been looking at mega-engineering in the Universe only to mistake them for natural phenomenon.

Uncle Sam Wants You(th)!

“The modern Army is constrained by biology. Highly qualified and very experienced soldiers routinely leave the Army because they are old,” a new military request for proposals complains. These long-time soldiers, alas, are finding that “their physical and/or cognitive performance capabilities are significantly less than that of a 20 year old.”

The biological basis of this reduction in performance capability may be an injury, but in most cases is simply due to the reduced efficiency of old mitochondria, resulting in reduced levels of energy (adenosine triphosphate) provided to the body to power cognitive and physical tasks. The ability to stimulate mitochondrial energy production would extend the time that soldiers remain fit for duty, boost soldier physical and performance capabilities, and expand the age range of suitable recruits. It would also eliminate the current dichotomy of the ideal soldier being optimized both for youth (high performance capabilities) and experience.

I thought about using this as a theme of a short story I was thinking of writing, long before this article come out.

Well, sorta.

Ayahuasca: A Strange Brew

If all goes as planned, Truenos’ nine participants—all seeking his psychedelic “doctoring”—will sip a murky, foul-tasting potion and then wait, eyes closed in the dark, for it to take effect. Wooziness may be followed by nausea, then probably vomiting. For many, a kaleidoscopic array of geometric patterns could emerge. Others may be greeted by friendly plant-like creatures, gnomes, elves or even a giant anaconda—known by indigenous tribes as Mother Ayahuasca, omniscient ruler of the plant kingdom—who communicates telepathically. And the really lucky ones may be treated to a cinematic review of their lives, each scene illustrating a moral failing.“It’s a deep process,” Truenos says, as he places his precious stones on a tapestry woven with wild serpentine patterns. “It’s certainly not a game. It takes a lot of purifying to serve this medicine.” Truenos, 34, is precise about his tools because, when they’re correctly assembled, they constitute what he calls “the fire altar of the eagle and the condor.” But these instruments are just supporting players for the evening’s star attraction, an inky fluid that Truenos has stored in three plastic drinking bottles.

Not that I’m promoting psychodelic drugs here, but shamans and other holy-persons over the ages have used natural plant extracts to hallucinate their minds into other dimensions.

Before anyone with Judeo-Christian-Muslim proclivities flame me here, I myself have seen groups of people whip themselves up into an insane frenzy in order to make their brains create endorphins that bring on the religious experience.

I’ve even witnessed the fundy snake dancers in Kentucky do this while playing with their snakes and drinking strychnine. Yecchh!!

Give me peyote and ayahuasca any day!


3 responses

  1. I like Jack Daniels, myself.

  2. EVERYONE looks better after I’ve been with him awhile!

  3. Hmm Never tried any ayahuasca before, but wouldn’t want to mix it with peyote. I wouldn’t want to see that lizard dude with much more
    clarity than I already experienced in the doo-waah days. 😎

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